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taking into account the last two posts...



I mean I couldn't help myself...I can't believe we got the game as far as we did.

So god only knows where I dug this out from, the ports / screen / plastic are in basically excellent to near perfect condition. The side and rear soft touch rubber however has that odd sticky rubbery feel that happens to it over time, It feels odd, I wouldn't claim this portion is in good / excellent condition. I have an Astro Mixamp and it has soft touch rubber on the sides bottom etc and it's done exactly the same thing over time, I really don't know why it happens but im sure some of you know what I mean.

Just curious if anyone is interested in purchasing it? Still fully working, check out all the Links below. Not looking to sell it for what I bought it for lmao as I don't even remember. Not even sure if it's worth anything but it would probably be better off in the hands of someone that will use it. I don't want to throw it away so if anyone's interested let me know.


If this type of post is not allow please let me know I'll take it down, I do remember purchasing some old school xim 1 or 2 adaptors and selling some as well when I upgraded to this one. Ahh feels like ages ago.

General Discussion / Re: Logitech G900 Hype
« on: 11:54 AM - 04/27/16 »
really annoying that at this price point there is no dock, had logitech mice all my life and it really is about time they sort out the little annoyances.

General Discussion / Re: Sound Blaster X7 or...
« on: 11:10 AM - 01/17/16 »
x7 is great piece of kit no doubt but i personally think its a tad overpriced for what it is.

It's the only piece of kit to my knowledge that does what it does.

External, Bluetooth, simultaneous audio...and lets you adjust every audio connection separately and or mute any audio connection on the fly. 

There may be internal sound cards that can do all those things.

But if someone can point me to an external one with all of those features, an phone app, all the connectivity on the backside and at a cheaper price...I would be very grateful please point me in the right direction.

As I said don't fault the kit but i don't agree with the price either. Also depends on the sort of sound quality your looking for and if I was going to begin spending hundreds on a setup before even thinking about headphones I would much prefer separated  / dedicated hardware. Its the multitool of the audio scene.

Nothing wrong with using a multitool but i don't see an issue with being a slight audio purist if u start spending a tad more on setups.

General Discussion / Re: Sound Blaster X7 or...
« on: 08:01 AM - 01/14/16 »
x7 is great piece of kit no doubt but i personally think its a tad overpriced for what it is.

General Discussion / Re: What headset do you use?
« on: 07:59 AM - 01/14/16 »
Nope Mixamp sound quality is really bad that's what makes it expensive. But it may suit especially you and what's between your ears. It has deficiencies.

lol at your attempt at an insult  ::)

theres a reason the mixamp is one of the most popular torny ready setups to this day. its like i said, by no means the best but it does a decent job for what it is and i love how your trying to justify the price of the x7. its a great piece of kit but at that price its ridiculous. you can start going for proper dedicated audiophile setups if you intend to start dropping hundreds of pounds pre headset..

General Discussion / Re: What headset do you use?
« on: 12:52 PM - 12/20/15 »
Lol Roads and the x7 isn't expensive right? have you seen the price difference and if you shop around you can pick up a mixamp really cheap. please don't call the mixamp crap, go read a few reviews, check out the side by side comparisons on headhifi, for the price, what its designed for and what it does, is a pretty decent entry level piece of hardware. its by no means the best but it does infact output very good quality sound.

Roads pls backup ur bullsh*t next time (that took less then a minute to find...):



the mixamp + sens + AT's combination was regarded as one of the best audio setups vs price for so long that it was literally what was being recommended pretty much everywhere. Anyway as I said previously mixamp plus a decent headset is by no means a bad setup, its actually great for the price and very decent for quality. to this day pairing a mixamp or dss2 with a good stereo headset will be a big step in audio quality without having to spend a stupid amount of money.

ps. roads I love how you enjoy making idiotic comments. I actually think your inner child is a full time troll.
pps. if your going to spend the best part of 300 on a amp/dac I wouldn't waste it on a x7, unfortunately goes to show how much you know about audio...

General Discussion / Re: What headset do you use?
« on: 10:48 AM - 12/20/15 »
if your looking for a simple effective solution go with the sens headsets built in mic, with the mixamp, uncomplicated, compared to all the other setups suggested (which are all great/better setups but not cheap at all). very little cable clutter and easily great sound quality for price.

it will by far do everything and more then you need too for gaming purposes. its also a good entry in audiophile style audio. there really isn't any point dropping stupid amounts of money on audio unless you really know what your doing, what to listen for and really feel/hear the benefits of super expensive setups.

also please keep in mind that audio quality is a REALLY REALLY subjective topic. Yes there are some generalisations that apply across the board (like stay away from expensive over hyped poor quality "5.1 headsets" lol) but for the most part you need to try and test setups yourself. ppl have preferences for base / hi's / mids etc so you need to listen well and find your sweet spots with true audiphile grade headsets.

General Discussion / Re: What headset do you use?
« on: 12:38 PM - 12/16/15 »
Xenon thanks for the input I have heard that same sentiment many times before.  I've always been a big fan of Sennheiser so I may go that route.  When using a headset such as those would it be advantageous to use them with my mixamp?  Or will they hold up well on their own.  I know people have talked on here a lot about getting usb soundcards etc, to be honest I'm kind of a novice when it comes to all this. 

sorry for the really late replay but you will have to pair them with a half decent amp. The mixamp for the price does a cracking job and your quite likely going to make use of the extra odd features it offers. there are slightly better alternative amps out their but usually the difference is so small you won't notice it unless your going full audiophile setups which will cost much much more.

alot of ppl swear by the dss2 as a much cheaper alternative with ever so slightly better sound performance but tbh I've had it and it felt cheap and I couldnt tell the difference when I ran side by side tests. but thats just me though.

i love how the community loves to @#$% on absolutely everything...so its a montage of some standard pwnage from back in the day. let ppl have their fun, do their thing and carry on lol.

ps. say what you want about standard translators but holy @#$% did my xim2 feel literally perfect. that's not to take away from my xim3 or smarts but its a testament to how good that @#$% thing worked/felt.

General Discussion / Re: What headset do you use?
« on: 07:18 AM - 11/29/15 »
iiissshhhh if you have the money stay well away from the a40s (the mixamp is a great device however). Get yourself a decent sent of cans like the sens 380 pros. The differences in sound quality is so ridiculous you'll end up wondering what you were doing all your life with these wanabe gaming headsets...

If your really looking for best level of sound quality / sound staging you need to go for a serious set of stereo cans. I don't say this to start a flamewar or argument but s**t like turtle beach / a40s etc perform terribly in comparison to headphones for Audio Technica / Senheisser / beyerdynamic. they really are leagues apart and any half decent review will tell you the same.

General Discussion / Re: Surface pro 4
« on: 04:43 AM - 10/20/15 »
there isnt alot of decent competition to the surface pro 4 and the surface book at the moment. hell even apple have copied Microsoft on this one. Pro 4 or surface book all the way. As mentioned better internals, improvements to the design and pen.

Loving how the OP's original thread just got completely hijacked and shat on....

Do carry on gentlemen, makes for absolutely delightful afternoon/evening reading...

General Discussion / Re: My journey into Audio Anality!
« on: 02:42 AM - 08/05/15 »
what are you using to drive the 800's?

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