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Try the Glorious Model O or the Steelseries Rival 600.

if you like the weight of your g502 and want a decent amount of buttons, youíll love the Rival 600. The censor on the mouse literally feels like thereíre cheats in it🤣 i donít know what they did but i havenít felt another mouse like it.

Iím using the Model o- now, i meant to get the Model O and the - is probably too small but itís not that much of an issue.

The rival 600 was my b***h😆😆 man I loved that mouse so much I just donít like wires they should make a wireless version. I think they do if Iím not mistaken but yea the double sensors on it came in handy. Tracking was A1 but the side button feel cheap but itís because theyíre thin

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: The Apex at its finest
« on: 01:02 PM - 02/14/21 »
I need to be on this level


Practice then. Xim isnít a overnight thing

Will the production of the Xim Apex discontinue in the near future with the development of a new Xim device?  Thank you again for all you do for this community.  Looking forward to the new device.
There will be no new device...  He already said more then once > (it's not going to be a new mouse and keyboard adapter.)
He said on YT that heís working on a new one kid

Load but don't edit your game's Smart Translator on the main screen of XIM APEX Manager. Tap the game's photo and the ST number will display.

I have a 4.3 on MW, does that mean Iím using an STv3

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Steady aim "problem"...
« on: 12:55 PM - 02/14/21 »
    I've never had issues in public matches either. Because you can "afford" to miss in public matches. League Play is a different story though. If  you get stuck even for a fraction of a second between the bubble you are dead. I can't help but think that I am getting stuck. I always leave my opponent one shot. And in the best play of the game,when I get one,I see that I am right. In slow motion you can clearly see that I am behind the target for most of the time. I've used boost,granular,gradual curves,everything.
    Went from 3200 DPI sync common,to 16K sync off. Every dpi, every sync,every polling rate. I've tried even steady aim in combination with boost or steady aim alone. But with steady aim it seems that my aim is,as I said in the OP,too erratic.
    My best results were when I used 16K DPI and sync off. I don't know what to do anymore guys. I tought that I could use just one DPI for every game and try to be good. But it doesn't work for me. I always keep thinking that if I would use higher DPI and other sync I would do better (when I am using 3200). I wanted to get into Fortnite but until this day I wasn't able to. I don't even want to think about trying settings for almost a year like I did with BO4.
    This caused me more frustration than happiness playing the game. Instead of enjoying and trying to get better I always change configs and second guess myself. I tought that using the APEX would be easier. I wasn't right. I am seriously considering selling the device and going back on controller. I am 28 years old,I don't want to spend my limited time trying new settings instead of playing the actual game.
    Don't get me wrong,XIM APEX is a wonderful piece of device,but it just isn't for me.

Donít blame the xim, it your internet, a lot of ppl forget that pubs and league are two different things. League play is connection based ,I.e ping,bandwith, how far your router is , are you LAN or wireless . Ppl will use that to the there advantage.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: How to optimize aim
« on: 12:49 PM - 02/14/21 »
I'm here to ask that simple question.
There's a topic that show how to optimize aim that suggest to put as maximum as dpi your mouse can run, and a video of the same xim central too that suggest to put dpi on the range of 3/4 thousand. So.
How can I acheeve most benefit and in the future muscle memory that can be beneficial for me the most possible aim.

3200 dpi

Hello, recently ive started to play COD MW on the PS4 with Xim Apex, now its not a secret that the game is not exactly "plug and play" like prior Call of Dutys but with some of the communities configs and hard work I was able to get a decent configuartion going, there is some things im noticing in my aiming experience that im wondering if its possible to fix or atleast mitigate as much as possible so my muscle memory can just take over.

The Positives:
- AA bubble / AA doesnt seem too harsh like it was previously when I tried to create a config and is a lot easier to snap target to target (With current config).
- When making large mouse movements it feels rather smooth and reminds if me of prior Call of Duty aiming experiences.
- Using latest beta firmware, the ADS transition issue is very mitigated and I barely notice it, it feels like.

The Issues:
Here are some issue im looking for some insight into from experienced MW Xim players or anyone that can help direct me.
- Micromovements seem choppy and not smooth at all, when I move the mouse a little bit it feels like it moves in a linear way and is not optimal for good precision.
- Sometimes it feels like I have mouse acceleration, and other times I don't. I assumed it could be apart of the games look mechanic and also could be me capping turn speed.
- In some configs and other STs ive tried, I feel like the aim assist is waaay to much like its a absolute magnet on ur mouse and is either super hard to get used to or its not even helping your aim but hurting it more.

Latest Beta Firmware XIM Apex
MW ST Latest
HIP: 87.25
Sync: OFF
ADS: 76.00
Sync: OFF
Delay: 90(?)
Deactivation Delay: 224ms (whatever is standard to fix the delay problem)
Smooth Aim Transition: OFF
Everything is default except I am using and actively testing RMLs 5.0 Stair Stepper Curve
DPI: 3200 [Using a Finalmouse Phantom not a Logitech G Pro anymore]
Game Settings:
20 sens
20 sens
1.0 ADS
1.0 ADS
Standard AA and AA Response Curve

Many thanks to anyone who can give me some tips or insight to these issues im experiencing and overall thank you to the community and XIM staff for working hard on pressing issues on COD to make it way better than it was.

Leave smooth aim transition ON

Try this bud its at 16000 dpi g5 hero
Game settings are per xim st1
I went 2 0 kd on tdm won all my head to head

>>> XIM APEX [Vibe] START COPY >>>

How do know which ST I am running?

[Hello everyone .
I have some question for those who have azeron keypad on xim apex .

1- does it worth it ?

2-   how the quality overall and for dpad especially cuz im  afraid of it broken fast like razer keypad   .

3 - does it work with ps4 on fortnite without stuck after press alot of keys at once ?

4- is it comfortable for those with big hands ?

Thank you all .

Comfortable with big hands but make sure when you adjust you keep it that way. What I mean is the screws in the bottom can wear down and loosen, causing the towers the move out of place. I had one for a little while till I said F it and went to 60% ONLY. Some things to watch out for is the d pad , itís loose and itís a little button lol, going in all directions felt clunky like it was gonna break and sooner than later it popped off😞. Iíd say to auto bind sprint to a key on the azeron and use the analog to strafe only after all analog movement is the best . IMHO I wouldnít drop 150$ on this bad boy again, I wonít tell you itís the worst and itís not the best but it got the job done while I used it. Ohhh and before I forget if you do end up ordering it, ask them to send you extra screws and an extra tool , because the one they provide will get stripped after tightening so much:(.

If your into keyboards you should check out the Asceny one 60% on Amazon ( nice bang for your buck if your not tryna spend too much $)
If Iím not mistaken the hori tactical pro, it comes with a analog stick built in.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Ideal mouse DPI - hard question
« on: 02:30 AM - 02/11/21 »
I ended up running 25,6K dpi and stayed with my old sens of 240/100, no smoothing, not experiencing any jitter. On viper ultimate I needed a smoothing of 1, next to just 12K dpi.

Can someone explain why the viper ultimate is so much faster/more sensitive at the same or even lower dpi levels than the g pro x? Wouldn't it mean one of them is multiplying it's dpi?
Different sensors different results. One has a Hero sensor which works good on all dpi staged, vs Razer they use a upgrade PMW sensor if Iím not mistaken which is 💩, stick with Logitech they perform and are more responsive on xim

I did end up staying with the logitech, but to say Viper Ultimate is shizzle is a bit harsh IMHO, rocketjumpninja says it's 2nd best after the g pro x. Viper Ultimate did seem to one up the G502. And razer just might retake the crown of having the best mouse when the Avalon comes out with its 8K polling rate. Granted, I think the way that works, it probably won't matter much if the value is above 1k(when used on console with xim apex), but I don't think the 1k mice, even those from logitech can output a true, consistent exact 1000hz. At least on these mouse testing sites it seems to vary greatly. I mainly care about the sensor's input lag and accuracy, not weight/convenience, features or value.

Donít forget about steel series. The rival 310-600 body Iíve used a r600 and man talk about 1:1 tracking itís that double sensor on it tho that helped with LOD(lift off)

All right, this is a lot for me to decypher here. I know the steel series ikari I believe is used as the reference point for the mouse click latency chart (again, google it!), so it's latency is good, although bested by some mice. But I've no idea why you would swap the "body" of the mouse. Like I said, I give 0 fux about comfort, the mouse can be a hedgehog or morning star with iron spikes impaling my palm, it can weigh as much as a feather or it can be a mfking anvil... so long as the sensor is the best there is. And I was under the impression that razer and logitech are the ones with the "perfect" sensors. On what forums, youtube channels, or comparative review sites do people mention ikari beating the logi g pro x or, say, the deathadder v2? I never struggled with LOD, since I don't ever need to lift it off, it's almost entirely stationary, I move it less than an inch and doing 180 turns.

 They ďbodyĒ, like  they slap kids lol. Who swaps mouse bodies how weird!? And you should care about comfort before you catch carpel tunnel. Talk about years of playing out the drain, cuz you didnít wanna be healthy while gaming lol.Better safe than sorry.

Why can I play for hours on end with the strike pack connected to XIM with no disconnects on PS4 then?

I'm not sure on the technical reasons why it works on PS4 but not PS5.

The PS4's authentication check for Licensed devices was cracked a few years back by extracting the firmware from a DS4.


I'm not familiar with the strike pack, Does XIM Manager see it as a DS4 or something else?

PS5's authentication checks are more strict then PS4's from what I've heard.

Strikepack isnít compatible with xim. Iíve tried it several times different combos. Xim manager doesnít  read the controller

Game Support / Re: GTA V Online Config
« on: 02:45 AM - 02/09/21 »
Hello guys..I am using GTA V At and I feel it little weird why?I have default settings and the recommended for in game..anyone can help me to set up it?

GTA isnít supported itís aim mechanics affect your mouse negatively. Youíd know if you read the description of the settings. It states in all blue letters

Guys make sure you know the sensor in your mouse if its not a logitech or a mouse with similar sensor that adds no smoothing at any dpi. Other wise example of you got a mouse with a 3360 sensor like me i suggest using 2000 dpi. Otherwise if you go higher your adding 32 frames of smoothing(6.4ms delay) and making aim assist alot stronger. If you dont feel the delay your crazy.
Bro run a 3200 like the rest of the community recommends. Your literally wasting your time fooling around with all these dpis. High dpi is @#$%, and has garbage micro movement, low dpi will you give you more sticky hitbox in and out, and 3200 is literally the sweet spot. Iíve been on any dpi you can think from 800-250000. And I always go back to 3200 itís just a flexible dpi. You can run a low sens and feel like 800, or a high sense and feel like 16000. You so worried about something everyone knows console comes with DELAY, you cupcake. Go on your xim app use a 3 smoothing and stop posting these dumb comments, you sound inexperienced like you donít know to use a simple app

Guys make sure you know the sensor in your mouse if its not a logitech or a mouse with similar sensor that adds no smoothing at any dpi. Other wise example of you got a mouse with a 3360 sensor like me i suggest using 2000 dpi. Otherwise if you go higher your adding 32 frames of smoothing(6.4ms delay) and making aim assist alot stronger. If you dont feel the delay your crazy.
Run 0 smoothing, learn how to steady your hand, use 3200 dpi.

So I came across this vid on YouTube and I was wondering if this is possible or if you need to use titan 2 to achieve something like that

Your using your hand to control recoil, if you canít do that then idk . Why do you want no recoil so bad. It defeats the purpose of you getting better. You use no recoils you keep your hand in spot, without it you learn how to maneuver better you donít rely on your aim, and it teaches you how to control every gun. Master your GUNS, Master your XIM.
Your literally pulling down your mouse gently , it not like your forcing down or something. Some tips keep your hand steady, and relax your body , your muscles will react quicker thus giving you better muscle memory, use your eyes to track yes your eyes. Keep your crosshair centered on the screen and look w your 2 eyeballs then you move your crosshairs to it. Thatís how you get no recoil.

Ofc I know how to control my aim, but I was just curious how this is possible. I've seen ppl using titan 2 with xim apex but I can't be arsed of doing it cause it seems a bit complicated. With the anti recoil method and a lil bit of drag down I can manage to control the recoil of Most guns but nothing like what's been shown in this vid.

You do realize anti recoil means no recoil, so you wouldnít have to move your hand regardless,like shown in the video, just stick to xim and stop resorting to mods to make you better. Train your muscle memory so you donít need an AID to help you win. This isnít rocket science

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