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Xbox / BF3? Yes, BF3.
« on: 11:26 AM - 10/28/17 »
Dinosaur looking to squad up on BF3. Mostly TDM. The servers stay busy so I know other people are still playing. GT is VividPickle. In New England.

XIM EDGE Discussions / Ads unchecker app request
« on: 10:21 AM - 10/28/17 »
Like title states requesting ads unchecker for xim edge manager. Can't find a download any longer and have since deleted my original file. I know that the edge forum is a ghost town now but worth a shot. Thanks

XIM EDGE Discussions / Issues pairing bt211 to nav
« on: 07:53 PM - 05/07/17 »
I've been able to get my xim edge to recognize my bt211 and pair to my nav when connecting the dongle to the right port, but only when it's connected to a Belkin USB splitter left over from the Xim4e beta. Any way to get the xim to recognize the bt211 without the USB splitter hanging off of it?

Beta / First impressions.
« on: 12:23 AM - 02/23/14 »
Finally put some time into the beta on the 360 and I have to say, it's pretty amazing. The interface is clean enough. Setting configs is quick. The translators seem a lot sharper. Ghosts plays with the kind of accuracy I became accustomed to using the edge on mw3. Ever since then cod translators for the edge seemed 'muddy'. I constantly felt like I was fighting the aim assist. A lot of that seems reduced or almost even gone with the xim4e.

So yeah, kudos obsessive.
God help me, I'm having fun playing cod again.

General Discussion / Re: Road Rage and Fist Fights
« on: 05:58 AM - 02/21/14 »
Happened enough that I'm glad where I'm at public transportation is very accessible, way easier, and cheaper than taking the car to work.

Holy moly, where do live (if you don't mind me asking) that traffic is that insane?

General Discussion / Re: Road Rage and Fist Fights
« on: 03:07 PM - 02/20/14 »
I adhere to the rule of "never exit your vehicle, never roll down your window". Safety reasons.

I'll yell, but in the privacy of my own car. I'm armed and I can protect myself and my family in my vehicle. But as soon as I exit the vehicle, I've lost any advantage I had.

People are stupid. People are crazy. It's a fact of life. A near miss or someone holding me up is not worth someone's life. Period.

That's actually a really good policy. I guess pride be damned, don't add fuel to the fire.

General Discussion / Re: Road Rage and Fist Fights
« on: 02:48 PM - 02/20/14 »
I pretty much reiterated what you said word for word lol, but yeah, not trying to be a thirty year old in a punch up lol.

General Discussion / Re: Road Rage and Fist Fights
« on: 02:34 PM - 02/20/14 »
I've seen people get into fights that start with one person in a car and one person out. It's hard to get the upper hand if you're the one stuck in the car.  I'm in the same boat as you, just a big dude. 6'2 250. Usually just being bigger shuts people up. It would seriously @#$% suck to get into a fight with someone as a grown @#$% man. I feel like I'm too old for stuff like that now.

General Discussion / Re: Road Rage and Fist Fights
« on: 12:23 PM - 02/20/14 »
Everyone is guilty of it, I'm not innocent. I very loudly yelled, "@#$% you" at a man and his grandkids when he rolled through a light and almost hit me. I actually stopped, rolled down my window, and screamed @#$% you at the top of my lungs. On Black Friday. Not a high point.

General Discussion / Re: Road Rage and Fist Fights
« on: 11:54 AM - 02/20/14 »
Had a friend whom lost his son do to road rage. Guy pulled out a pistol and ended it right there.

@#$% like that blows my mind. People lose their minds when it comes to getting behind the wheel of a car. I'm not dwelling on it; but I can't help but be slightly astounded by the actions of others sometimes.

Beta / Re: BT not connecting
« on: 09:55 AM - 02/20/14 »
Okie dokie buddy, thanks.

I hope that made sense.  I typed that up on my phone without actually looking at my laptop and looking at it now it looks like the ramblings of a crazy person on the street. 

General Discussion / Re: COD Ghosts patch today (02/20/14)
« on: 09:52 AM - 02/20/14 »
I was trying to wrap my brain around how they we're justifying two hundred dollars for extra load out slots....

General Discussion / Re: Evolve
« on: 09:43 AM - 02/20/14 »
I've watched the trailer for it; it honestly looks like alot of fun. 

I'm curious if the mechs in titanfall and the "goliath" in evolve are the beginning of a new trend. 

General Discussion / Re: Road Rage and Fist Fights
« on: 09:26 AM - 02/20/14 »
sounds like its time to move...

The bad outweighs the good up here though, for me at least.  This place has too many good things to make up for the high cost of living, crap winters, and mouthy hotheads.  I can look out from my window and see the sun rise over the bay in the mornings. I can hit the beach seven days a week in the summer, which is noticeably milder then what we experience in the south.  Cannabis is now legal for recreational use in the city I live in, which for me, means something.  I like my cannabis and don't want to be treated like a criminal for it.     

Soooooo I'll take the d bags.  I should point out not everyone here is a jerk, alot of people are really friendly. 

General Discussion / Re: Road Rage and Fist Fights
« on: 09:18 AM - 02/20/14 »
Where in New England are you at? I'm in Connecticut and ever since I m moved here I have experienced so many road rage.  I think it's the weather.

This has been a rough winter for most of the east coast.  What am I talking about? Most of the the US.  Where we're coming to the end I think people are getting the winter blues, I know I am.  People up here road rage HARD.  It's ridiculous.  Glad I got on here and got some counter balance following what was one backwards morning. 

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