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Xbox / Re: looking for uk players?
« on: 07:30 AM - 12/27/17 »
Hi mate! I'm also playing a lot of BF1 these days, would be cool to do a XIM squad up! My Gamertag is: DJBUCKSH0T just add me mate!

Ordered mine this morning! $25 shipping to UK. Anything to ditch the @#$% controller!

Beta / Re: turn assist
« on: 12:38 PM - 02/08/14 »
How do you set the xim up for tanks?

Beta / Re: Beta - First Impressions
« on: 09:51 AM - 02/07/14 »
Thanks for the feedback. The most concerning thing on your list is the freeze -- that should never happen. We need to watch out for that. Could you try a different USB cable between your XIM4E and console (do you have another you can try)?

I can absolutely try some different cables. I have about 10 different mini-usbs lying around haha. This actually happened to me occasionally *before* XIM4E (ever since XIM3, actually.). I'd say on XIM3 it would happen once or twice every couple of months, and on XIME it's been a little more consistent (once every ~3 weeks?). It might be faulty hardware on my end, but exactly what that would be I have no idea. The only reason I brought it up is because it happened twice in one night which is unusual, but that also could have been a fluke.

I'll switch cables and keep posting feedback on anything else I find/if it crashes again, etc. :)
Can't wait to get home tonight and play the crap out of the Xbox One!

Intetesting! Does it freeze everything or just one device i.e. Mouse on it's own or keyboard on it's own; or both? Also do you play with wireless equipment?

Not for beta but maybe eventually. Same with API.

Beta / Re: Who's READY for BETA?
« on: 11:29 AM - 02/06/14 »
Lol sorry that's a confusing English saying... Sprichst du deutsch?

I meant how did you find the cronus setup? Was it any good?
hahaha, sorry :D
It's the same like Edge on X360, there are really no differences, great gameplay... Tested with Ghost and BF4.

Lol good game last night on domination, I got trashed even though I am pretty decent with controller! :-)

Beta / Re: did the beta start? - (02/01/2014)
« on: 02:47 PM - 02/04/14 »
Playing BF4, where have you been?

Beta / Re: did the beta start? - (02/01/2014)
« on: 02:32 PM - 02/04/14 »

Beta / Re: Who's READY for BETA?
« on: 09:48 AM - 02/04/14 »
Lol sorry that's a confusing English saying... Sprichst du deutsch?

I meant how did you find the cronus setup? Was it any good?

Beta / Re: Who's READY for BETA?
« on: 09:36 AM - 02/04/14 »
How did you get on with the cronus set up?

Beta / Re: Who's READY for the BETA?
« on: 09:13 AM - 02/04/14 »
Me!! What games you playing? Looking forward to trying this with bf4!

Beta / Re: UPS you jerks!!!!!
« on: 06:48 AM - 02/04/14 »

I just recieved mine today, together with the belkin usb hub. im gtg.

Snap! Now where's the fecking beta lol!!

Beta / XIM4E Beta Bug List
« on: 12:00 PM - 02/03/14 »
So once the firmware is released, where do we report bugs?

Beta / Re: I do not want to debate, but...
« on: 06:02 AM - 02/03/14 »
Beats buying a cronusmax!!

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: WHEN XIM 4 is READY ??
« on: 02:08 AM - 01/31/14 »
If anything I think my k/d will go down with the xim as I'll need to get used to mouse and keyboard again. I don't care though because it just feels better to use a mouse.

Glad I have used the controller though as at least I now have the map knowledge.

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