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$400 would be really tough to pull off if you need all of the parts. You'll need to do at least a Ryzen 3 1300x and a GTX 1060 (or equivalent) to drive a stream at a reasonable quality. You're going to be pushing $400 just for those two things let alone, motherboard, RAM, disk, etc.

You might be able to scrounge up used parts on eBay or something for your budget, but otherwise you'll probably need to spend a bit more.

I have a evga gforce 7950 gt and a amd a8-5500 series and 12 gig ddr 3 ram

XIM Link / Re: Povohat Mouse Acceleration Program
« on: 02:55 PM - 09/18/18 »
Upate to this i dont use povo any more to inconistant at close range amazing at mid to long thou  but playing cod it was to much hassle up close i settled with the 225 hip 56 ads now at 12k dpi and thats were im staying

It made every shot feel off or uncontrollable right? This is the problem i was having. I think this is a xim link rpoblem due to the inconsistent latency from pc to thw xbox.

My budget is 400 dollars. Help a brother out ☺ my laptop is practically a xim link device and my other laptop is for browsing.

What i want to do is, run xbox app and obs. That is it for this rig. No gaming, but phoroshop, 3ds max and music editors like reason.

The beta was released friday and i put 1 day and 3 hours into it and only reached level 18 lol.What is their to do now other than work and sleep? I want my blackout back 😭😭😭

After i downloaded the blackout beta i said to myself, there is no way i am going to like this game... (After hating br games forever) But once i looked at the map and seen some of the old black ops maps, it was the selling point.Game over.  I got to replay the maps i once loved! I never thought i would ever play a game that had that addiction feeling to it sense the release of black ops 2. Any BR competitor's should be worried about their player base making the switch once the full game is released. I am kind of pissed off their is no singleplayer, but just think of how polished multiplayer is because they did not waste their time making a SP and everyone just focused on MP.. From a game series who is KNOWN for fast pased low player count, supprised the world with a large scale map with 100 players with out sacrificing the call of dury feel to the game with being quick to land and fast looting. I can not wait to see what the second map is going to be like and what maps they are going to add to it!!!

The more I play the more I love Blackout. I'm really enjoying this game. PUBG is so screwed, they're going to have to make some serious changes to bring me back to PUBG even as a second game. Treyarch has totally @#$% all over Blue hole. They literally cannot compete with this game. It's not even close and the games still in Beta! I feel a law suit coming from Blue hole, that's the only way they're still going to make money once BO4 is released.

It's amazing.. pubg needs to fix a lot of things still, it is still crazy that a beta is better than a full release lol.

The only thing that should he changed is where the ending circle is, it should always end up being in a town somewhere and not in a open field where everyone is prone right at the edge of circle mark lol. But over all I hated battle role games before this, and some how this game just triggered something in my mind. Maybe because this gamemode is actually one of the best release br games? I have been waiting for cod to release a large open map for years, I remember when they said they could never make a  console game that supports more than 18 players. 10 years later, we finally get something to look forwards to in the games full release! What's your level rml? Finally got to 12 today l, and that felt like that took almost 18 hours lol

Then that's all you had to say. You did not need to get into the whole you bad aim thing because I know for a fact, I outplay almost every opponent in every game.

With that being said, I believe Beenox and ravensoft is more of the company's  behind the whole thing. Look at the games they made.   If you notice when you start the game it says "A treyarch game" 


Majority of them where open world games they worked on in the past, a lot of those elements might of been added to the code aka "a treyarch game" it is just my opinion but I got the feeling that they where the one that was able to make such maps actually connect together. I know it is just a theory but is it?

All majority  of the 007 games actually used the same but not exact engine as call of duty.


 I think treyarch got lazy and had they side companies  do all they hard coding while they have the main core programming to the game engine itself.  Sorry I get into this when it comes to game engines lol

I use bo3 with this profile. 12k dpi 125hz
Q toggles on and off for wing suit and vehicle settings.
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Blackout Beta ] START COPY >>>

Btw im a bit confused about the 2 posts above...

Anyways, you look at top5 final players - everyone is sitting in a room, ADSing the door or window. If anyone in top5 has to move- its at a snails pace, duckwalking like a nerd.

Thats slowpaced, unskilled and boring. But hey, whatever floats everyones boat. If you have time to waste, creeping around the map like a worm- well thats your thing. If at least the graphics were beautiful to look at, while you play hiking  simulator.. but no, the fraphics look like 720p upscaled last gen game.

I just hope MW4 skips this nonsense.

The year was 2002 and morrowind came out and i said to myself WOW i cant wait to see what graphics look like in the future... Then in 2004 farcry came out and i was blown away wiht the most sophisticated graphical game i have ever seen at the age of 15 on my pc.. Once again. I can not wait for the future of games. To this day i can not believe how such a trash game could be number one. Do not even get my started with fortnite....Well if you are 13 then you should play it like my nephew does but jesus its like a rave out there. Lets all dance and collect our resources to HIDE in a metal box floating in the sky with my third person cartoon 2001 graphics. Oh hmm. Hide? Someone said something about hiding before.. Wait a second.. Is this not how battle royale games are supposed to be played? Moving in a tactical motion to elimanite the other player? You know what?? I'm just going to run up and hit my pinata for some over powered loot! Wait no... Im going to dance right before and swing my RAINBOW SMASH PICK AXE at it.

I get you are mad because you want the same old $!#@ for cod but, times have changed. No one wants the same old boring #@$#  OVER AND OVER AGAIN. What do you want MW2 remastered pleagued with microtransactions and almost a aimbot as AA on console and then complain about that game not being fun, next?

 I have been disappointed with games sense Battlefiled 1942 and Call Of Duty 2  were released. How the hell do you think i feel?

You go play your lttle fortnite game with all the little kiddos.

Ranked play 2300 in ww2. Unskilled ppsh? Diamond in rainbow six siege? Lmao kid you seem like a pos don't talk to me. Mr I use a t2 because I can't control recoil. Uneducated high school drop out who lives with his mama. Lmf40

General Discussion / Re: Xbox Blackout Beta code ...
« on: 06:28 AM - 09/15/18 »
4 codes VIP only pm me

You guys are nuts if you hate blackout. Been on for 10 hours straight. This gamemode is 1000% better than fortnite and pubg combine. Absolutely amazing job as a beta, who knew that a BETA would be better than games full releases?

General Discussion / Re: NBA 2k19
« on: 11:29 PM - 09/13/18 »
I was wondering if it is possible to push the shoot button but have it deactivated to the millisecond, to have perfect green light shots. Maybe through a script? Thanks

Move the y axis to have a straight line so it does not move left or right

XIM APEX Discussions / Is running 1000 htz useless?
« on: 11:01 PM - 09/13/18 »
My question is;

I play on a dvi monitor that only supports dvi 720p, but i am actually not even getting the 720p due to the restrictions of the monitor.

When setting my htz to 1000 i notice that the aim seems floaty, and less responsive than useing 125 or 500..

Is this a placebo effect? Should htz feel the same all around? Im not looking for a answer that says that 125 htz refreshes at 8ms and 500 at 2.. Etc.

So with this being said does it work like this;

125 htz best pefect mouse control with more responce time
500 htz moderate mouse control. With less response time
1000 htz with low mouse control with perfect response time.

Does 1000 htz really reduce input lag?  Most games run at a solid 30-60 fps so with a 1000 htz i feel like i am just overclocking my mouse and sacroficing my aim or is this preference to the user itself? Is this why the xim4 felt so much better for me because i was running at 125?   There is just no way the xim apex actually uses the full 1000 htz. It seems to me that its just a buffer ratio that spikes my micromovements making sync the default aspect of how fast the mouse movement. I need some answers please becuase this is not the first time i have noticed this. Maxing out my dpi is just the same as making the ingame sensitivity maxed out, but maxing out the htz just seems inconclusive when using the sync feature. I really honesty feel sensativity spikes no matter what game i am playing. Using a 0 ms delay from hip to ads, why do i feel like my aim is jolting left to right? At this point i really wish i still had my xim4, i never had any problems what so ever with that device. Im glad the apex was released but, its way to noob friendly.  The xim4 had so much more to offer. Aa control, amazing balistic curve editor, sa3. Meh im ranting now. So can anyone help me out with my questions?

I have installed .net framework 4.7.1 and Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable" both x86 and x64, restarted the system and tried installing the Apex Link 1.2 Setup.  I get the message Invalid Drive I:\ and that the installer has been interrupted and needs to be restarted.  Rebooting and or restarting does not work.

Windows 7

Any ideas?

Xim link need to be installed on the harddrive that the os is running off of. Drive I seems like its not the main hd.

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