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General Discussion / Re: I'm on Logitech's naughty list.
« on: 11:39 AM - 06/29/19 »
I got some CAD files for the 305, bought a 305 "again" and tried fitting the honeycomb shell. It didn't go well. I think i would ahve to spend 80+ for a resin print. That is a bit much for the sake of a possible 15g weight loss.

General Discussion / Re: I'm on Logitech's naughty list.
« on: 05:21 PM - 06/10/19 »
G102, G203, G305 and G Pro (original, not wireless) all use the same shell.

The mod I really want to make is to slot a couple of buttons on the right side of the mouse.

Is the PCB mounting the same in the 203 and G pro? I doubt it would be in the 305.

General Discussion / Re: New Halo looks great!
« on: 06:41 AM - 06/10/19 »
Yup, i'll fill my boots with MCC on PC, if i get the bug i may dive into XBPS.

General Discussion / I'm on Logitech's naughty list.
« on: 06:36 AM - 06/10/19 »
Been through a lot of mice recently. 305 - Logitech pro wireless - Rival 110 - to name a few.
But this i really like the G203, go figure xD.

Since its so cheap, i didn't think it would hurt too much to put her on a diet.
67g to be precise. I wish i could get a CAD for the shell, my friend just bought an massive 3D printer.

I've owned a similar product before i ended up with the koolertron, the issue for me was that the CTRL key is essentially one row higher than on a regular keyboard? Meaning ctrl is where shift is..

General Discussion / Re: Xbox to support 120hz
« on: 08:31 AM - 11/06/18 »
Could only benefit the overall feel of using a XIM on XBOX.

Yes, its onboard IIRC but I haven't dabbled in macros myself.

Have a secondary binding for the same function.


L1: MWheelUp
R1: MWheelDown
L1: MiddleMouseWheel Click (for med)

Ahh Santigold is still alive and well.

I think Blackout is going to be pretty good on PC with blizzard servers.
PUBG is ok, Fortnite is my main atm, but this could be a nice change of pace.

Actually looking forward to the PC beta to see if its gotten as much love as the regular MP beta did.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: H1Z1 Profile ?
« on: 12:05 PM - 06/15/18 »
Just here for future reference. Any news on look mechanic patch or the ST?

That's nice dude, and a row of macros.


Found this on Amazon, thought some of you may be intrested.

Just seen the price of this for the UK.. @#$%...

Granted the aftercare with ST's is amazing, I'm in no rush for one..

Thanks for the replies! I received mine today and must say for the price and how compact it is, I'm loving it! I did get the non-backlit Gateron Red switches and first thing I did was pull all the key caps off and put blue O-rings on them. Quiets it down a little and very happy with the result. I messed with the macro system some and although I've kinda figured it out, I can't really get the results I want for quick button building in Fortnite. I'll have to work on that again. When I had all the caps off the switches looks to be plate mounted? Not 100% sure because mechanical keyboards are new to me. Anyways, if anyone is looking for gamepad I would definitely consider this.

Yeah, I did the same thing as you and put 1.5mm O-rings and that's when I noticed it was plate mounted as well. Oh well, I'm still going to desolder some of the switches and maybe install some Gateron green or brown tactile switches in the future. I didn't mess with the macros yet but I do want to make the Z key act as a crouch long press so I can simply tap it and have my soldier go prone. Overall, I'm very glad I came across this post. Thanks Lord Of The Sith.

Happy days! and happy gaming brother!

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