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Just downloaded this on my ps4 and aiming definitely feels a bit wonky. 
Not sure if its due to aim assist or the aim mechanic though.

@alanmcgregor any tips for a beginner? 
what weapons / roles should i level up and what tf do you do when a kylo ren comes after my @#$%?  ;D

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xim Apex On PC
« on: 08:24 PM - 05/31/20 »
It won't get flagged by anticheat but why don't you just use a phone for the xim manager?  ???  saves you from having to tab out of the game

XIM3 worked on PS4/XB1 by using a CronusMax to authenticate and XIM edge got a firmware update for it.
So people were using them already during the early days.   
XIM4's release completely blew both devices out of the water though since it was made for PS4 and XB1 specifically and was just superior.
I wouldn't be surprised if a new XIM came out after a few months and did the same to the APEX  :)
But untill that happens I'm sure we'll be able to use our current XIM's on next gen consoles.

You playing on PC with this setup?

I have the same keyboard and it's definitely worth the money. 
You can use it without a XIM link btw you just need to run it in BIOS mode (hold the F1 key along with the Windows Lock key for 3 seconds).  Afterwards just plug in the cable with the keyboard icon into your XIM and it will work.
I even spilled a bottle of water on mine about a month ago it was completely soaked.  I unplugged it and let it dry out for a day and the next day it was working perfectly again  ;D

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: MW/Warzone ST request.
« on: 12:03 PM - 04/22/20 »
I really hope they consider adding this for Warzone.
So many people on here and on discord are using the XIM Apex on PC for Warzone and the official ST just doesn't work with it. 
There is a huge deadzone issue that can't be fixed with boost from my experience.
It would definitely make a lot of happy customers  :)

I will be reporting everyone that kills me from a rooftop from now on lol
Enjoy those cheater lobbies  ;D

Game Support / Re: MW ST
« on: 11:02 PM - 04/09/20 »
What the issue is I am thinking is, MP and WZ use 2 different FOV's. Your sensitivity is based on value of what the FOV is set at. So if MP is locked at 60 FOV, and WZ is locked at 65, there might be a chance that the issue is being caused because of this.

It's true MP and WZ have different FOV they probably lowered it on WZ to get better performance for such a big map.
When comparing with PC it's 80 FOV on WZ and 90 FOV on Multiplayer for PS4.

Yeah, it should work on the mobile app too for android, no? For instance, if someone had Titanium Backup installed and made a backup of the XIM Apex Manager app *before* downloading the latest update, I could use that file to restore that library on my phone.

For PC, you'd just copy/paste the files from the programs data folder? Or would I need a 3rd party backup application for backing up / restoring the data?

It's a long shot, but if anyone here has either of these for PC or Android with the previous Modern Warfare ST library and could Dropbox me a link, I'd be more than grateful.

Android would probably be possible aswell if you figure out where the ST library is stored.
For PC it's here ->
C:\ProgramData\XIM Technologies\XIM5     current one I have is called XIM4-20200404-105326   
I'm pretty sure this file is all you need to backup the ST library on PC.    Unfortunately I don't have the old one anymore but I will be making backups from now on.

What antithesis said is true but there is a workaround I believe.   
If you install the XIM Manager on PC and you backup all the files before updating your ST library you can still create old versions of the ST with that backup of the XIM Manager because it will have the old ST library included.
This could be done every time before a new ST update rolls out and posted publicly.   
I know it works because I was creating old versions of the MW st by accident because I had not updated my PC's XIM  Manager Library only the one on my phone.

Game Support / Re: Disable Crossplay on Warzone!
« on: 04:15 PM - 04/03/20 »
You're not supposed to turn off crossplay with this method.   Setting the privacy filter to only play with Xbox will make it so you can only connect to xbox players even when crossplay is on.
Trust me you won't be finding any lobbies with this workaround method  :)  If it bothers you that bad I would just go and buy a PS4 because that is the only platform that supports it.

Shared Configs / Re: COD and Warzone GREAT STATS
« on: 04:32 AM - 04/02/20 »
You should probably add which platform controller and ST you are using. Because the aim mechanic is different on PC depending on if you're using XBOX / PS4 controller.

What controller and ST are you using? Xbox One/PS4?

General Discussion / Re: MW2 Campaign Remastered Tomorrow
« on: 12:25 PM - 04/01/20 »
I really don't think MP will come with this game.  Their blog post says they want to have the playerbase focused on MW 2019 and they will be adding the maps on there

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