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Feedback / A sincere thank you
« on: 07:01 PM - 12/15/20 »
I just wanted to thank all the developers here that created the xim and maintain it with a wide variety of games. Your customer support is 2nd to none. I've had nothing but great experiences with your product. You built something that is incredibly impressive, and you should all be proud of it. It has given me so much enjoyment and is worth every penny. I'm grateful for your continued support.

Thank you all!


JK! As a fortnite player, i wanted to express my sincere gratitude to all the xim employees that make this thing possible. For whatever reason, i see people on here that are often demanding and ungrateful (especially fortnite players) towards you, but you guys do an absolutely incredible job. I remember when fortnite was able to detect the xim on console, you released a fix in literally 6 hours. Incredible! The fact that you provide such amazing customer support without charging a monthly fee (don't get any ideas, please) is unheard of and greatly appreciated. EVERYBODY who uses this product should be thankful for that.

Tonight, I drink a beer to all the xim programmers. You guys are truly awesome. I hope you are thriving and prospering. Cheers!

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