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Iíll keep working with it it could definitely be worse. Just trying to have my cake and eat it to lol. Thanks for the input on the titan though I hadnít heard of that device. It looks promising.

Well I was hoping that the thrust master hotas one word count as a controller seeing as it is a licensed Xbox device. I am playing on a Xbox S/X and it has 3 USB ports. I need 1 for my head set because the got rid of the optical port, 1 for a keyboard for typing, and 1 for the xim or the hotas. If I plug in the hotas and the xim at the same time only 1 will work.

Yes it dose and the xim apex will recognize it in pc mode however the inputs from the hotas and mouse / keyboard do not work on the conceal end when in this configuration.

If it would be possible to make an update to the firmware so that the thrust master hotas one could be utilized in the slot for the controller on the the xim apex it would be awesome. That would allow me to use the hotas for light and mouse and keyboard for other parts of games. For example in Elite Dangerous there will soon have space legs and I would like to play the flight portion of the game on hotas and the walking part on mouse and keyboard without unplugging the xim apex or hotas every time I change activityís in the game. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this happen. Thanks xim team you make a lot of games more fun and this would be useful for me an Iím sure others.

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