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General Discussion / Re: MW Battle royale?
« on: 11:55 AM - 11/17/19 »
Honestly, I think that the hype around realistic BR is not there anymore, as can be seen in massively dropped playernumbers in pubg and Blackout. Only Fortnite and Apex seem to still do well in terms of playernumbers, but even in those games numbers dropped drastically.

BR peaked around 2-3 yrs ago, now the market got flooded by all those pubg/fortnite clones, most ppl cant stand it anymore.

Its sad that Activision is trying to become another br clone rather than focuses on its main strenght, which is 6v6 gameplay with tons of action.

Cod became a trash franchise, trying to copy way toomany concepts from other games. Its like they shoved R6, BF, PUBG, MOH into 1 game, which plays accordingly- i. e. Abomination/trash.

I remember trying AW free mp weekend back in the day. AW had such a sick SBMM and bad connection, that it gave you literally headache after a few rounds. It wasnt a good experience.

Now MW19 during pc beta, it still has a strong sbmm, but I thought that aiming with native kbm was more consistent overall vs xim. Once the sens and ads sens was tweaked optimally, it was rather easy to aim. See xim sometimes feels like it skips some mouse swiping movement or doesnt translate it exactly as you moved your mouse. You dont have this with native kbm in mw19.

In terms of skill difference- I do think that mw in particular has higher skill on average on pc vs consoles. Reason being is because its more methodical, it prolly has more R6 ppl play it on pc maybe even some csgo ppl and those are higher skilled that the regular casual console scrub.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: InfiniteWarfare Is insane atm
« on: 11:03 AM - 11/15/19 »
Thing is this, IW is an extreme hit or miss with the connection. You might be on a local dedi server, but as soon as a kid from the sahara desert joins your lobby, its unplayable. Plus for some reason its extremely difficult to find a lobby in central europe, so it usually throws you into NA lobbies, which is unplayable for the most part.

Now BO3- it seems like 50x more ppl still play it vs IW. Finding a lobby on BO3 in the same region is no problem at all, but the connection quality is extremely bad most of the time. In like 10% of the games it feels like you play on LAN and ppl drop in 3 bullets using certain guns, 50% of the games is like „kinda playable“ but you need at least half a mag to kill someone and the other 40% you are at clear disadvantage. On bo3 though I run into many parties with 2-3+ players that are competent and have good stats. Its no noob fest for me, almost seems like there is some mild SBMM left in BO3 still. Recently played vs a 5-man party on bo3 tdm, was a sweaty game but i won the round, they left after the game.

MWR- mp sucks, barely any players. Ww2- mp sucks (mostly bad maps), connection too wonky, not too many players.

It feels like out of all older cods, BO4 and BO3 still by far have most players. In BO3 on average I find a game faster than MW19 with its thick SBMM algorithm that takes like 1 minute to fill a lobby. Im judging by the livestreams I see of ppl playing MW19, I dont have the game myself.

General Discussion / Re: Titan Two vs Cronus Zen vs XIM
« on: 10:46 AM - 11/15/19 »
Oh thanks for the detailed explanation antithesis, then im not even gonna bother beta testing the device.

Yeah it seemed like the CM ppl were bringing new features to their CM device for as long as they could decrypt the updates on T1 and copy them over to their device. Ever since T2 and ever since J2 most likely started using different encryption, there was barely any update released for CM. They were leeching off of Titan product and updates- that is my impression of things, dont quote me on that. But yeah ever since T2, while T2 received tons of patches and new features, CM basically vanished in terms of support.

And as u say the timing couldnt be worse. The current gen is already ending and for all we know, we might need new devices for next gen, so its kinda pointless.

Anyways Im gonna skip the device then, still hope next xim has 5-6 usb slots onboard though and usb-c connection.

General Discussion / Re: Titan Two vs Cronus Zen vs XIM
« on: 12:24 PM - 11/14/19 »
Yeah Zen looks to be a new device from Cronus guys. Since their forums were dead, i thought theyre done with all that adapter stuff, but it looks like they were developing a new device.

I will apply as a beta tester and hopefully be able to buy and test one. It claims they have a new KBM engine, so Im interested in that. However I doubt that it will outperform Titan 2.

At least it has 5 usb slots to connect everything to it.

Tbh. next Xim needs to have built in usb slots again, its not a good/comfortable solution with a hub.

General Discussion / Re: I want to like MW
« on: 08:04 PM - 10/29/19 »
andddd starting a new lobby of players at the end of each game...

Wait a second, I thought it was only supposed to be in the beta, so that they can "gather more data" and hence they switched the lobby after each game.

Are you telling me this bs still happens after every single game? Then theres no doubt that it is because of SBMM..

This game is the worst abomination one can ever imagine.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xbox One Update disabled Xim?
« on: 03:13 PM - 10/29/19 »
Erm can we kinda escalate this issue please? Cant use the xim on xbox at all right now.  :-\

Ive also seen that video from DF.

However I dont think it is whats causing lag.

See in normal 60 Hz mode Xbox uses adaptive vsync and ps4 uses vsync (in the same COD titles).

Adaptive vsync also has input lag. It essentially is the same thing as vsync, in terms that it limits the max fps to 60, however it behaves differently when the fps drops below 60. Adaptive Vsync disables "Vsync" when the framerate drops below 60 and the result is visible tearing of the image. Actual Vsync drops the framerate to half the fps (30fps) or with triple buffering to 2/3rd of the fps (40 fps) in order to avoid tearing. The difference is also that normal vsync will have more input lag than Adaptive Vsync BUT only when the framerate drops below 60fps. If the framerate stays at constant 60fps, the input lag is the same with both methods. Or theoretically it should be.

So once again, that has been confused here on the forums and elsewhere, that Xbox versions of a particular game have less input lag than PS4 versions, when in fact it should be the same, provided the framerate stays at constant 60 fps.

What have been noticed though is that the Xbox X, despite using Adaptive Vsync in some CODs, actually has higher input lag than PS4 versions of the same COD game. My personal assumption is that it has to do with the OS on Xbox. It has the "TV" functionality baked in and "HDMI-in" functionality and alot of other nonsensical BS, that 99% of the gamers dont use.

Remember Xbox One introduction? "TV, sports, TV, TV, TV, Sports, Sports, TV, Sports, TV...." Now they have to cope with all that BS and it drags down the whole OS and games because of all the basically useless crap inside the OS.

I recently bought a used Xbox X mainly to play older cods on it like BO1, MW3, MW2 and WAW (well WAW has no players any more unfortunately but w/e). And I do notice some kinda increased input lag, even in the OS itself. Whereas my ps4 pro in the dashboard- its like you are flying compared to Xbox OS, which feels more like a Tank when navigating.

I do have Xbox 360 slim still, but games like BO1 have really bad framerate when playing on 360, especially if youre hosting the game and alot of stuff is happening on the map (exploding cars, smoke etc.)- you get mad framedrops, like you can literally hear that the gun fire rate slows down when you start lagging. On Xbox X you have slightly higher input lag, but you get no framedrops and stuff like that in BO1 and other older cods, it is almost stable 60fps at all times.

And Im on the preview insider Dashboard (Delta Level) already. Microsoft decided to redesign its Dashboard again and it now looks more like a ps4. You dont scroll horizontally for Mixer/Microsoft Store etc. but vertically. I did notice some speed improvement after installing that preview Dashboard (it came out 2-3 days ago).

So yeah- the new Xbox UI is an improvement and comes with some speed boost, but it still cant compete with the snappiness and smoothness of the UI on the PS4 Pro.

I think I will buy the Gigabyte Monitor fi27q-p when it comes out, which is a 1440p, 165hz monitor. Then I will compare if the Xbox X has higher input lag at 120hz vs 60hz.

General Discussion / Re: MW is a nope for me..
« on: 02:19 PM - 10/29/19 »

General Discussion / Re: MW is a nope for me..
« on: 08:31 AM - 10/29/19 »
Yeah I sold that piece of trash with Netduma OS after a few weeks. The hardware of the Netgear router is actually rather solid, however this unfinished junk of software is slow as crap+buggy and there are no updates/fixes etc.

Look, in p2p times it wouldve been an ok device, but with dedicated servers beeing standard nowadays, the "best" thing you can do with this netduma hardware is to force it to connect to Dedi Server near you, instead of maybe 500km away from you. But again- in most cases ppl who are that tech savy and aware about networking etc., in 99% of the cases when they get lag in cod, it will be not due to their connection beeing sub-optimal, but rather them receiving penalty lag compensation for some Sahara-Kid that has a ping of 420ms to the dedicated server.

Back in the day when ppl rented Counter Strike Source servers, they usually had scripts running on their servers that kicked anyone with a ping of 85+ milliseconds on the server. Why? Because it drags down everyone elses experience who has a good ping to the server.1 players connection can ruin the game for the rest of 20+ players or even 47+ players.

You cant compensate it in the way that its fair for everyone, it just doesnt work. Hence they should be prevented from connecting to lobbies, where the average ping is like 50 milliseconds or below. Yet the greedy Activision will not do it. They wont exclude ppl with high ping from connecting to servers with low average ping. They want to have as many ppl as possible, to maximize their profits.

What they dont realize though is- these players with trash connection ruin the experience for the majority of other players on the server, who then play less or stop playing alltogether and dont spend any money on supply drops etc.

General Discussion / Re: MW is a nope for me..
« on: 08:10 AM - 10/29/19 »
I had the XR500 but that Duma OS is pure trash, slow AF, buggy in that some settings are just messed up, f. e. bandwith allocation with the grafic interface and many others. Also it doesnt seem like the support from devs is very good, if youre lucky you get 1 update in 2 years that doesnt even fix all the known issues.

Again, no other game on PC requires a device like a router with Netduma OS. Most games on consoles dont require it. Only cod with the broken netcode and hitreg and SBMM seems to make ppl wanna buy devices with that garbage Netduma OS.

At the end of the day even that wont help in COD, as the problem cant be solved by simply connecting to dedicated servers in your area. If some kid from Sahara desert joins the server with his 375 ms ping, the server will cripple everyone elses connection in the lobby in order to try and compensate for the camel-boy's ping.

The example is somewhat exaggerated ofcourse, but you get the point.

That Netduma thing is a pure myth and nothing else. Its snake oil at best. The only thing you can force with it is to connect to local dedicated servers, which probably is not even that good in games like cod, because if you have a higher ping to the dedicated server, it seems to benefit you more than lower ping to the server, with the broken AF lag compensation in this trash game.

I didnt even buy it after the disastrous beta, I can sit back and relax and watch all the sheatstorm on the internet with how bad this game is. It seems like everyones having a bad time with this cod and venting on social media, forums etc.

Maybe I will buy it when it drops to like 25-30 dollars, once everyone stops playing it after 2 months and when they patch the majority of BS thats in the game right now. But other than that- I dont miss 1 thing about this game since the Alpha and Beta. I see ppl rage on Twitch and YT, well Im glad other ppl play and stream it, so that I dont have to play myself. I might watch a stream of it occasionally, if I feel like watching other ppl rage :D

But yeah... post #2k, aint that something..

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xbox One Update disabled Xim?
« on: 07:26 AM - 10/29/19 »
Latest controller firmware is 3.1.1221.0 correct?

Streaming using cpu is outdated nowadays. The most optimal way right now is to use gpu encoding for streaming. Nvidia improved the quality with Tiring gpus drastically. It is as good if not better than x264 preset “fast” or smth like that.

Other than that- you should go through the videos of Eposvox on YT, he has a few step by step best settings for streaming videos. He is very knowledgeable specifically in best/optimal settings with different hardware.

Epos did some videos comparing different streaming methods side by side, usually gpu encoding on Turing cards is the optimal choice.

Tbh though, in this COD the native KBM on PC feels really crisp and smooth. I played on pc during beta and i found that if you tweak your mouse properly (hip and ads speed), theres no need for the xim. The TTK is so fast, you dont really need AA on pc.

On consoles u do need aa, because of the abysmally low FOV and “crappy” 60fps which is not really up to todays standards for fps games + input lag due to vsync.

I mean the main goal with aa is to help with aiming on MOVING targets and mostly at close range. In This game- everyone sits in corners and windows and camps while adsing. Aa in this cod is like for 10% of total gun battles, the rest is shooting ppl at distance who headglitch or lay prone on a roof top somewhere.

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