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XIM 4 Discussions / cod pc
« on: 11:31 PM - 11/26/19 »
is anyone using the xim4 to play cod on pc in console lobbies? Do you get the better refresh rate but the benefit of playing in full lobbies all year? I imagine the lobbies are full now but pc tends to die in couple months

XIM 4 Discussions / Bo4 sniping
« on: 02:05 PM - 10/26/18 »
I normally just make a second config and make the ads slower then my normal config. I use rml curve on my normal config. My question is should my sniper config have no curve since snipers donít have aa or should I use the curve?

Game Support / Re: Pre ST BO4 setup
« on: 10:18 PM - 10/13/18 »
Question will rml setup work with xim4 or not cause of the polling difference? Also is a st being made for the xim4? I am out the loop dont really play on console anymore don't want buy a apex just to play cod with my friends once a blue moon

Game Support / Re: Best PUBG ST discussion
« on: 02:42 AM - 12/19/17 »
Ok when you start putting in ssd to play pubg on xbox when its not even close to optimized for xbox yet you wildin. I am not some pcmr guy but lets be real for a second these br games are just 1000x better on pc. The looting is better and faster. Fortnite you can build so much more efficient and faster same with swapping weapons. Best part you can play with ps4 friends. The game runs better even on a modest rig and if you have the money 144hz is just amazing it makes xbox x 4k feel like last gen nonsense give me higher frame rates over higher res 24/7. I would honestly rather them go for 720p at 60fps then 1080p or 4k at 30fps. I think there is alot of great experiences to have on consoles cod,siege,ow,sports games,fighting games and ps4 exclusives. Don't get me wrong i still take the xim for a spin on pubg and fortnite from time to time but thats also why i realize how much of a disservice it is to your self to not be on pc 90% time when playing them. We are talking about xim users who obviously prefer keyboard and mouse. Are willing to spend 150$ to do so. I could be wrong but i think that makes us hardcore gamers so if you dont all ready got your self a gaming pc get one.

Now to why I came in here to begin with. I started with bully curve lost the first game because i was learning my binds next 3 I won didnt have alot kills i think 7,4,and 3. The next day I gave Frax setup a go but this time in duos got a few wins the best games being a 12 and 10 kill game my friend got 8 and 12 so a 20 and 22 total he was on controller. I think i prefer frax feels less spastic with the acceleration. Its hard to tell if the spasticness is from the acceleration or the fps thats just all over the place its probably a bit of both. Both setups are defiantly doable i would give both a shot and see what you like best.

back in the day on cod aw i was high on leaderboards and i was in same boat i just posted on xbox support forums that i play 24/7 that people are false flagging me for being high on leaderboards and killing them and with in 24 hours i was green

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Zowie fk1
« on: 05:34 PM - 07/01/17 »
firmware fixed it thx again

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Zowie fk1
« on: 05:14 PM - 07/01/17 »
K I will give it a shot soon not a huge deal thx for the reply

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Zowie fk1
« on: 04:32 PM - 07/01/17 »

Hardware Compatibility / Zowie fk1
« on: 03:41 PM - 07/01/17 »
Fk1 mouse scroll up and down I can't bind

Game Support / Re: Ps4 BF1 is so gross
« on: 02:04 PM - 11/29/16 »
I played both PC and PS4 and while the graphics do suck on PS4 I'd rather play with friends and not deal with hackers on PC

PS4 Pro looks absolutely amazing, I bought one recently and so far Battlefield 1 is the biggest difference in terms of performance and overall graphical improvement.

I hear you man I am in the same boat. Have more friends on ps4 then pc. Every game on pc you see that fairplay @#$% catch cheaters and from what i understand its a easy anti cheat to avoid funny though cause on ps4 we are the cheaters lul. I have a gtx 1080 and i dont even think the graphics are that bad on ps4 its only the fps on conquest that drives me nuts.

Game Support / Re: Ps4 BF1 is so gross
« on: 06:30 PM - 11/28/16 »
interesting i will eventually get a ps4 pro or maybe just wait for the Scorpio. I have a nice pc and just cant justify getting a pro just for bf1 when i honestly probably wouldn't have even got it on ps4 if it wasn't such a good deal. That video is crazy got a timestamp for just what i need to switch for turrets?   

Game Support / Ps4 BF1 is so gross
« on: 05:42 PM - 11/28/16 »
I got bf1 Black Friday for ps4 to play with friends. Wow conquest is a joke it makes my eyes hurt the fps is so bad. I don't get why they don't a) turn graphics down or b) make it lower then 64 players. When you go to Dom or rush it looks and runs so much smoother. Xim feels great except on turrets or zoomed as gunner in tanks.

Just buy a pc one that can play ow is cheap. I only play on console when friends are on.

I don't care about competitive but I did post about the jitter I play at 40hip 27ads. I'm a wrist player so that's what feels best to me but I would really like to get rid of the jitter. Someone plz help me out. It's annoying people tell me I'm lagging, friends say they hate to spectate me blah blah

Technical Support / help with ios
« on: 01:12 PM - 05/31/16 »
i have been on these forums for past 30 min trying to get this @#$% working. @#$% is a bluetooth radio and where do i find it. Says you dont pair from bluetooth settings.

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