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How do I go about overclocking my mouse?  :-[

Sorry to be a pain, but I would love some help.

I have a lame Microsoft Laser Mouse 5000.  It's 1000dpi and about 125 update rate.

Pretty much every config I try doesn't really give me a good, full sense of control as a PC.  My mouse doesn't seem to have very much control at all...  Any suggestions for me??  Maybe on what I can do to perfect my settings.

I have CPL Mouse Fix installed and running, and all accelerations are off.


Please let me know if you need more information as I know this post was quite bland.

Thanks for the response Wiz, but unfortunately I tried and did all of that.

My XIM was showing that my computer was reading my keyboard movements as controller movements, but for some reason the PS3 was not picking it up.

I also switched my controller to controller "2".

Also, can you control the basic PS3 home screen with your keyboard?

I kept loading up MW2, and getting into a game before trying to register my kb/m.

Thanks again guys!


I forgot to mention that I've tried switching controller ports and changing the PS3 controller to the second port.

I've tried a dozen ways of running xim.exe  :'(



Hey guys,

I hate to make a first post sounding like such an idiot, but I'm having trouble setting up my XIM.

I purchased it on eBay with the YOBO adapter.

I followed the following instructions:

1. Turn your console on.

2. Plug the USB end of the XIM into your computer.

3. Plug the PS2 end of the XIM into your XFPS (For 360) o4 PS2 to PS3 adapter (for PS3)

4. Plug the USB end of the XFPS or PS2 to PS3 adapter into your console.  For the 360, make sure your wired controller is already plugged into the XFPS first.

5. Run the XIM software, and choose your game set up or fie tune the setting.

PS3 Users with the yobo adapter, in order to register the XIM as a controller, press UP arrow + Backspace on your keyboard when using default .XIM file, since the adapter does not have a PS button.

I've followed all these instructions, but my PS3 doesn't seem to recognize my kb/mouse.

Any suggestions?

Thanks guys, I appreciate your help!


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