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General Discussion / Re: Shooter Of The Year
« on: 12:37 AM - 12/12/16 »
Multiplayer = Overwatch
Single Player = DOOM

Game Support / Re: Verdun
« on: 11:12 AM - 09/01/16 »
Also waiting on the $5 off on Fri for PS+ (?)
Heard there's issues with sub 30fps framerate, which sucks.
Still, it's different; WW1 trench warfare. Good for a few laughs, just like Chivalry.

General Discussion / Re: Trash console generation
« on: 08:51 AM - 08/19/16 »
sheesh am I the only one playing destiny(trash) , cod(more trash) and bf4(old) lol. 

Why are  you playing games you think are trash?
BF1 will be more of the same BF/Hardline/Battlefront DICE formula, just a different backdrop.

I think RS:S and OW are the unique FPS this gen.  Refreshing from the same old CoD/Halo/BF tired IPs.

Game Support / Re: R6 siege Curve updated 5.17.16v1.00
« on: 01:01 PM - 07/29/16 »
Great curve, makes RS nice and snappy.  Appreciate it.

Game Support / Re: Any ETA on Overwatch translator?
« on: 08:37 PM - 05/31/16 »
Much tighter, snipes are fun now.

Game Support / Re: Any ETA on Overwatch translator?
« on: 07:50 PM - 05/31/16 »
Thanks for your patience. It has been released.
Awesome. Thank you. 

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Aim Assist in games, On or Off?
« on: 09:34 AM - 05/29/16 »
Unless you like the challenge, always have aim assist - ON.
Console aim assist is almost always strong, and a huge help.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Overwatch PS4 XIM 4 group
« on: 09:30 AM - 05/29/16 »
PSN:  Mr_Schultz
I like to play all characters, not just the snipers.  ;)

Beta / Re: FEEDBACK REQUEST: Racing wheels
« on: 09:27 AM - 05/29/16 »
Thanks for all you guys' work on this.
Bought a new Logitech Driving Force GT last gen, and barely used it.
Would be so happy to be able to use it on PS4, with DriveClub, Project Cars, and Gran Turismo down the road.
Even if it doesn't have force feedback (please try and find a way tho), it's still good to me.
Appreciate it!

General Discussion / Re: Overwatch - Blizzard
« on: 03:43 PM - 05/27/16 »
Finished DOOM, now it's all about OVERWATCH for the foreseeable future.

Aim slowdown is there without a doubt, and fairly strong.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Doom Hype!
« on: 02:01 PM - 05/26/16 »
Just platinumed, great shooter.
Campaign was awesome. Only thing I could ask for, is a coop feature.

Confession: I played through the campaign with a controller, it felt really good.
But when trying to get that Ultra Nightmare trophy, I had to pull out the XIM, lol.

Watching thread.  PS4 user.
If I could even get my DFGT working without FF, I'd be content.

Game Support / Re: Overwatch Beta: trial and error thread
« on: 12:34 PM - 05/08/16 »
Do tutorial. Stick with Soldier. Play vs bot matches to acclimate yourself to the game. Learn 1 character at a time. Start with easy 1-star characters.

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