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Xbox / Re: 1v1 COD5 anyone????
« on: 10:23 PM - 08/10/09 »
np we all had good & bad rounds. i was expecting your friend to give you more of a fight, but some people are better at team than they are solo.

btw, their match lasted till she hit like almost 60. i just got tired of waiting and said "ok game ends when she hits 50 lmao". what little i was paying attention you were behind a good bit through the first 10ish, then after yall swapped weapons the first time (from what you both started with) you were pulled away at 20 then ran away with the match at 25-35

funny thing about that happening is he's a capt of the clan i play with in gb matches currently and he 1v1s often, has beat at least 30% of the clan members multiple times some of them so badly that they refuse to play against him again. any time i've been in a private match with him has been during "ffa skirmishes" to warm up before a clanmatch and he wins 90% of the time. he's an alright player but like he said i think i have more 1v1 experience on dome, with the spawns, with firing angles and knowing how to set up each kill and when to engage. it was fun though and i'm sure he'll want to have at it again some night when he's "sober". :P

Xbox / Re: 1v1 COD5 anyone????
« on: 11:38 AM - 08/09/09 »

Haha, so glad you got this one. Straight up whooped cage match style, love it.

Xbox / Re: 1v1 COD5 anyone????
« on: 11:20 AM - 08/09/09 »

A pretty good one, avg for a decent dom play on dome -- thanks for the captures toys

Xbox / Re: 1v1 COD5 anyone????
« on: 04:01 PM - 08/04/09 »
voli (iPwnen Obrien) & me play [email protected], COD4 & UT3 in the mornings (he's getting off work & im winding down). i play COD4 with a buddy of mine, his wife & her friends some evenings. feel free to join in. actually... i think she's looking for more ladies to play with. they had some cat-fights in real life & their group fractured. LoL!

Ah ha, then voli already sent me a friend request (ty :)) which I will accept next time I'm on. I'm guessin your tag is the same as it is here? I only own codwaw right now, unsure if I will buy 4 again but I borrow it from time to time. Look forward to playin with you lot

Xbox / Re: 1v1 COD5 anyone????
« on: 11:49 AM - 08/04/09 »
There very well may be a lot of "unattractive" chicks out there, that's understandable just as there are plenty of "unattractive" guys out there playing games. I'm simply stating that there are enough women who have lives, are fit and attractive to quell the tendencies guys have to run their mouths as soon as a chick gamer is discovered. Things turn extremely vulgar and lewd very quickly because guys expect the female not to be worth @#$% physically and not to be worth @#$% as far as skills go. Guys don't get any flak for rude behavior, especially on xbxlive. I take it all in stride and laugh when it happens, which is often, and I wouldn't continue playing if I couldn't handle it. However, if perhaps guys imagined that the female gaming community is well represented by all manner of women, there would perhaps be less "@#$% talking" going on. Personal statistics, when I'm playing alone, 1 in 10 guys with a mic on codwaw will run their mouth to me for being a chick, calling me ugly,fat,whorish,lesb,etc. I get at least one friend request every other individual lobby I'm in, and about 1/3 of those friend requests are also accompanied by lewd solicitations for revealing photos, myspace/facebook address, guys giving me phone numbers. It's kind of funny, but pretty @#$%. I guess my point is "think twice before assuming a chick is fat and ugly, because she may not be, and she may be able to kick your @#$%".

Anyway, this entire silly tangent aside (thanks tweak :P), my original point was -- If you use XIM I'd like to play with you so send me a friend request with a message about xim or send me your gamertag here. :)

Xbox / Re: 1v1 COD5 anyone????
« on: 10:59 AM - 08/04/09 »
here's an example, video by FidgetFD or formerly known to the COD community as MsVixen:


Lanai, early 20 year old gamer chick picked up by the Ubisoft sponsored girls clan "frag dolls" for her skill on codwaw. That video is posted to the "frag dolls" youtube channel.

Xbox / Re: 1v1 COD5 anyone????
« on: 10:49 AM - 08/04/09 »
tho 98% of the women of xbox are still 40% overweight, dog @#$% ugly or pre-teen.

how do you know? the point I'm trying to make is that there are more "normal" girl gamers than guys think and that the overweight, ugly stereotype is an over-exaggerated generalization.

Xbox / Re: 1v1 COD5 anyone????
« on: 10:38 AM - 08/04/09 »
I'd like to see some sources for the numbers you're throwing out about girls over 16 playing games versus boys under 14.  There are a ton of annoying little bastards on Xbox Live who are definitely under 14.  And I mean A LOT.

may not be fps specific, but here are some websites featuring statistical information for female gamers



Gender of game players:

38% female

62% male

Women age 18 or older represent a significantly greater portion of the game-playing population (31%) than boys age 17 or younger (20%).

Xbox / Re: 1v1 COD5 anyone????
« on: 10:29 AM - 08/04/09 »
My body type is literally rivaled only in editorial fashion spreads and on the runway.

Don't be so modest.

It's the internet. I have nothing to be ashamed of, no reason to fully guard my integrity, nor do I have anything to prove. If I have a point to make, whatever gets that point across clear as day will do for me and you'll take it as you will. In reality I may be humble and modest, but if it's the truth that my physique is of outstanding shape, I will make that a statement in proving a point that "those kinds of women" do play games. I didn't make the statement to build myself up, there is no necessity for that - I made it to lend substance to my argument, and it does.

Xbox / Re: 1v1 COD5 anyone????
« on: 09:12 AM - 08/04/09 »
I'm 21 years old & a chick gamer

And not fat too? O:-)

For some reason I'm convinced that attractive women don't play video games.  Prove me wrong? :D

Haha, that's an awful generalization. In America, more females over the age of 16 play FPS than males under the age of 14. Imagine how much potential for attractive female gamers those statistics indicate. Ever heard of Ms.Vixen, or now named FidgetFD? With a KD of 2.5or higher, a kills all game modes ranking of top 15, and a Free For All ranking of top 5 (used to be #1), she makes for one hella sexy gamer chick.

I am 5'10" (taller than most men with heels hah) and I've never weighed over 118 in my life. My body type is literally rivaled only in editorial fashion spreads and on the runway. Am not fat, never will be. I don't say any of this to pique the interest of male gamers or spurn any fantasies (I have a life in all respects of the phrase and I game just for the thrill of the game). I say it to quell the stereotyping towards chicks who play video games, especially "men's" games, FPS and the like. It is ignorant, malicious, immature and oh so very rude to call a female gamer fat, ugly, no-life, etc etc, even when she's just whooped your @#$%. This happens to me every day. Literally, every day I play, and I laugh and say "boy if you only knew, it's too bad you're being naughty, now you'll never know". Usually shuts em up.

Xbox / Re: 1v1 COD5 anyone????
« on: 12:44 PM - 07/14/09 »
for sure, im working 10pm-6am EST tonight, andf off sat and sunday will play you. will also run some team tactital with or against you to show some potential. how long have you been playing waw for? how many kills ya have? and also how old are you, makes a difference. on any note the xim is the best $180 I have spent in my life hands down. I wish they were sold for $800 so less could use one LOL

hey, what's your gamertag?
I have about 30 days logged on the game, hit 65 tenth prstg at around 14 days played. approx 75,000 kills, ranked in the high 300s in domination with 1800 wins, 600 ctf wins, 200 or so in sabo/war/hq each, about 1000 in search. I don't play hardcore very often -- my K/D is hella low cause I sucked @#$% when I first started playing. Now I average a 2 - 2.5 ratio in each dom game and at least a 1.6 in anything else. Best game to date was Dome 87k-22a-14d 7 arties 4 dogs with Thompson. I'm 21 years old & a chick gamer

Xbox / 1v1 COD5 anyone????
« on: 04:29 AM - 07/09/09 »
I'm intrigued about the XIM, don't own one, never been a huge PC gamer, just recently got into gaming on the xbox starting with COD5, which I love. Not great, but I do well occasionally (personal best 77-18-21 dome)

I feel like it would take me a while to get adjusted to controlling in a different way, wish I could play against a few people who XIM to get a feel for the potential advantage it affords.

If anyone is up for it please let me know. My GTag is the same as my username here (mLSSStress)

Xbox / Re: COD:[email protected] Aim assist on or off?
« on: 04:03 AM - 07/09/09 »
On, for the reasons people have already stated, and one other:

I love aim assist for no-scoping with a scoped bolt action. Because aim assist causes your crosshairs to drag, there is a technique for no-scoping called the "dragshot" where you literally just pass your crosshairs quickly over the target - your aim will slow and lock right as your shot is centered and with enough practice you'll catch a perfect no-scope every time. If you want to get feisty, try a "spinning dragshot" - best to play around with in a private match otherwise you'll look ridiculous if you miss. Try at a sensitivity between 6 and 10. Spin around, if your target is right in front of you your sight will slow considerably as you are passing your target. Once you get a good feel for when to pull the trigger guaranteed it will work every time.

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