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The weapons are all so wonderfully balanced in this game that there is no clear best. Not even close. My favorite tactic is to use scavenger pro and scar with a grenade launcher. Then I just constantly switch weapons as I go through the map. The scar quickly becomes my secondary, usually in favor of some blinged out M16 or acr. What ever fancy's me at the moment. The other team is sure to bring you some pretty sweet gifts in exchange for live grenade rounds. Scavenger is key though because often the best gifts will be empty or near by the time you get it. Keeps your options open and your play adaptable to any situation.

I think Microsoft is missing out on like 500k sales minimumm on MS Intellimouse 360, and MS Natural 360 Keyboard.  Not to mention the people who dont have xbox yet because they had controllers.

I agree. It makes no sense on their part. They've gone so far to advance gaming consoles in terms of hardware, performance, and capability that they are basically gaming computers at this point. Why then do then do they only allow us to interface with it as if it were a n64? Too me it's like having to drive a modern sports car with reins tied to the front wheels.

It's sad that those of us who are patiently waiting out this limited availability are taking a back seat to people who are snatching them up too immediately resale for profit:

Ebay auction

Such is the way of the world I guess. I would gladly pay more than $200 for this. But too someone who actually deserves it, not this scalper.

XIM 1 Discussions / Re: Everything I need?
« on: 02:24 PM - 11/17/09 »
That's a great point too mist. I guess I could just clip the wireless mic to my shirt and use it just like a lapel mic. Look at me fussing over nothing.

Guess I'm just getting too excited about the world of opportunities that has just been opened and really over thinking (or under thinking lol) it all. I've been so frustrated since making the switch from pc gaming to console gaming and I really wish I had found all this a year ago instead of just Monday lol. Guess I just need to stop anticipating until I've got my set up and know exactly how it works. Thanks for the all help though even with silly questions, awesome community you guys have here.

XIM 1 Discussions / Re: Everything I need?
« on: 01:19 PM - 11/17/09 »
The final step is to change your voice chat output to speakers only so you can pick them up in your headphones.

Ah, I didn't know I could do this. So just kinda glue the wireless piece to my mic boom? That'll work, thanks mist.

XIM 1 Discussions / Re: Everything I need?
« on: 01:05 PM - 11/17/09 »
then try and get a XIM2  ???

If that were an option I wouldn't be looking into the XIM1 solution in the first place lol. It looks like I'm about 7 days too late to the XIM2 party.

XIM 1 Discussions / Re: Everything I need?
« on: 12:57 PM - 11/17/09 »
Im sure that u cannot use a wired headset, its only the XIM2 that can do that as the controller is always Player 1 and on?  :(

Hmm... Well this might be a deal breaker. I can't play with the surround sound on all the time because I have people above, below, and on all sides of me. I'm not going to use a wireless earpiece under my headphones and I don't want to game with my crappy tv case speakers. What are the popular solutions to this problem, I'm sure plenty of others are in the same boat.

Do I have to buy one of those ultra expensive wireless headset/headphone combos like the tritons? Would that even solve this problem or do they also require plugging into the controller like my turtle beach headset?

XIM 1 Discussions / Everything I need?
« on: 12:21 PM - 11/17/09 »
Before I start passing my credit card info around the net like a drunken undergrad at a frat party I'm looking for confirmation that this is everything I need to put a XIM1 together:

Prebuilt XIM Components
Joytron Xconverter
Wired Xbox Controller

Is that it? I know that it would be cheaper to build the XIM myself but this saves me from having to buy a soldering iron and multimeter and the hassle of it.

Aslo I've read that I won't be able to plug my headset into the controller. Is there a work around for this? I play with headphones on that have a built in mic (turtle beach set up). I wouldn't want to have to play with that crappy wireless earpiece under my headphones.

Jaspers are you 518?

518? I'm not sure what that means so probably not lol. Someone else using the handle around here?

How do we identify the 005 controllers? Since it seems any solution I choose would require a wired controller I would like to get a 005 just in case this comes to fruition. I have a wild hair to search all the local game stops and retail stores but I don't know what I would be looking for.


Found the info I needed in the old diy install guide. Sorry for not looking harder before asking.

Is this info still relevant? After seeing the availability issues with the pre-built units I'm thinking about going the build your own route and this looks pretty simple to do after wrangling all the components. How does it stack up performance wise to the XIM2 or XIM360?

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