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Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 02:50 AM - 10/09/19 »
Is there some kind of trouble with Ghost Recon Breakpoint, or why the delay?

Thx for the suggestion, but it's not really the weight that is my problem; it is the physical tangling and tripping on wires that I want to solve. I really don't have issues with my current mouse, but I've had it for several years and want to upgrade to a wireless model.

Any other stories/experiences out there?

Hi yall.

Looking for some friendly advice and shared experience with any wireless mice with at least 5 side/thumb buttons.

I'm currently using a Razer Naga Hex and have no issues with it at all. In fact, I'd be perfectly happy if they just had a wireless version. But I'm in need of clearing up wires, hence I want a wireless mouse too.

The closest ones on my list so far are the Razer Epic Naga Chroma and Logitech G602. The Chroma seems to fit the bill pretty well, but I'm wondering if the extra buttons (12 side buttons compared to Hex's 6) make things harder to access/memorize. The Logitech is very cheaply priced now, but I don't really like how the thumb buttons are laid out.

Does anyone know of any high quality wireless mice, good DPI/response, with at least 4,5,6+ side thumb buttons? TYIA

So is this thread mainly for regular ps4s only or could I copy the ballistic curve to my xim4 on my ps4 pro and will that work or do anything?

In the eyes of the XIM4, the PS4 and PS4 Pro are essentially exactly the same. So yes, it will work.

How are you guys dealing with the healing hold then select mechanic?  Same with responses and whatnot, but healing is the most important.  If I hold a key to bring it up, then I need to mouse to the location and then press A?  Not working at all for me.

Not the perfect fix, but I use the Turn Assist feature for the health/shield menu. I personally use a Nav so I use the same [left analog] button. Assign the Turn Assist to activate with that button. It makes it a little easier, but there are still times I can't quickly/accurately switch to the item I intended.

As for the ping menu, I just scrapped the idea of using it. I use a mic, so it's basically never needed. I feel content with being able to ping a general location (brown/gold ping) + enemy location (red ping). I've never seen people reciprocating with the other advanced pings anyways. So yeah, I think it's an insignificant sacrifice for using the XIM.

Game Support / Re: Ghost Recon Wildlands - Ghost War PVP
« on: 09:26 PM - 10/15/17 »
As you can see in my posts above, I wasn't very satisfied with the sluggishness either. But to be completely honest, I've gotten used to it in under a week. The turning is not meant to be like COD or Battlefield. It's meant to be a bit deliberate. Really, the only time I get frustrated with the controls is when someone fires at me from behind and I can't turn fast enough to take them out. But to be fair, in that situation I SHOULD be dead anyway, so I can't blame the game design nor XIM. I shouldn't have let them get the upper hand, so the frustration is really just realizing I was outplayed.

You get used to the controls. The game is fun as hell. Give it a try on PS4.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Nav controller and mouse
« on: 09:57 PM - 10/10/17 »
Been using a mouse and Sony Nav since XIM-Edge and XIM-4. I often get weird issues when starting out. It won't always properly connect my mouse and/or Nav. The unorthodox way to solve this is to unplug/re-plug in the connection wires. I sometimes have to do this a few minutes, several times, in order to get things working properly. It's a hassle, no doubt, but eventually it gets the job done and things work out fine.

Game Support / Re: Ghost Recon Wildlands - Ghost War PVP
« on: 09:18 PM - 10/09/17 »
K doesn't seem like anyone's interested even though PvP comes out today (after 10 hour maintenance..ugg). I'll still post what I'm working with in case it helps.

Using Razer Naga Hex with Sony Nav controller. Not sure of DPS but assuming it's not super high.

HIP set to 17. ADS set to 8.5. I didn't plan it that way but it comes out to an exact 2to1 ratio. The hip could even be turned down lower for a smoother display (gets a bit fuzzy when turning plus rotating body fast). However I find this is useful to be fast enough to react to anyone coming at my sides or even to turn around.

The ADS is still tricky. Since HIP is on the average-to-fast side, the ADS just can't keep up. I refuse to use a fully-jittering ADS even if it means I can't track runners. That means I've had to set it quite slow, so that I can make accurate micro-movements (for example, can use it with sniping). If I need to track, I'll have to adjust to using HIP much more, and only switching to ADS when I'm absolutely ready to fire. This is not how I usually play, since I like to take cover and use ADS even when scanning the field, but I'll have to adapt. Basically I'll need to use HIP aim in most situations until the very end when someone is just in my crosshairs, then switch to ADS for the killshot.

I have used a curve on the ADS, but I've heard this likely has minimal or no effect so not sure it's worth talking about.

I've also kept some settings from The Division, such as sprint boost profile. Seems to help with being able to run easier in the direction I'm running to since the 3person view can get a bit wonky at times.

Hope to see some of you Ghosts out there!

Game Support / Re: Ghost Recon Wildlands - Ghost War PVP
« on: 09:21 PM - 10/05/17 »
Just got the game for the PvP (coming out on Oct. 10).

Unless I'm bad at searching, I find it surprising that there are absolutely no threads on people sharing/recommending profile settings.

At first I tried copying my HIP and ADS values from The Division since they seemed similar. While I feel I had a good feel in The Division, I don't feel it translates the same to Ghost Recon. The HIP is not really a problem, since you don't actually (or shouldn't often) even aim in this mode. This is just turning speed, so it can be tweaked to your liking (fast, med, slow).

But the ADS speed is still bugging me. Of course setting it low will make aiming incredibly smooth. I was impressed actually at how stable and accurate my movements translated to the screen. However, the speed is much, much slower than anything I've ever worked with. I can't get used to using a med/fast speed for HIP but then using a snail/slow speed for ADS; they just don't match.

Looking for a medium or med/slow ADS speed that gives accurate fire for micro-movements, while still being able to track moving targets. I feel I am basically giving up one or the other. I either can fire extremely accurately at a snail's pace, which is great for pinpoint precision on a stationary target - but which will lose out 100% of the time vs. moving targets. OR I chose a faster ADS that can keep up with those targets - but with shaky/inaccurate movement which means I will miss more than hit.

Does anyone have some experience or recommendations? For example, what is your HIP-to-ADS ratio? (ex: if 50 vs 25, then 2-to-1 ratio). Are you using any curves for ADS? Boost? (Forgot how that works, could use a refresher lesson.). In a nutshell, I would like precise aiming at the start of my curve for aiming at non-moving targets I know I can kill. But I'd also like enough ADS movement so I can track targets I see at a distance and still be able to put consistent shots on them.

Of course I'll be playing around with my settings but any opinion or advice would be greatly appreciated! TYIA.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: XIM4 turns off mid game
« on: 09:50 PM - 05/30/16 »
I've never had my XIM turn off, but I've sure as heck had my dualshock and/or nav turn off (ie, unresponsive) during gameplay. I always thought I did a fairly good job of recharging, but obviously that was the problem.

Now I make sure to recharge for several hours after every gaming session. Never had any connection or power issues since.

Game Support / Re: Connection (Sync) Issues
« on: 09:23 PM - 05/30/16 »
Follow up - just in case people are having the same issues.

I have been extra anal about charging Dualshock + Nav after every session. I also make sure to have EVERYTHING plugged in (and charged fully) before turning on PS4. Since then, I haven't had any issues at all.

Game Support / Re: Connection (Sync) Issues
« on: 01:52 AM - 04/05/16 »
More info:
I replaced 2 of the cables during this testing period yet I don't think that was the culprit for my issues. I put back one of the cables (USB) to my Nav<->XIM and it connected/worked properly. I used the other cable (mini-USB) and it is charging my phone via PC. This is why I cannot clearly say with satisfaction that replacing cables was the answer. As I do most nights, I have to keep unplugging, plugging in, turning off, turning on in an endless loop to get things working, which is the same as tonight.

Anyone have similar issues?

Game Support / Re: Connection (Sync) Issues
« on: 01:07 AM - 04/05/16 »

Steps 1-6. Pressed PS on Nav. Nav/Mouse connected and work in XMB menus. Start up game. On-screen prompt says "No dualshock controller is connected", so I press the PS button and it starts up. Dualshock is on, but nav/mouse do not function inside the game; no response at all.

I can press PS button on the nav to get back to XMB menu and it works there. Again, weird.
Then I held down PS button and turned off "All devices". Dualshock and mouse/nav are off. Unplugged USB from XIM4, plugged back in to restart the process. Same issue as above. Nav/mouse work in XMB menus, once I get into game it says Dualshock is not connected. Press PS button, dualshock is on/connected and works in game, but Nav/mouse buttons do not get a response in-game.
Ok so I tried these steps another 3-4 times, using different USBs and mini-USBs. It finally connected. I don't know if this is the fault of the cables or something else, but obviously I will use the same cables that work right now. If I have further problems, which honestly I'm expected the next time, I'll post again when I can.

FYI: now when I go into my "Adjust Sound and Devices" (where I previously went to turn all controllers off before resetting the process), there is no longer any option to turn off the controllers!? Weird.

Game Support / Connection (Sync) Issues
« on: 12:51 AM - 04/05/16 »
Since there are other threads like this, thought I would create a new one for my specific case. I cannot get a consistent connection with all 3 controllers (nav/mouse/DS4) when I start playing. In fact, most of the times it takes me a good 10+minutes to get it to finally sync properly. Here is what I'm doing:

1) Connect fully charged Nav to slot 1 (OFF)
2) Connect wired mouse to slot 2
3) Connect Dualshock to slot 3 (OFF)
4) Connect XIM to PS4 (OFF)
5) Boot up PS4 using console button (not PS button)
6) Let PS4 load up into XMB screen

Yes, I try pressing the PS button on Nav 1st, and occasionally that works. But for the most part, I have this strange combination of the Nav/mouse only functioning in my XMB menus but NOT in-game.

I wrote this elsewhere, but essentially nearly every night I have to go through serious hoops getting everything working. I don't recall having these problems with the Edge, or even with previous XIM4 games. It seems to happen alot with The Division, but of course that is purely subjective.

Not sure if relevant but I saw a similar thread with same connection issues; I'm using an amp for headphones (Astro A40) - using split power vs data cables to fix a buzzing issue. It seems like perhaps too much power is getting drained from the PS4 and causing these issues? If it helps, my PS does detect both "controllers"; the Dualshock and (I'm assuming) the Nav.

I guess I would just like to know if there is a super-intricate order, in addition to the order I used above, that I need to be testing out. It really has been bugging me lately since I lose gaming time each night having to deal with these setup issues. Any help/advice would be much appreciated. TYIA.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: My Division STv2 Setup (XBOX ONE)
« on: 11:57 PM - 03/19/16 »
there's a version 2 of the division ST? how can I tell if I have the most recent ST?
No. Official ST + Venom's revised (2nd) setup.

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