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Hopefully XIM 3 wont need a discontinued piece of hardware like the XIM2.


This isnt right. XIM on ebay sells them pretty cheap so people can purchase for an affordable price it and have fun with it. Not for some @#$% hole to buy them all and make an easy $800. Someone should do the honers and "purchase" them and leave his guy appropriate feedback. Hopefully XIM 3 will be plentiful so this can be avoided.

PlayStation / Want to add fellow PS3 XIM users.
« on: 04:54 PM - 12/11/09 »
Looking to add anti controller people  ;D

My psn:FN90X

Configurations and Requests / Re: MX518 or G9
« on: 01:45 AM - 12/11/09 »
I have both mice and have to say they are both so comfortable its hard to decide. I like to switch mice from time to time so id say get both; you'll love the G9 just as much.They both have diff feels; both preferred. Performance wise I dont go over 1200 DPI so I dont feel a diff in performance.

General Discussion / Re: Your computer?
« on: 11:56 AM - 12/06/09 »
Ga-P35-DS3L MoBo
2.66 Q6700
4GB RAM GSKill 1066
EVGA 8800gt

built the comp in dec 07; upgraded the Cpu and ram this summer.
its been a nice comp; lots a fun.

Its working flawlessly for me--nothing diff

PlayStation / Re: pc gammer going ps3
« on: 12:00 AM - 12/03/09 »
I  bought mine 1 wek ago and i love it--it feels just like pc gaming on most of my games espiecially COD MW2 which will be in use for for a while

PlayStation / Re: how hard is xim to get running?
« on: 08:55 AM - 11/20/09 »
I heard XIM was really good with the right configurations; the thing with XIM is that its connected to ur computer and ps3; you can configure however u like; what ever feels good for you. So i think ull like it alot.

use windows xp mode or install a 32 bit virtual OS with virtual box. Contact me if you want help ill be happy to aid you.

Technical Support / Re: Willing To Buy XIM360 but..?
« on: 01:12 AM - 11/20/09 »
You can use a XIM 1 with a new ps2 usb adapter thats out that increased the functionality 

Sweet!! iam bouta flush my controller down the toilet

Ive been so happy to find to find that mouse and keyboard can be used with ps3 for any game; it makes u feel more in the game no stupid vibration feature can do that. Anyways us xim users should all play together since we understand the vaule of M/K. leave your PSN so we can add you.



Tutorials / building XIM for ps3 help
« on: 05:09 PM - 11/19/09 »
 i am wondering is the silicone labs toolstick kit and a ps2 ps3 adapter all i need to buy? and enclosure box.the tutorial in the sticky is geared toward 360 and is outdated so its a bit confusing. Thank you guys. A sticked tutorial for just PS3 would be a great update.

General Discussion / Re: How important the XIM is to me.
« on: 01:32 PM - 11/19/09 »
Sweet--iam getting my XIM soon with MW2; i agree Controllers suck. a nice mouse and keyboard makes you feel IN THE GAME. Iam not even bad with the controller but its just soo boring. Add me on PSN: FN90X.

My friend prestiged in 3 days with out a clan on a controller. Now imagine a clan of xim users. If we had Serious ppl we'd prestige in half the time. When you a full clan playing HQ against uncoordinated people; its pretty easy. When your convinced you cant do something that belief is validated because sure enough you CANNOT if you have that firm belief. We all seen people do amazing things; it starts with a firm belief in the right direction. This isn't haphazard stuff. It takes 1.5 game days to prestige on average. So let me hear from some confident ppl please : P

And besides the most important part is the fun we'll be having and nice stats. Its not the goal but the journey

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