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General Discussion / Re: Mouse Selection
« on: 02:35 AM - 04/08/20 »
I have had the Logitech G Pro (original) and the Model O minus, which is closer in size and I prefer the shape and weight of the Model O minus for finger tip grip. If you don't have small hands or prefer a palm grip maybe go with the normal Model O

Game Support / Re: Warface? New st ?
« on: 07:28 PM - 02/22/20 »
Can we by any chance get a update??  For this game for advanced controls  ?  Hasn't been updated in a long time fill like advanced controls on with a new train st would be 100% better

Inner deadzone  12
Outer deadzone  15
Yaw speeds hip & ads 50
Pitch speeds  hip & ads 50
The last 4 on  0 both sides

This would be a game changer trained on these settings, it really is a fun game to play

Game Support / Re: Warface st question @mist
« on: 12:38 PM - 01/25/20 »
I've just started playing this and I agree, I think it would play better if the max turn speed option was put to max and accel to 0 before training

mist4fun is going to retrain ADS at x2.


I know it's early days but do you know if Mist has looked into training the ST using the different "Aim Response Curve type" options in game? there are Standard, Linear and Dynamic options, the linear sounds like it uses no acceleration curve and just uses raw input from the stick, so I don't know if this would provide any benefit when training the ST?

Beta / Re: 0328 Right stick movement bug
« on: 05:40 AM - 04/22/18 »
This is still an issue

Does this affect aiming then? I did think 20180303 felt the best for me but didn't know if it was placebo or not.

General Discussion / Capture Card Advise?
« on: 01:41 PM - 04/08/18 »
So I decided that I wanted to get into recording some game play videos for YouTube, I bought the Elgato HD60 Pro and played a few games with it using the HDMI passthrough, I noticed that even in passthrough the colours were off, especially reds, I read that it's because the video is converted from RGB to YUV causing certain colours to be off. I then discovered that some people bypass this problem by using a HDMI splitter to go off to the capture card/monitor separately. I have tried a few different powered HDMI splitters, all of which seem to make the game appear like it is dropping frames, all apart from this one https://www.amazon.co.uk/SMARTOOO-63021-HDMI-Splitter-60HZ-1-2-out-2-0b/dp/B076P82L5J/ which appears smooth, however there seems to be some noticeable input lag from console to monitor, I only probably notice because of how responsive everything is now with the Apex. However I would like to know if anyone else found a way of making this work? It's playable but it feels like my aim is on rollerskates because of the delay. Playing & recording at 1080p.

Beta / Re: FEEDBACK: CoD and BETA EX1
« on: 05:05 PM - 03/18/18 »
I tested EX1 and I still think Beta 0306 is my favourite, I hope this remains the default and doesn't change as my aim feels so snappy with this, it requires some smoothing when ads'ing but I think it's better to have the raw input aiming feel for games like cod.

Beta / Re: Beta EX1
« on: 04:59 AM - 03/17/18 »
EX0 is Boost-1 on EX1.
So If I try the EX1 firmware I can set boost to 1 to test the EX0 firmware essentially, then back to boost 3 if I don't like it to return to the F/W 20180306 Beta mechanics? as I really like how responsive the 20180306 build is when aiming on WW2. But I would still like to help out by testing the firmware.

Just thought I'd add to this, this is the same method I use on PC games like counter strike and it is also what I use on console with Xim. However, I find that console games with aim assist like Call of Duty require a different sensitivity when aiming at a real enemy and not a random spot on the wall with no aim assist. Ideally you want to be aiming at an enemy player when doing the strafing to emulate the aim assist on a real enemy player. Otherwise if you find the perfect sensitivity looking at a spot on the wall it may be too slow once your aim gets caught in the outer aim assist bubble of an enemy player. I usually either get a friend to stand still while I strafe and keep my aim centered on them or if the game has offline split-screen support like Call of Duty I spawn a second player with controller 2 and do it. This is also great for testing out how the aim assist behaves with different smoothing settings. This may not really be relevant for games with weaker aim assist mechanics, I'm not sure how Overwatch aim assist works as I don't play it.

Beta / Re: Feedback on Beta build 20180306
« on: 08:17 AM - 03/11/18 »
The smoothing implementation is the same, so, upgrading won't affect your configuration.

Awesome, thanks for the reply.  :)

Beta / Re: Feedback on Beta build 20180306
« on: 07:58 PM - 03/10/18 »

I've been using the 20180303 build since I got the Apex, the smoothing on this beta version is really good on WW2 (Xbox One), it has a really positive affect on aiming, especially on the '10' value I find. I was going to upgrade to the 20180306 build, is the smoothing the same on this build? with just the PlayStation 4 mic distortion fix added? as I don't want the feel of the smoothing to change since I've got it just right

Feedback / Apex impressions and feedback
« on: 08:10 PM - 03/05/18 »
Just before I start, I don't usually leave feedback on anything however with this I simply had to.

I received my Apex today, all I can say is, this product is Amazing, I've been a Xim user since the Xim 3, and have been recently using the Xim 4 for playing on the Xbox One X on COD WW2. I always thought the Xim 4 was very good as a KB/M adapter for console, however this is on another level.

In terms of the raw performance in game, in COD WW2 specifically the movement feels very responsive, just like playing a PC game, It's something I noticed straight away. Any floaty / input lag movement which was present on the Xim 4 is now gone. This is certainly down to the new 1000hz polling support on the Apex. I tested it on 12K DPI on my Logitech G Pro, the same as I used on Xim 4 and the difference is night and day. I also played around with the smoothing setting on the Beta firmware to help with the jitter introduced with the 1000hz polling and I found '10' was a good value to remove the jitter, but I also found it helped to track targets with the aim assist as an added bonus. I find aiming 10x better on this than on Xim 4 which has increased my enjoyment of gaming by far, and this is only day one. Some guy on the opposite team on WW2 messaged me first game to say he reported me to XBL and that hasn't happened to me in this game until now! ;D

I do like the new Apex app a lot, I was very impressed that it detected my keyboard brand, I use an A4 Tech Bloody keyboard! there was no way I was expecting that, as I know that not many Xim users use the bloody range, no idea how you guys did this but, bonus points!

The only thing I could suggest for improvement in the app for me personally, would be to add support for 3 decimal places for the Xim sensitivity if possible, I am very picky with the sensitivity I use and I always wish I could test a value in between two of the 2 decimal place sensitivities available in the app. It's probably because I use 12K DPI so the Xim sensitivities have greater differences between values, I could go lower with DPI but I like the feel of high DPI with the Xim.

Also I found it a little bit difficult to tap in the box to change sensitivity, maybe the box could be a bit larger, could just be me.

All in all, brilliant product and very good value for money. I look forward to seeing what the Xim team will bring in the future and am very glad to be part of this community :)

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Smoothing Hows it feel guys?
« on: 04:18 AM - 03/04/18 »
Anyone tried the Beta firmware which is supposed to improve smoothing? My Apex doesn't arrive till tomorrow, just wondered if it's worth doing a firmware update right off the bat.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Smoothing
« on: 06:42 PM - 02/28/18 »
Can't wait to try this, do you find that increasing the smoothness value seems to increase the aim assist or decreases it's effect?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Uk
« on: 02:09 PM - 02/28/18 »
does anyone know if fast shipping is available to the UK with fedex and how long would it take if the order was placed at 1am our time?

Well like I said they ship with Fedex priority which is 2-3 days

I did see that you said that, I'm just wondering where to get the parcel sent to, as usually I would get parcels delivered to a work address if it was mon-fri, i'm presuming the 2-3 days isn't including weekends, so the order would arrive monday if purchased at 1am?

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