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Beta / Re: XIM4 BETA [Firmware 20181012] (**LATEST**)
« on: 06:41 AM - 10/13/18 »
Played 4 hours, never been kicked!

wasd feels as if there is some "echo" in it though.

Anyway great job, love you guys!:)

So awesome work from the Xim team!

I dont wanna sound like an ungrateful kid (but it is hard in times like this) But for us oldies with kids that only can play in the week ends, can there come out a beta build for the xim4?

Its Friday and soon three days of gaming begins!😎

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Fortnite detecting my Xim Apex?
« on: 02:39 PM - 10/11/18 »
If you are in the ”end game” like 5-10 enemies left. Then you will get kicked! Even if you played first 3 minutes with controller! Only in ”the middle” can you use the xim without instant kick!

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Fortnite!
« on: 02:41 AM - 09/28/18 »
Exactly you cant crouch when having blue prings out. The result is that the material rotates instead!

LUckily yesterdays update alows custom keybinds, so now I CAN crouch with blue prints out, and the material does NOT rotate, since I have asigned that to another key! :D

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Fortnite!
« on: 03:32 PM - 09/26/18 »
Thanks for trying to help. But you are stating the obvious!
Maybe tomorrows update will fix this problem.

Is is so hard to understand that you sometimes crouch with the blue prints out when you are in a fight?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Fortnite!
« on: 07:34 AM - 09/26/18 »
Ummm that was helpful...

I crouch on left shift! And when you hit your CROUCH BUTTON, the material rotates!

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Fortnite!
« on: 06:35 AM - 09/26/18 »
I have tried Secondary bindings and use another key to rotate material. But that only resulta in both Left shift AND the new key rotates material!

XIM 4 Discussions / Fortnite!
« on: 06:14 AM - 09/26/18 »
Hi mates!

Is there a way to stop R3 from rotate stairs in Fortnite.

I use left shift to prone. And when in ”building mode” I ALWAYS seem to hit L3 to acidently rotate my stairs. Then I push someone I am completely off!

Is there a way to enter building mode (Q) and then when I accodently hit R3 nothing will happen!??:)

XIM 4 Discussions / A new mouse that works with xim4?
« on: 04:49 AM - 08/26/18 »
Hi mates, I play a lot of Fortnite (with xim)!

I have this mouse:

its a Redragon Perdition with like 20 buttons..

But I would like to have a mouse with "more normal buttons" I mean with more buttons like "mouse button 1 and 2"

Not like buttons 1-12 on the side. I would like a mouse with many buttons "on top"!

Is there a mouse like this that anyone know of??=)

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Fortnite help! (binds)
« on: 09:09 AM - 04/17/18 »
Ok I think I have fixed it! But E now is an insta Floor! You dont get to see where to put the floor but it is no biggie!:)

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Fortnite help! (binds)
« on: 08:35 AM - 04/17/18 »
How mate??:)

XIM 4 Discussions / Fortnite help! (binds)
« on: 07:36 AM - 04/17/18 »

I use the new Builder Pro in Fortnite and I am very happy with it!

But I have one issue! I use mouse wheel up and down to change betwen weapons.
That means that I make a floor with mouse wheel up! And that sucks!

Is there someway I can change this when I am in build mode to use the key E instead?

And how do I do this?

Then in combat mode I want to use Wheel up for browsing the slots!

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Fortnite with Xim (for Pros!:))
« on: 02:08 AM - 04/14/18 »
Yeah as UnbeatableSwag it can be done with a Secondary Bind set or an Auxiliary Config, no need of extra hardware.

Yeah as UnbeatableSwag it can be done with a Secondary Bind set or an Auxiliary Config, no need of extra hardware.

How?? Dont u need to hold the button down to use second bind?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Fortnite with Xim (for Pros!:))
« on: 11:33 AM - 04/13/18 »
Seems possible I think all you would need is a secondary bind

How do I do this?

Do I put the key for ”circle” on ”activate” in tje Ximapp?

XIM 4 Discussions / Fortnite with Xim (for Pros!:))
« on: 11:57 PM - 04/12/18 »
Hi mates!

Since Fortnite has a combat mode and a build mode. Is there a way to press a button and make keys do something else than they are doing in the combat mode?

When you build in Fortnite you press circle. Then if you press the fire button you make a wall. If you press the ads button you make a stair!

What I wanna do is press the button for circle then press Q for wall, and E for stairs! Then if I press circle again everything goes back to normal in combat mode! (Fire button, fires etc)

Is this possible, then how?


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