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Ok. Iíll add that I only play with it wired. Also it seems to work better if I power in the Box  direct and not by connected controller.

Technical Support / [ACTIVE] Sony NAV missing at boot up
« on: 07:34 PM - 11/20/21 »
When I first started with Apex. The Nav was always there in Manager. Nothing has changed with my set up other than firmware updates. Iíd say for the past year after I restart my Box (this is seen on One X and Series X) I have to unplug everything but Nav. Unplug Apex plug it back in, then everything else. Then unplug Apex againÖrinse and repeat until I get it al to appear in Manager.

Newest beta fixed the Apex for me too.

There's been another beta update today to address this. After downloading the update it may be necessary to press the guide button to initialize the controller after startup.

If you would like to test our latest beta please visit the link below. Please read the instructions on the download pages. Feedback in the beta section of the forum is appreciated.

New beta fixed it for me. Thank you guys.

I, without thinking, updated my Xbox Elite 2 controller today and my XIM apex along with my Xbox One freaks out. Itís making my Xbox take screenshots, record videos, takes me to Tv/Audio settings, and takes me to the search function. Is this a bug or is my XIM apex dead?

Sorry to hijack your thread but I have have to ask. Is there any advantage to use the Elite controller with xim? Do you get more buttons that you can bind in game? I use a regular controller but I want more buttons to bind, but are limited by the number of buttons on the controller.
No, but I primarily use Xim for FPP Shooters. The Elite is for all the other games like Forza and Diablo.

Yes, that's the APEX firmware that is needed.
Thanks. I have a 3, 4 and Apex with many mice and controllers. If you want me to try things and help troubleshoot let me know.

How much? cause I need to play 😥
Vic do you have another controller? Or one you can borrow. I'm using my older Micro USB controller from my Xbox One X for now.


That is where Xim firmware needs to be, correct?

Series X. Elite 2. Apologies I didnít know what you meant as I did post that on the first page. Also up front is some of the troubleshooting Iíve done. The problem doesnít happen with older micro USB or my un-updated USB C controller.

What is your setup that doesn't work with the Beta?
Same as others the mouse opens menus depending on the direction.

Sony NAV is fine.
Logi G502 Hero. I could try a different mouse or see if thereís a firmware update for it.

I did firmware first. No joy. Factory reset with new beta firmware. Nope. Updated manager app. Same results.

I didnít even think to look in the support group. My bookmark takes me here first and replied to first thread on same issue.

To help you guys track all this where would you like me to post updates?

New update. I was not running the most recent manager app. I am now. No change.

Thankfully Iím not dead in the water as I can switch to Micro USB or un-updated USB C stick. I guess I could update that to see if this problem is specific to E2s.


Same topic. Seems xim 4 needs work.

I see several threads on this. How can we make it easier on you guys for tracking?

Updating to our Beta for XIM APEX will fix the problem. We've verified this.
wish I could report it did but sadly it did not. Iíll try a factory reset.

No, the reset had no effect. As soon as I move the mouse (newer G502) other menus open. Seems up and left is screenshot/captures . Down is headset volume settings. Right is Live party chat.

To Mistís point I did attempt first update through the Xim. When it failed I removed it and had a direct cable connection to controller. Second update attempt when fine.

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