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Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Setup Issues
« on: 05:34 PM - 06/29/20 »
I've tried connecting the controller to the different ports and starting with only the controller connected but it hasn't worked either. I continue to get the green flashes when the controller is plugged directly into the apex port though.

Unfortunately I don't have another hub. Is there a specific type of hub that is required, I can purchase one if I have to.

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Setup Issues
« on: 10:09 AM - 06/29/20 »
Yea the sequence of green lights flashing happens when the controller is plugged in directly to the Xim apex.

Yea the controller works when connected directly to the computer without the Xim hub.

Support / [ACTIVE] Setup Issues
« on: 07:56 AM - 06/29/20 »
Hi there,

I recently purchased my xim apex and am having issues setting it up with my Xbox. I have taken the following steps during setup and it is still not working.

1. Went through regular setup (couldn't get it to work)
2. Tested wires for controller (5 different wires)
3. Hard reset of xbox
3. Tested controller with Xim apex (green lights flash)
4. Attached hub to computer to test (mouse and keyboard port work, controller says unidentifiable when in computer)
5. Turned off backlit keyboard and lights on mouse
6. Tried moving xim to back of console

When looking at the Xim manager I am connected via Bluetooth to the Xim but it can't identify any of the wired connections to the Rtc. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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