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XIM Link / Re: Xim Link not detecting Xim 4
« on: 11:22 AM - 03/26/20 »
Awesome feedback - I'll give your suggestions another go and let you know how it went.  Thanks.

XIM Link / Re: Xim Link not detecting Xim 4
« on: 11:30 AM - 03/25/20 »
I've read with XIM LINK 1.4.2 release it supports XIM 4.
I do not see the XIM 4 connect on the bottom.  I've removed and selected "Add Device" multiple times but it doesn't connect.   No error messages occur either, even when I hit the pause break switching to the other input.  It does however, lock up my mouse and keyboard until I hit pause key again.
No connection status or connection messages is populated either.

The Link cable does lit up green on both sides when plugged in.  The Xim 4 also receives power.  I have tried using 2 different corsair keyboards and a Logitech G502 mouse.
I have turned off any RGB/lighting on the devices as well. 

XIM4 has no issues on it's own.  I am just tired of swapping KB/M from XIM to PC each and every time.
Does SandhawC work the same way Xim Link does?  I really only want it for the quick KB/M swap and not so much for the hotkeys/scripts - that is until I get more comfortable with the set up.

Thank you everyone for your quick replies.  I have been a XIM user since Xim2 - I love this community and the people involved in/supporting it.  I would love to get my hands on an APEX but it always seem to be sold out.

XIM Link / Xim Link not detecting Xim 4
« on: 12:28 AM - 03/25/20 »
Hi, I've read that Xim Link is now Xim 4 compatible.
I've followed the instructions and ordered a Belkin F4U060 link cable, https://www.ebay.com/itm/184209069931
I plugged in that cable into my PC, and then to port 1 "o" on my Xim 4.
Xbox controller into port 3 "ooo"  Mouse/KB into PC.
I power on the Xbox with the Xim4 plugged into it, it turns on just fine.
But, when I hit the Pause Break on my KB, it doesn't detect the Xim4.

I have updated Xim4 to newest firmware, and the manager app is also updated on my Note 8.
Running Windows 10 x64   No AVS.
Any ideas?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Has anyone's order shipped yet?
« on: 09:43 AM - 07/30/14 »
Nice!  Mine comes in tomorrow @ 9AM.  Held it for pickup at the local FedEx at the airport, where all express shipment comes in.

I paid $26.93 for FedEx delivery.  I find that price to be very fair.  I have been using Amazon Prime for the last year and I can pay 3.99$ for one day shipping, even still for a company such as XIM that is very fair pricing.  Stop complaining about the SHIPPING prices.  You sound like a child who had to spend their monthly allowance on shipping.

Thanks Aiken_Drum for the very well written response.  Amazing info!! I think I made my choice :)

Hardware Compatibility / Compatible 10keyless keyboard?
« on: 09:28 AM - 07/15/14 »
Anyone know of any 10keyless keyboard that will work with the Xim4?  What are my options without spending too way too much? 

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: US shipping
« on: 09:21 AM - 07/15/14 »
What shipping options are being offered?  I think I read that ONE day shipping is not an option, so would TWO day be offered?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: So the price is out 124.99
« on: 07:04 AM - 07/14/14 »
What would be the best / fastest way to pay?  Paypal or CC?  Which would clear faster?

I bought 2 Xim3s when I was living with my brother years ago but I'm moved out and he doesn't even play console anymore.  So I'll just be buying one this time around.... :( 

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Monitor for Console gaming
« on: 12:16 PM - 07/09/14 »
for desk gaming i suggest no more than 24 inches compar to 27 or above because of the area your eye can see.
secondly 60 hertz is the maximum you want because your console output wont go above that anyway so dont spend a peny for that.
third i own the benq gl2455hm, this monitor is the official consol gaming monitor of the MLG.

I have tried also an IPS asus 27 inches and i can tell that IPS have some ghosting that TN panel dont have.

Thanks for getting back to me. I figured that would happen with an IPS monitor, shame :/  I will have to take a look at that Benq MLG monitor.  How are you liking it so far?

XIM 4 Discussions / Monitor for Console gaming
« on: 11:51 AM - 07/09/14 »
I've been in the market for a while for a new monitor for console gaming.  I currently use two of these for my PC / Console gaming rig.  http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-S27A550H-27-Inch-Class-Monitor/dp/B004TPTW1A

It is 27 inches, 1080P 2ms GTG 60HZ monitor.  For PC it works amazing, no complaints there.  However when I use it for my Xbox 360 - it looks and feels sluggish a bit.  I mean its great, but I feel there are better options out there.

My question is, would a 144Hz monitor be better for console? (I understand that the console is limited to 60fps/hz ) so a 144hz monitor would not be worth it since its not being used to its full potential, but even still would it at least help a little bit?  Such as this BenQ ( http://tinyurl.com/nqnpymq )

Or should I get an IPS for the color and picture but sacrificing with a higher Refresh rate?
I hear gaming you want refresh rates, the faster the refresh the less ghosting/tearing you'll have. 

What are you guys opinion on this or anything related? 

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Benefit of waiting this long
« on: 11:37 AM - 07/09/14 »
Man, woodwork, the bearded man with the Canadian flag. Let's go camping in wait of the XIM4 launch.


XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Hello Q3
« on: 09:39 PM - 07/02/14 »
No Rush on the Xim4.  I don't mind waiting.  I do hope its out before end of July though, wifey said she wants to get me it haha.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Anybody have this keyboard?
« on: 09:15 PM - 06/30/14 »

anyways, I am using Logitech k360, it is smal and wireless

Wireless keyboards/mice works on the Xim4???  Oh snaps, this changes EVERYTHING!

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