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I'm really surprised this isn't a bigger issue, or is remote play just not that popular? 

In the last few years maybe 5 questions regarding remote play came up and none of them where related to your problem. Usually just general setup questions to get it running.

The difference between the two mice are their dpi. Your logitech most likely runs 400 dpi while the fragfx may run 800 dpi or so. You would want to have at least 3000 dpi though for precise and responsive mouse movements with the xim. Id recommend you to try it with a gaming mouse that is known to have onboard memory so the dpi adjustments carry over to the xim (another thing that both of your mice probably dont have). For example the logitech g102 or g203 are fairly cheap yet are excellent picks when it comes to playing with the xim.

My first suggestion would be to lower the dpi and do a polling rate benchmark to find out if your mouse runs well on 1000hz. Both will have a huge influence on how smooth and precise your mouse movements are, you maybe dont even need to adjust anything else aside from that.

Depending on what region you are in you might have hit a console record with 28 for that season :). D1sable had a 29 kill game last season and that was the EU record i think.
Very impressive results man, you should think about uploading one or two gameplays maybe, im sure the xim community would love them! :)

I really have to get back into Apex Legends, so much stuff has been added since i stopped playing during Season 1-2 :).

Support / Re: Help!!
« on: 02:49 PM - 02/25/20 »
Can you check if you use a delay value then? If so set it to 0 in your ADS config.

General Discussion / Re: Xbox X vs. PS5
« on: 12:06 PM - 02/25/20 »
Its just a rumour and it wont be a full windows 10 environment. I dont think itll happen but it would be kinda nice.

Support / Re: Help!!
« on: 12:05 PM - 02/25/20 »

could it be that you play CoD games? In that case you have to adjust the ADS delay value to prevent that sensitivity drop. CoD uses a different value for each weapon and this xim feature allows you to adjust your config to that. The default value 224 is just the average over all weapons. SMGs use lower values while heavier weapons such as Machine Guns use larger values.

Deutsch / Re: Hunt Showdown nicht spielbar
« on: 10:30 AM - 02/25/20 »
Soweit ich weiß arbeitet Mist gerade an der PS4 Config, die sollte mit dem nächsten ST Update über den Manager verfügbar sein.

General Discussion / Re: Xbox X vs. PS5
« on: 10:27 AM - 02/25/20 »
Yeah its going to be crazy! :)
500€ for a machine with the power of a 1500€ PC. Even better if the rumour is true that the new Xbox can run Steam, then you basically also have a gaming PC too.

Game Support / Re: Linear and exponential nerf, (fortnite)
« on: 10:25 AM - 02/25/20 »
AgentSmith you posted a video two weeks ago with tracking accuracy macros, if you dont mind sharing those (and they are for XIM Link) i could make a Legacy Config approximation so that the Legacy fans have at least something to play with and the continuous complaints can stop.

They are written in LUA for logitec hardware, but they are basically just maths calculations.

Can I post them to you privately ?

Thanks man and sure, just send me a pm via the forum. That saves me from an hour or two writing and optimizing an ahk script for xim link :).

Expand the options under the hotkey/config colour option in your xim config, there you can paste the code :).

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xim bypass feature?
« on: 05:31 PM - 02/24/20 »
Not natively but you can use a usb switcher that lets you switch between xim and console via a button press.

Support / Re: Xbox 360 controller
« on: 04:33 PM - 02/24/20 »
Is it a true wired xbox 360 controller or the one with the play and charge kit? The play and charge kit solution doesnt work with the xim, it doesnt transfer data.
Im not sure if the xbox 360 controller can be polled at 1000hz, i also couldnt find any documentation about higher polling rate profiles.

When you use sync off your sensitivity will scale with the polling rate so its normal that your turnspeed will change compared to the other syncs.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Debate xbox skill > ps4
« on: 01:40 PM - 02/24/20 »
Technically its the opposite for both. ;)

The Xbox has a much higher stick resolution which is why it also has the better micro movements. What you may experience is the game performance, which can affect how smooth the mouse movmenets are. Most games run better on playstation than on xbox.
Skillwise the console with the larger playerbase also has the better top 0,001% players, thats just how statistics works. If for game XY the Xbox playerbase is larger then yes, you may encounter more good players on Xbox. In most cases the Playstation has the larger playerbase though.

Game Support / MOVED: Xim Problem
« on: 11:51 AM - 02/24/20 »

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