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Thanks so much for your advices! Really appreciate it!

There is another experimental thing that you can try in order to get Game/Chat control on PS4. I haven't because don't need, again is not pushing anything... Mayflower Arc Mk2 has this brilliant feature that allows you to mix an analog audio signal with a digital one, oddest like an unicorn!.

I noticed that if you set your PS4 Sound options to Default : HDMI.
On the Devices window (by holding PS) there is a Game - Voice Chat software slider available (once you are in a Party)

One thing you can try is:

Get an HDMI audio extractor, that will take the audio from your HDMI connector through a separate SPDIF out.

Connect that SPDIF to SPDIF In of the Fiio K5 Pro.

Connect the Y Audio splitter to your DS4 controller

Connect headset pink mic jack to the Y Audio splitter Mic In.

This way you are tricking your PS4, you can "mix"  or control the game or chat audio by using PS4 slider.

With this method you can't use a external usb soundcard or mixamp because when you plug it, the PS4 Game/Chat slider will be disabled.

- I haven't try it, if some kind XIMmate has the tools and can do it for us, will be great.

Hi Alan,

Many thanks for your quick reply! Your Pianist metephor is just brilliant! ;)

Just want to confirm my understanding:

1. If I am going to get the Fiio K5 Pro, do I/should I use it together with the Mixamp Pro in order to get chat mix working? I notice there's no chat mix function on the Fiio K5 Pro. Does it pair well with the GSP 500?

2. If I am going to use the Fiio K5 Pro together with the MixAmp Pro, should the connection be like:
  i. Audio Output: PS4 --(Optical)--> Fiio K5 Pro --> MixAmp Pro --(splitter cable)--> GSP500
 ii. Chat: PS4 --(USB Cable)--> Mixamp Pro --(Splitter Cable)-->GSP500
iii. Mixamp set to neutral EQ

3. Would connecting Fiio K5 Pro to MixAmp Pro worsening the audio quality? As I remember you mentioned that although setting the EQ to neutral the MixAmp Pro will still "color" the sound in some way...

Again, much appreciate your advices.



1. Wise decision, your GSP 500 is great gaming headset, it should go well with the Astro MixAmp.

3. I read from your previous posts that although GSP 500 is a low impedance headphone but there's still noticeable difference driven with an amp. Mayflower arc MkII is a bit out of my budget. So i'm thinking if I should add an amp alongside with my Astro Mixamp Gen3 (for the convenience of adjusting chat mix) with budget below USD200. My key concern is whether it's worth to add the FiloK5 Pro? or the JDS Atom as I saw it's been mentioned quite frequently among gaming audiophiles?
Yes, GSP 500  is low impedance but don't get confuse, the Amp only amplifies the signal, the one that creates the sound is the DAC, GSP 500 doesn't need an amp, and a external amp doesn't makes a big difference (it might improve dynamic range aka "how much your hear"), a better DAC is what makes the difference (improves dynamic range more substantially and imaging, soundstage aka "how well the sound positioning and representation and how wide you can hear" ). Is like having a pianist, the DAC is the pianist seated on the piano. The Amp is the speakers that make it audible. Is not the same having playing the piano to the best local pianist, vs having Bach or Beethoven seated on that piano. A DAC has more impact specially on dynamic range, imaging and soundstage.

Astro MixAmp is tune for the A40 to sound decent (put it by itself and it will notice how dull are), and all the customs EQ are develop to archieve this with other Headphones.

Mica Origin O2 is a great DAC with decent Amp that will make your GSP500 sound better than MixAmp and something closer to the like K5 Pro. But if you can get the K5 Pro I will say make the stretch it will be worth it. Keep in mind the K5 Pro is a DAC and Amp.

Now, there is different route. You can go for the JDS Atom Amp (is only a Amp) and use it on your MixAmp, then when you have extra $ get the DAC, like JDS Atom DAC or schiit Modi or any other DAC. But I must insist, adding a Amp to a low impedance headset doesn't make a big difference, what does is the DAC.

Thank you for your trust gentlemen. I hope you are doing well too.

As one of my dearest teachers told me said, knowledge is useless if you don't share it or question it.

Sorry for the late reply I will try to catch up to your questions.  :)


1. No, the frequency response is completely different, you need a specific EQ for GSP 500 Emperor Potara can make it but he needs the Frequency Response chart. Try the Sennheiser One EQ is more similar, both are open backs.

2. Thanks for clarify what you want as an upgrade. Well IMO if you want next level Stereo Mix which most AAA games are tune for, most definitely you need to upgrade to a DAC/Amp, like Mayflower Arc MK2, Fiio K5 Pro or a Schiit Magni + Modi and a $200 or above audiophile headphones. That will be a huge leap but expensive, yet worthy. i.e. Fiio K5 Pro + AKG K702 will give you an extraordinary immersive and wide open stage sound experience.

On Surround...
Soundblaster G6, has a pretty good DAC and the Surround mixes are better than MixAmp plus this device can drive hungry audiophile headphones BUT as owner of the SBXG6 I can tell you is a very buggy device, you can dig on the reddit site to see how problematic its firmware has been, the X7 is very versatile but its audio performance is mediocre for the price, so I stop recommend this device or any other from Soundblaster which at the end is support is dreadful. Notice I had been soundblaster user since the PCI128.

X3 seems to be more for someone who has a PC analog 7.1 sound system, and you are more like a headphone user.

The very best Surround I had, is the Sennheiser GSX1000 that is unbelievable and it seems the GSP600/500 are tune for it. Unfortunately is not compatible with consoles. You can make it work through a PC Audio Input / Output + Mixer arrangement.

As I think I explained before, the HD800s are not better than HD660S, this is not like phones. Every single audiophile Sennheiser has different tonality for different needs, HD800S are more open than HD660S and more detail in the high end, is something that you have to try.

Of course if you want to get the best of these cans you need a more suitable DAC/Amp, anything on the $200 - $400 usd, will do the job. THX 788/789 are great and a worthy investment if you want to hear something more besides videogames, where the sound source can be balanced and higher definition. A good high-end amp will never hurt. A high-end DAC is different story, for videogames (24/48000Hz) a $500+ DAC is overdoing it, money wasted.

Audio for live streaming is a complete different BIG topic and Microphones are as interesting and rich as a headphones, another attractive niche with a very steep slop to fall in to the rabbit hole easly, hehehe.

But in short, for live streaming any of these devices will work, they are only improving your headphone sound at the end of the chain. If you are using mixers, just plug the analog headphone output from the mixer to the input of your DAC/Amp and that's all.

What makes it complex is how you set your microphone (or microphones) and other audio sources on the broadcast gear to stream it to your viewers, what type of microphone is the best for streaming, which devices you need, when you need a mic interface or a mixer.


My current audio streaming setup is:

TC Helicon GoXLR mixer + Neat King Bee + Mayflower Arc MK2 + Astro MixAmp -yeah, cable are a mess-

My minimalist setup is:

Phenyx Pro Mixer + Blue Ember + Mayflower Arc MK2 + Android Tablet (sound box)

I do switch to dynamic microphones specially when is raining or I had too much background noise. My top recommendation is the sE Electronics V7, shure SM7B is a timeless classic (just like the HD600) but you need a powerful preamp, a strong boom arm to be able to make your voice sound and feel as you were a guest on Joe Rogan Experience ;-), who turned this mic in to a trend and the majority of the popular streamers are using it.

Thanks Alan!

Further to your recommendations:

1. I think I'll stick with GSP 500 for a while as I just got it for few months
2. Yes I read from reddit that SBXG6 is quite buggy. I will not consider this. Thanks for reconfirming my understanding!
3. I read from your previous posts that although GSP 500 is a low impedance headphone but there's still noticeable difference driven with an amp. Mayflower arc MkII is a bit out of my budget. So i'm thinking if I should add an amp alongside with my Astro Mixamp Gen3 (for the convenience of adjusting chat mix) with budget below USD200. My key concern is whether it's worth to add the FiloK5 Pro? or the JDS Atom as I saw it's been mentioned quite frequently among gaming audiophiles?
4. If so, should I setup like this?

Thanks in advance! Much appreciated!

Fury Panda

Yes, and is highly recommended.

However, MixAmp EQ profiles are tune so the A40 headset sounds decent.

In order to make your MixAmp work the best, you need to load it EQ profiles specially tuned for the headphone/headset you are going to use.

And that's why this thread; at the first page is a link to Emperor Potara discord, he has develop MixAmp EQ profiles for many headphones.

Emperor Potara discord:  https://discord.gg/nWhKGfG

The only requirement/advice is: to get a Headphone or Headset with low impedance 56 Ohms or lower. This spec should be listed on your headphone/headset manufacturer site.

Some Headsets that goes well with the MixAmp and had EQ preset from Emperor Potara:
HyperX Alpha/Cloud
Sennheiser GSP 600,Game One, HD600*, HD660S*
Audio Technica ATH-AD700X /ATH-ADG1X
Philips SHP9500

* Requires and external amp.

If you use the A40 without MixAmp and compare it with any headset from above, you will release how big an improvement it is... MixAmp DAC/amp is doing all the job, A40 are very bad... even the new model, a cheap Superlux $44 is way better than A40.

Hi Alan,

I'm deeply impressed by your profound knowledge on the audio gears, especially on consoles!

I've been on Gen 3 Astro A40 + MIxAmp Pro TR for my PS4 and recently decided to upgrade the headset to Sennheiser GSP 500 (Just ordered and still in shipping  :). I picked the open back GSP500 instead of GSP 600 as I prefer a bigger sound stage and still being able to hear what's happening around me even with my headset on).

Would appreciate few advices from you:

1. Is the Potara Preset for GSP 600 also good for GSP 500? What I reckon is the preset for GSP 600 has toned down the bass and mids a bit with respect to the performance of GSP 600. But for open back GSP 500 the bass and mids should be less harsh, i guess? Would you suggest other presets to go with GSP 500?

2. If I wish to further upgrade the MixAmp, would you suggest just adding another DAC/Amp along side with MixAmp? Or just replace it with say Soundblaster G6 or any other options?

I don't play a lot of competitive gaming but 3rd person shooting game like Division2 and Ghost Recon. I expect greater sound field and details from the upgrade. Better imaging yes but not like trying to achieve spider sense on footsteps. I guess I'm looking for a better cinematic experience. Meanwhile. I play with my clans a lot so chat mix convenience and mic clarity are important factors to consider.

3. I heard Soundblaster X3 has better chat mix and mic quality than the G6. Would switching from the MixAmp to X3 getting major improvement on my GSP 500? Or it's no difference from sticking with the MixAmp since GSP 500 is a low impedance headset that doesn't require high output to drive it?

Great thanks in advance!



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