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Check the ďThank youĒ thread stickies at the top. Set up notifications. And then set up an alarm a minute or two before the launch on your phone. Keep refreshing until youíre in. Itís not that complicated.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xim Apex - Out of stock! :(
« on: 08:37 AM - 03/03/18 »
Not being rude but there's tons of threads explaining exactly what's been going on. The store should open for a period or two over the weekend. Eventually we will get to stage where the demand has died down and the store functions as normal.

But for someone who just wants to buy a product and who doesn't frequent the forums this is a very valid question. Let's face it, as much as I like this company and what they have achieved this hasn't been the smoothest launch.

Apple a multi billion dollar company doesnít have the smoothest launches. Adidas during the release of their Yeezy shoes, not smooth. I think the XIM team is doing the best they can with what they have. Just keep an eye on the ďThank YouĒ thread, make sure you have a XIM store account, make sure your browser has auto fill for your credit card info. Youíll be fine.

The demand for the Apex is the highest Iíve ever seen the demand for a XIM, and I was here for the Edge and XIM4.

I believe there is a way to get email notifications when a new post is posted on a thread.

Store is up. Was able to order one. Thank you auto fill! Helps to have a store account as well.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: XIM Apex Release Time
« on: 02:00 PM - 01/30/18 »
I believe for XIM4 it became available in the afternoon for the West Coast, early evening for the East Coast. So between 6-9 PM EST.

Ugh a new one! Canít wait for it. Although I still have an unopened xim 4 from the holidays I ordered. Iíll still be picking this up!

General Discussion / Re: Mouse and PS Naviation controller
« on: 03:33 PM - 12/23/17 »
Thatís a very solid set up. You should have enough buttons for everything. Especially with the G502 as it has 11 buttons, plus scroll up down and scroll click.

Iím going to do a tutorial shortly on attaching a Kontrol Freek to both a Nav and G13.

General Discussion / Logitech Mice on sale at Best Buy
« on: 12:29 PM - 12/18/17 »
Figured I would let the community know. A lot of Logitech mice are on sale at Best Buy. This includes the 703, 903, 403, 602, and 502.

I was able to pick up the Best Buy exclusive white G703 for $50. This is for the US only as far as Iím aware.

General Discussion / Re: XIM4 shipping duration
« on: 04:33 PM - 12/15/17 »
Just placed my second order for a XIM4 via the Store. My last purchase was in 7/2014. Canít believe itís been over 4 years already since the the XIM4. Got this one to have at my girlfriends house for my PS4.

Thanks for restocking the store before the holidays. Feels good to keep supporting this project.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Tips for Cod WWII XiM?
« on: 11:52 AM - 12/12/17 »
Try the ADS translator for HIP. Itíll make your hip speed a bit fast but no delay when you ADS. My settings are

12k DPI
ADS: 12.25
HIP: ads translator

No curves

Running with ADS translation for HIP at the moment. I have to control hip more as itís quick, but no delay is amazing. 

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: G13 keypad vs G910 keyboard
« on: 03:16 PM - 12/02/17 »
Sorry below.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: G13 keypad vs G910 keyboard
« on: 01:55 PM - 12/02/17 »
G13 with a Kontrol Freek glued on top is the best for me! Love it. And itís super easy to bind every button, including the top buttons and backlight as well
Yeah but like on my full keyboard I had F1 F2 F3 Etc set for different games and I don't have this many amount of this on the G13, or is there any function to cycle between profiles (it would be awesome since it'd be easy to know because of the colors)

Yup! You can assign two buttons to cycle your configs to go forwards and backward. Screenshot below.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: G13 keypad vs G910 keyboard
« on: 01:22 PM - 12/02/17 »
G13 with a Kontrol Freek glued on top is the best for me! Love it. And itís super easy to bind every button, including the top buttons and backlight as well

Will try right now thanks man :)

Let me know. Iím hoping itís not a placebo effect but itís amazing to aim down the sights and shot.

Tried something new today. I turned off aim assist off for rotation. And wow did it help engage the enemies, and multiple enemies. For those struggling to follow the enemy turn it off and give it a shot.

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