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looking forward too ... >:(

Support / Re: Red Screen of DEATH? on second night of use.
« on: 05:23 PM - 01/25/13 »
hello OBsIV, sorry for the late reply...i was stocked with tons of office works...i guess wasn't that bad at all...

I'm fully aware of that, I did pushed and pressed that button, using the pin from iPhones, while plugging in back to my PC (as per normally have to do)...

Ok to make it short, I didn't solve it and wasted many hours trying to solve it using my Lenovo laptop with Win7...but estrangely, when I plugged this XIM3 in my very old desktop (Pentium 4), it did worked...

so I'm guessing maybe is some software stopping me when I tried to unbrick it in my Lenovo...in any case, at least I'm able to solve this issue....

Thanks by the way...  :)

Support / Re: Red Screen of DEATH? on second night of use.
« on: 05:20 AM - 01/19/13 »
oh no...I think I bricked mine too...I'm doing the ST push for far cry 3, then I'm guessing at 100% update, my PC freezed...my mouse couldn't move and everything was frozen...  the PC will resume as normally as long as I pulled out the XIM3 from my PC system....please help OBsIV...  :(

Hi Mist, I have G500 mouse and set at 5700 through setpoint.  I tried last night burning the older firmware (20120305) and the new one (201208xx) back & forth (with of course readjusting the sensitivities as what I previously described).  But each time I have the new firmware, my movement is really inaccurate and have this rubberband effect.

But before that, I used my G500 in PC gaming (COD4), I don't see any issue as I can move very accurately.  Also tried these mouse to draw lines in Windows Paint, and no issue as well.

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: What are your Configs look like???
« on: 05:27 PM - 12/18/12 »
Hello Brick, it's solve already  :)  I downgraded my firmware back to 20120305 and its ok again.  (I'm pretty sure now that the problem is due to the new firmware 201208xx  because I tried upgrading back & forth twice last night, and the problem occurs everytime I have the new firmware burned into my XIM3).

Thanks a lot anyway... 

no matter how we hate it, you still will end up playing it...

-because 80% of the people in my friends list play this game...
-more people playing this game in my region so will not have hard time finding a lobby to play on

honestly, I also hate it as I prefer Battlefield and MoH but they are certainly less people playing so always end up putting back COD BO2 game disc back in the tray...

Hi Mist,

Yes I did increased them, I'm certain that I have the same "sensitivities" because I always measure my swiping distance using ruler.  I have primary swiping 360degree @ 3inches always, then I derive my Secondary from there.

hmmm...i neva thought I was actually in RC Tester list  :)

I got trouble with the FLASH version 20120824 so downgraded back to something like 201203xx & loading up this BO2 ST...much better now, more accurate both hip & ADS. and even much obvious improvement for fine movement...

I actually posted a comment saying 20120824 FW might be broken???  Is there anybody here feels sluggish and inaccurate about this FW 20120824???

It 'll erase everything....

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Downgrade firmware help
« on: 10:06 AM - 12/16/12 »
Haste, I did restored factory default and did find a lot better than what we got off 20120824(???) Firmware...(but its a pain going through again all the binding key stuff and finding the right sensitivities (in case you forgot)...luckily I remember my Primary sens should be able to let me swipe 360 degree in ~3inches mat distance...for the ADS, 6 unit lower...

ok, its a huge improvement when you move left and right, now very accurate.  also i don't feel the rubber like feel anymore.  its very noticeable improvement as well in sniping...everytime I zoom in, the riticule moves wildly before....with 20120306(???) firmware, i don't have such an issue anymore...


Btw, OBsIV, I think the latest Firmware update is broke...? 

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Downgrade firmware help
« on: 11:58 PM - 12/15/12 »
I think i have zimilar issue like you with the latest FW...i didnt have this trouble with the 1 year ago FW update....

I have tried many things to get the kind of feel i got before i update to the latest drop...i have G500. ..

My issue here:


Its better i should do the same, downgrade mine firmware...

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: What are your Configs look like???
« on: 05:18 AM - 12/15/12 »
anybody got the help???

XIM 3 Discussions / What are your Configs look like???
« on: 10:41 PM - 12/03/12 »
Hello Ximmers,

I was wondering how might be everyone's configs for their XIM3 looks like?
I have the following configs for my G500 mouse @ 5700DPI tagged along with a Razer Blackwidow (thought not important) for BO II.

In-Game Sens:  14 (Max)
STs (both Pri/Sec):  BOII (latest as of 4Dec'12)
Primary Sens:  36 (360deg near to 3inches mouse sweep  --> getting higher makes more floaty so I stop here)
Secondary Sens:  26
YX Ratio (Pri/Sec):  1.25
Smoothness:  50
Delay (for Sec):  immediate ~ 80ms (variable depending which gun I may use)

Just a question for 2 items above:
a.)  YX Ratio
     -  Previously I have set at 1.50, but it seems that my slight movement makes the reticule to move easier (which I don't want to) so I decrease it to 1.25.  I wanted to actually have a feel near to PC, but don't have any idea how PC YX Ratio would likely look.  1.25 seems ok but still not what I want.

b.)  Smoothness
    -  Set original to 0, but when I started playing BOII (config originally set up for MW3), seems very inaccurate, feels like having acceleration (though my acceleration @ 0), and floaty.  When I set it at this value (50) seems lesser acceleration but I still can feel there's something that limit / clamp my swipe, something like holding it like a rubber-band (sorry don't exactly know how to describe it but "rubber-band" feel seems to be appropriate for me  --- and I don't see any black dotting in my XIM3 LCD).

Now, if I use these combination back to MW3 (but of course change the ST to MW3 also), I can see & feel that my cursor (gun animation) is jittering slightly and my aim seems to be shakey.  I thought it'as due to the smoothness & YX Ratio, so I set both to 0 for MW3, but still the same.  Now I have hard time getting back the accuracy I have for the MW3 before I updated my FW to 0824.  I feel that the older FW (firmware that doesn't require you to double the sens) seems to be more accurate, or is it due to the STs.

c.)  Controller - Analog sticks
            -  what most likely to happen if my controller analog stick is "very very very" slightly defective?  (though I don't see my avatar moving by itself if I'm using it  -  compared my previous broken controller that you will observe your character moves by itself, though you don't touch any of the analog sticks).  I'm asking because most of the time, I feel that rubber-band feel which is not happening to me before in MW3, when I'm playing around Q1 & Q2 of this year).  Again, I'm assuming it is due to the Firmware update 0824.

Sorry guys, seems I messed up my question.  But I hope you can give me an idea what are your MW3 and BOII XIM3 configs look like.

Thanks and sorry, really, for this long msg.
Best regards...

Release Candidates / Re: if you have a g500 and bo2 read
« on: 10:26 PM - 12/02/12 »
I have a G500 too, for BO2 (as well as for the earlier CODs)...

I don't see the logic of this post also, you got the DPI at max (5700) and a sensitivity settings which is far over 100s...

Mine was set through setpoint at max DPI (5700) and a sens setting of not over 50s for both Pri & Sec.  But I have a black dotting problem (which BlessUp pointed out)...i wish to maintain a 360degree turn @ 3inches...but the more you go nearer to 3 inches, the MORE FLOATY it become...

How do ya think???

Release Candidates / Re: Medal of Honor ST Feedback
« on: 08:58 AM - 11/04/12 »
hmmm.... I may be doing something wrong, it seems when I swipe my mouse horizontally, I'm getting a curving (upward hilly behaviour) movement instead of straight movement.  I feel that the BF3 ST works better for me...

I'm thinking maybe its due to the YX Ratio value I got which is 1.5 now, Sensitivities for both Pri & Sec 50/50 with a G500 mouse set at max dpi.

Envy those who felt MoHWF ST better than BF3 STs...  :)

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