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naa! im pleased, everyone at xim deserves a round of applause. The support ive been getting is what a customer dreams of. I'm greatful. thanks for all the advice

XIM EDGE Discussions / Re: xbox 720
« on: 04:29 AM - 11/30/12 »
thats great! im really happy i bought the xim edge. you guys are great!

XIM EDGE Discussions / xbox 720
« on: 11:31 AM - 11/29/12 »
how long do you think it will take the creators of xim to make a new product for the xbox 720?

Thanks so Much!!! I wonder how fast do you set your mouse speed the setting is just above the mouse acceleration. You guys are beautiful! thanks for the help.

Ive been tinkering arund with my settings but i havnt found anything that feels just right yett? my hip is around 160 and my ads is around 40. what are you cod vets running on your xim edge? thanks!

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