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I installed the new beta xim apex manager on my android smartphone.

It connects as usual.

But when trying to create new config, I can select the game (in this case Vanguard).
The moment I hit either choice of console (I have both xbox series x and ps5 (ps4 version running for now unfortunately). the manager auto closes down to my home screen.

Does anyone has the same issue?
How can I resolve?

Thanks for your much appreciated assistance on beforehand!


As the title says I'm using a completely working setup with my PS5.

NownI bought a new smartphone (oneplus 9pro) and installed the app.

However (with Bluetooth on) my new device cannot connect to my xim apex..

I'm afraid to push the button on the xim apex because I fear losing my created profiles for different games.
(since it took me quite some time tweaking before it felt perfect).

Please assist...

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