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Having placed an order for a XB1 today I'll be looking to get a Xim4 before long to replace my existing Xim3.

Being UK based I've looked at ADZ for purchasing but I can't find any warranty info on there website and when reading the warranty info in your own XIM store, you state 'No one else may give any guarantee, warranty, or condition on XIM Technologiesí behalf'.

I just want to confirm if this is the case when purchased via ADZ or if they are able to offer warranty as they are an authorised dealer?


So one of my mates is talking about maybe getting a xim so I took a quick look at the website and while browsing around noticed a new firmware for my xim3 so I went ahead and updated.

Now I took a look over the changes from past firmwares and did notice it mentions needing to update sensitivity settings to double them after firmware update but I'm finding there is something different about the feel of the profile now.

Overall I can work with it and have been slowly tweaking it but I'm finding that I can't seem to nail it just right again.

Is there any threads or advice on working back to a similar feel after upgrading to a more recent firmware?

yeah I found that out :)

Apparently its in the 'things to look at' pile so no major issues with it. I'm using pad to move round menu's and option, then keyboard/mouse for in game so its working ok.

Can't get it to feel like my old xim2 'feel' so i'm sticking with it and seeing if i can re-learn. Its movements to lock onto poeple i'm struggling with. Had my first few hours with it over the weekend and I was mostly top 3 with a few top places. I don't play more than a few hours a week as the little one and work don't leave me much time.

Well I've tried it and i'm very mixed view at the moment. Once your moving target tracking seems good and setup was pretty easy.

Bad news is I don't seem to be able to find a sensitivity that gives me anything like a similar feel to how my Xim2 worked. Is there a decent conversion from Xim2 sensitivities to xim3?? I'm really hoping that its all just initial config tweaking thats needed. Gonna watch the videos again just in case i've missed something...

I'm fearful that i'll end up having to re-learn using the mouse movement again :(

Rep for super fast delivery... less than 48 hours from order to having it in my hand :)

Its got Black Ops specifically, but I use the same on all FPS games. I'm not expecting a config writing for me etc, just to be sure theres no key choices which won't work with xim3 (like if you can have two key assignments to one pad key).

I used this update rate based on suggestions from other on this forum.. been using it like this well over a year without any crashing or issues I've noticed. Hardly touched my Xim2 config's since setup tbh. I decided I'd wait until I got a xim3 to really dial in some settings but time went by without a xim3 and i've not really notice.

Only thought about buying it this weekend as i might be getting shut of the PC in favor of a laptop... not sure yet.

Hi guys,

Having given up hope at the initial release, I've finally made an order today so hopefully I'll be joining the xim3 crowd very soon.

I've always been told I've got a strange keyboard config so I thought i'd post up for you to take a look over and let me know if I should be able to setup the same on Xim3 without too much trouble.

I've not followed the threads since its release so i'm gonna play catch up tonight, but i'm after any obvious issues I may have using my current setup.

lol, well i dont know if i did it wrong maybe. the mouse fix thing came with a few .reg files so first time round i just used the one which was for 100% (based on my dpi setting being at 100%). 2nd time i tried I ran the batch file which creates you your own .reg file and this one seem to sold the issue.

Was really glad to get it working as i had homefront to give a whirl - but to be honest i wish i'd not bothered, back to CoD for me lol

Sorted it thanks. turned out to be the Windows 7 mouse fix which was causing the issue. Removed it and tried again and now it all seems to be working fine.

Having red over a few other post I did try that and I'd say it's resolved the issue a little but the whole feel is still very notchy compared to how it felt before.

Hopin not to depend on it much longer but being Uk based I've still not been able to get a xim3.

Is there any testing I can do to rule out things one at a time. All seems to be working fine on pc end, confirmed 1:1 movement on pc along with 1000hz USB.

I've recently changed hardware to move to a i7 setup. thought xim2 was going to be easy but i can't get things working right.

I'm using same mouse with same settings (onboard razor settings), xbox is the same setup,same resolution etc. I've done the Windows 7 Accalaration and 1:1 movement fixes and i'm using the same profile i copied from my last Xim2 setup.

In game it feels nothing like, very notchy and uncontrollable.

Does the PC hardware make setting vary change that much?? Does this mean i'm now having to go back to setting up a config from scratch or is there something i can do to fix this??

yeah thanks for the info. its not something i've looked into before so having someone used it and found it cheaper than the site i look at i think for $12 its worth a go. I'll keep my eye open on the store :)

If I get told a 100%, yes 'UK shipping will be available but you'll have to wait 3 months' - then sure i'll look at the remailer option but so far its working out around $50 extra to have it posted via remailer.

I'm not a business so i'm not sure of the options but many companies ship lots of orders from the US around the world so I'm really hoping a solution isn't far away - but there doesn't seem to be much info on it posted on the forum.

I'm mainly after a central point of info all us non-us players can look at every few days without having to trawl batches of posts over and over :(

I'll second this as another frustrated international (UK) based customer.

I understand where your coming from with international orders as being a big ebay user, posting international can sometimes be a bind so having to fill out orders etc in bulk I'm sure we can all feel the staff's pain.

However, I'm really gutted that having purchased a xim2 originally i'm now being shut out the door (albeit a temp measure until your sorted), I was really hoping to have had one soon as possible.

Could you maybe look at making an international update sticky or tagging it into the main shipping sticky on the first page so its easy to see. Information is there within the threads i'm sure but a post/sticky which says 'update as of 17/02/11 - Still not accepting international orders' would make it much easier to find, then the one liner can be updated every few days so we'll know when to start looking at the store again.

I don't want to find myself having to rush to a PC on time for the store opening to find for the next few months (ok hoping its going to be much lower) to find each time i can't order.

I actually got the page while the were in stock this refresh too :)

Although having the option of a discounted Xim3 would be fantastic, from what i've seen (and i don't want a flame fest - i haven't read every xim3 topic) it looks like the plan is for them to be much more readly avilable than the xim2 has been at times - personally for me in the UK, if the xim3 is expected to be cheaper than the Xim2, and stock is going to be available - i'll just buy one.

Ah that will do

I'll give it a whirl this afternoon and see how it works.

I'm basically trying to get as close to my crazy PC keyboard config as i can with the 360 so it feels a bit more familiar in fps games (specifically COD's)

Still tweaking my config a lot too, found changing my update to 130 lastnight seem to smooth it right out so sniper / zoomed tracking is now a reality. Great product, can't wait to get it dialed!! I'm already getting better K:D ratios, its just annoying to get killed when mashing for a key which isn't in its normal PC gaming place :p

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