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fixed my issue tell any idiots out there like me if ur smoking on that green make sure to freaking hold down the BUTTON BEFORE YOU PLUG IT IN DONT CLIKC IT AFTERWARDS !!!! -.-.-.-.-.-.-

so pretty much looked up what other people issues were with solid white light and i see a few people had keyboard issues and over powering issues and all these issues with the 3rd party devices ived used my xim for 3 years and now the time i want to sit down and start changing all my sts from 4.3 4.1 4.2 and to 1.1 and i was almost done i even was playing on the settings i just copy and pasted and then when i took my xim out for the last time and try to plug it into my lab top boom solid white RGB then white and I've tested everything my hub works all my devices work in my hub and my APEX alone is white.. so I'm guessing this just broke out of thin air while i was changing my sts??????????????? my guess is its fixable but idk how to fix it i see ppl saying factory reset but it doesn't let me ! because I'm in this white mode and not the blue mode

Great, thank you for testing that. This tells us that your controller is able to authenticate with XIM and the console which is needed for passthrough to function. We can look at the hub, your peripherals and check if power is a concern next. Please try this test so we can determine if the hub is functioning.

Disconnect APEX and set aside
Connect only the hub to a PC
Connect your mouse and keyboard to the hub
Test the mouse and keyboard

Please share your results. Thanks!
I'm looking how to fix I tried this so i know my keyboard and mouse work with the hub 100 percent the hub light turned on
but when I connected my usb to my APEX and turned my Xbox on after i plugged it in it was still solid white... I didn't get the 3 or 4 flashing green lights the mod told the other guy, and I don't know if i said this already, but I tried again to factory reset and I tried to update and I cant do anything because the solid white light... and its not turning green but it does turn different colors when turning on then it turns white

I get failure writing xim apex 6 on my lab top error but a different error on my Xbox saying it canít find the xim

Really strange thing happened as I was updating my software to change my dpi for new settings I downloaded some st 4.1 and 4.1 got my settings I wanted I was all fine and Dandy until I unplug my xim and put it back into my Xbox my Xbox couldnít read the xim for some strange reason itís saying writing failure canít find or something and when I try to re connect it to my computer to do a factory reset on it, it wonít let me reset cause itís not blue itís white itís saying I have things cords plugged in when I have nothing plugged in itís a solid white bar in my box or lab top please help never ever had a problem and I have two usb cords I tried and the white light thatís usually on the xim where u plug the keyboard into the white small light isnít on anymore

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