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Game Support / Vanguard ST ETA?
« on: 04:34 PM - 11/17/21 »
I know we have alternative ST's to use while we wait, but wondering what the ETA is for the Vanguard ST's?  Are we waiting on Quake and Halo to be done so you release all 3 ST's together or will Vanguard release before the others?

Yeah, I was just going to respond stating it's a beta...but all progress made in this beta will carry over to the final game when it launches in December.

Quick update....I just noticed my Series x fan starts spinning randomly even though it's on Energy saving mode and fully shutdown.  This HAS to be exactly when the Apex turns on....for some reason the Series x fires up the fan (and presumably power to the USB ports).  This is strange....but definitely a Series x issue and not XIM Apex.

« on: 10:20 AM - 11/10/21 »
I believe the crashing is unrelated to the XIM Apex.  The crashing is a known issue related to Fifa 22 (also NBA 2K22 has the same issue).

Thanks again for your reply.

All I'm trying to say is I used to have no issues with the Apex shutting off when I fully shutdown my Series x while in Energy Saving mode.

Somewhere between Beta 20211012 and the November System update for the Series x, my peripherals started turning on overnight.

Through some troubleshooting, I've determined it's not an XIM Apex issue with it's firmware...it's a Series x issue with the November update. 

So I've factory reset both my Series x and XIM Apex, and loaded Apex FW 20210625, and I still have the same issue.  This tells me this is probably a Series x issue over a XIM Apex issue...probably with the last system update (I left Insiders a few months ago).

I did a factory reset of my Series x and the issue is still there.....at some point over night, the Apex and peripherals turns on.  What's weird is they stay off all day....just over night they magically turn on.

I just factory reset the Apex and went back to 20210625.  This should tell me if the issue is with 20211012 or not.

APEX can't draw power if it's not being supplied.

Right, but I believe it does have some type of hibernate/sleep feature for when the Series x shuts off.

Again, it used to work fine up until the latest beta (and still does shut off now...it's just turning back on after several hours when it shouldn't be).  I'm wondering if something was changed in that firmware that could be causing this.

Thanks for the reply.  That's only an option when instant-on mode is selected over Energy-saving (When Xbox is off, turn off storage).

But for Energy-saving, there's no option to turn the USB ports off.  But the XIM Apex would shut off after I shut down the Series x through a "full shutdown".  But since moving to the latest Beta, I find my peripherals are turning back on after some hours go by.

I've unplugged the Series x for a while to clear the cache and try again, but the same thing still continues to happen.

Since updating to beta firmware 20211012 I've noticed my XIM Apex and KBM connected to it would turn back on after several hours of being off.  For example, I shutdown around 9pm last night, then came back to check on the peripherals at 11:30pm and everything was still off.  But I came back this morning, and the peripherals are on (no power outages either).

This has happened for the last 3 days so far.

I'm not part of any Insider beta update programs with the Series x and I have energy saving mode on which means I fully shutdown my Series x.  I do a "full shutdown" through settings to power the system off.

I've had no issues with peripherals turning back on until I updated to this beta firmware.  There was one official Xbox update released recently, so it could be related to either that Xbox update or the Apex beta firmware. 

Any help is appreciated.

I guess I'm the only one...

Without fail, when using my XIM Apex with the Series X controller, my Series X will crash and power off while playing Black Ops Cold War.  If I switch to an Xbox One controller, the system is stable and never crashes. 

I'm also part of the Xbox Insiders Delta program and am on the latest update.

Is anyone else still experiencing Series X crashes when playing BOCW?

Beta / Re: xbox series s have a gamepad problem?
« on: 10:23 AM - 02/12/21 »
So you're confident the XIM Apex has nothing to do with it or is contributing to it at all?

Beta / Re: xbox series s have a gamepad problem?
« on: 03:52 PM - 02/11/21 »
Xbox seems to have fixed the shutdown issues as indicated by their recent Insider releases.

Unfortunately not.  I'm on the latest insider release and experienced a hard crash using the Series X controller with the XIM Apex with firmware 20210129.

I've switched back to an Xbox One controller for now...it has been stable so far with an Xbox One controller.

I can't speak to the Series S though...not sure if that system has been experiencing the same crashing issues as the Series X.

Beta / Re: Is your Xbox Series X/S suddenly shutting down?
« on: 08:06 PM - 02/09/21 »
So I reverted back to my series x controller after the latest Omega update since the update says it fixes crashes issues.  Well, I just had my system hard crash playing cold war on series x... 120hz, 4k...no raytracing.  I switched back to an Xbox one controller to see if the system will crash or be stable.

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