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Well now the only thing I noticed upon redoing my configurations is that the joystick acceleration is applying to the mouse movements. So my slow steady mouse movement speeds up and has higher sensitivity vs my quick jerky movements. I dont recall that being an issue before? Thought the Xim applied the full joystick movement bypassing the acceleration. It's been a while since I've had to reconfigure so may be missing something.

**Looked into it further, it's only in certain games:
   CS:GO, Borderlands 2, Rainbow 6 Vegas 2

Well apparently I forgot to save all my configs when I was testing this factory reset again. However, after doing a reset with the older XIM3MANAGER, and then again with the latest version (never changing firmware version), it is now working. So it appears somehow my configurations had gotten corrupt? Only downfall is I spent years fine tuning those configs and now need to redo them :(
But on the bright side, it is now working again!

Sorry for the delay been working and also sick. Currently at work, I will try it again tonight and watch closer and let you know. When I tried before, it did not error at all, but it did not let me flash the firmware. It just let me reset to factory. After the reset it still said I had the latest firmware, didnt allow me to click to upgrade firmware because I had the latest even after reset. So I just copied my configs back over.

I have, but after doing so it still says the firmware is the latest version and does t downgrade, or let me do a firmware upgrade.

Maybe im missing something? But none of these are letting me change the firmware.

I actually tried to do that, however non of the prior versions links are working. Can you link me to a prior version?

Turned on invert, and it still goes up.

Correct. No left right or down. Just up and center.

The dot goes up, no matter the direction of mouse movement. If I make a quick movement it will return to center. The dot is always displayed even with no mouse movement.

Correct. All function correctly stand alone outside of the Xim. Keyboard and controller still function fine through the Xim. Once mouse is plugged in the keyboard works, and mouse buttons work, but the mouse movement only moves up no matter what direction it is moved.
I tried using a different wired 360 controller as well as two other mice. I also tried swapping USB ports along with trying a different USB cable from the Xim to Xbox. As well as a factory reset.

I just went and tried everything again just to verify. All inputs function correctly and correspond correctly with the Xim. When I plug in the mouse and test all inputs again, the mouse buttons, keyboard, and controller all work fine. The mouse movement is only impacted and only reads up with any movement. And the right joystick on controller stops working.

XIM 3 Discussions / Problems with mouse only pointing up
« on: 10:35 AM - 01/02/19 »
Hello Users,

I have tried to solve this issue on my own for a while and have not had any luck. I still use my Xim3 and XBox360; I haven't used it in about a year, and it was working when I last used it. Nothing has changed, no new set up or equipment. The only thing is Microsoft has had a few updates but I wouldn't think that would matter. My issue is my mouse now only recognizes pointing up and nothing else. I've searched the forms and haven't found any solutions, the closest I found was this: https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=40806.0

I do have the latest firmware, I have tried a factory reset, I have tried different mice and Xbox controllers along with different USB cables and ports.
Running 20151121
It recognizes everything correctly and all inputs are working. Just mouse will only point up.

I understand this is now a dated product and no longer supported. I appreciate your time and hope a solution can be found!
Thank You!

I figured I would get that response ;)

Yes, it may be awkward for some, but I had made that general config which actually was quite comfortable, just really slow acceleration. So as you said, wasn't quick enough to aim when attacking a zombie.

Yes it is definitely more natural for a controller but I am use to games like that on a keyboard. For instance, 'Indigo Prophecy' if any of you played that. So for me the keyboard is more natural.

... Anyway, I was just asking. I hate having to switch out the XIM setup and use a controller and vice versa. With how my rig is, its a pain in the ***. I also just like having everything consistent. All games where I use the XIM are on this setup with my monitor and ASTROs, and all other games are used on the other xbox in the theater. Then I don't need to switch anything...

Again, anyway, I digress... If anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated, otherwise it's fine and thanks anyway. Also didn't mean to stir anything up, so lets please avoid that. ;)

Haha, well then my apologies. Must just be the threads im watching. Or maybe it just seems to me people posted more before.

Oh yeah, CS:GO is a must and number one on my list. Can't wait... I do believe there is one more game that I pr-orderd and would like a config for, but I am drawing a blank. Ill check when im home from work.

Again thanks again everyone. I love my xim3 and I love this community. Seems a little slow lately though, hope it picks up again. Also, I have a post about a question in the xim3 app section for the keyboard passthrough, if someone could check it out.

Upcoming games I'd love to see configs for:

Metal Gear Rising
Borderlands 2
Max Payne 3

Thank you.

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