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Loving this! ordered one of those Belkin easy transfer cables so I can link.  Hate having 2 keyboards and mice on my desk. 

Only thing is I use a hard mouse pad surface, so I'm using 4000dpi vs your 5150dpi.  Is this the move vs lowering sensitivity in the config?

I literally bought a XIM APEX to use your curve Havox.  Which I'm completely fine with either way.  I hope there's a noticeable difference between the 4 and APEX.  I'll find out today!

General Discussion / Re: Xim4 SA3 vs Xim Apex in BO4
« on: 04:53 PM - 11/06/18 »
Nobody has issues with SA3 and it randomly locking up to the point where your player just spins in circles?  I've tried to reset the firmware and everything, same thing.  Works flawless with the new firmware, just not SA3.

General Discussion / Re: Xim4 SA3 vs Xim Apex in BO4
« on: 12:23 PM - 11/03/18 »
is the 84 boost on hip or ads or both?

Havoxs, longtime user of your curves.  The best there's ever been.  Do you have something I can use for XIM4?  or will this work?

I could try to make a curve for you gimme a day or two. I would have to set my apex to 125hz and put the sync on default. Ill pm you when its posted.

Would love it man.  Also give me your paypal and I'll donate $5.  Appreciate it!

Havoxs, longtime user of your curves.  The best there's ever been.  Do you have something I can use for XIM4?  or will this work?

I'm using Firmware 4.00.20161228

Thanks for the settings.  Just bought the game now and updating my XIM again.  What firmware version are you using?

Game Support / Re: Fortnite BR - Legacy vs XIM - Feedback
« on: 06:11 AM - 02/17/18 »
Is there anyone who has used both?

Game Support / Fortnite BR - Legacy vs XIM - Feedback
« on: 04:11 PM - 02/16/18 »
Curious what you use and why.

Hooked up my old controller instead and set that usb setting.  Seems good now.  Thanks!

Thanks guys.. I'll check this out.

Longtime user pretty much from day 1.  Never had any major problem over the years.  Didn't play CoD for a couple months and now after 10min it just shuts off.

Tried multiple controllers
Same mouse and keyboard I've always used
No Power Save settings on PS4

Factory reset could really fix this or is there a hardware issue maybe?

Thanks for any help.

0,54 y/x?ummm

 Test entire setup with this curves on hip and ads? O just hip curve? Thx for your work

just the hip. .54 y/x was a test build.

EDIT: Edit: Using 12 DPI with lower XIM sensitivity, works well, and with the ADS on the first page. seems like this might be it. idk tho.. still testing.

Trying that hip you had a couple posts back but let me know how this goes.

Last year with havoxxx IW curve, I absolutely found the best feeling XIM setup I ever had, and I've had XIM since it first came out.  I didn't change a thing the rest of the year.  I was at 3.8KD, my best in any CoD.

This year I feel ya, I just can't find the sweet spot yet.  I'm at 2.3KD but can't get that perfection like last year.  I'm probably getting picky but I really believe we don't have to change curves that much for each CoD.  I want to mess with last years IW curve more but I trust havoxxx so I'm gonna keep trying whatever you're doing until I get this figured out

Do you post your full setup for infinity thanks

i believe this was it
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM4 [Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare] START PASTE >>>
<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<

This is a new call of duty engine. it has to be thats why nothing feels right.... The ST does not work well too. I swear there is something wrong with the ST for WWII.

You may be right...maybe try working off the IW ST with a similar curve to what you're using now? 

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