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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Beloader Scam BEWARE
« on: 08:42 AM - 01/08/22 »
Uhh dude I got 2 of mine from there, on-time. One replacement cause I broke the first one like a fool.

« on: 08:35 AM - 01/08/22 »
I'm a long-time PS user and have no problem admitting that Series X kills PS5, it's not even close. I swapped from PS to Xbox this generation for cross-platform gaming for better console performance, e.g Destiny 2 is 1440p 120FPS on XSX for both PvE & PvP, but only 1080p 60FPS on PS5 for PvE and 1080p 120Hz for PvP...the difference is jarring.

Lmfao, if you were serious about the game you'd play it on PC. Get the F outta here with that Destiny Console b.s. That is seriously peasant style.

I have a PS5 and an Xbox|X and I play the Xbox .... for one single game, Forza Horizon 5. And that's only because my wheel is connected to my Xbox usually since i have more racing games on there than PC. Otherwise, I'd use PC for that too.

Simple fact is that PC can do every single thing the Xbox can, but better, and there is no such thing as a game that exists on the Xbox that you can't play on PC. But meanwhile... PS5 has over 30 games I can name *off the top of my head* that you can't play on PC.

The choice is a no-brainer for serious gamers. Casuals, dunno, go play whatever I guess.

Beta / Re: Beloader/Xim not working
« on: 09:40 PM - 12/29/21 »
^ So your beloader works with ps5 controller, on xim apex?

I came here to say I think the problem is the XIM APEX.

Because my Beloader works fine when nothing is plugged into it except for (any) controller.
But once I plug the XIM APEX in, it disconnects my remote play, and it acts really glitchy.

I'm like 90% sure its the XIM APEX. But your post would maybe go against that idea.

Crap guys, what do we do with our new Beloaders.. XD

Hi, does this count as a powered hub?

im having this issue now with the BELOADER



Oh my god, thank you so much for this post. This is the only thing that has worked once in the last 3 hours. I've been pulling my hair out. Who's the O.G. that found this out? OMG. thank you. THIS WORKS!!!

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