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Shared Configs / Re: [COD] Multiple DPI configs (4.7KD)
« on: 08:28 AM - 06/10/20 »
You may just play faster/ slower? How much do you change the sensitivity?

I would recommend to stay at 500. i am not Issing this config but mjfame is my starting st too. Mffame clearly reccomend to adjust by adjusting the Curve and Not sensitivity. The Core idea is to Use your mouse at natural dpi, for mine G502 proteus spec the native dpi is 400, so i Stick with 400 and sart adjusting from Point 30 as warzone is on 30fps. there is a how to Video on YouTube from xim (Odin).

Technical Support / Re: MW ST Need to be updated
« on: 09:40 AM - 05/26/20 »
Default settings. Now that new game settings are available I'll update the settings page today.

There are no changes visible yet.
I think ps4 Users need to switch deadzone from default 0.5 to 0.2
Same for Xbox Users from default 0.7 to 0.2 as pc Users default Setting Is. We all use a mouse so maybe we should use the default deadzone for mouse.

Technical Support / Re: MW ST Need to be updated
« on: 09:30 AM - 05/26/20 »
Hi Sagin, I looked at the game both Friday and yesterday and didn't find changes to the game's look mechanic between training results now versus when support was made. There's speculation in one of the CoD threads that this is related to horizontal aim assist. This report or similar came 1-2 months ago or so and was fixed in an update if I remember right.

Which Deadzone are you playing on which device?

Technical Support / MW ST Need to be updated
« on: 01:30 AM - 05/26/20 »
Hello XIM Team
as the topic says the mw st Need an Update. Since days many People complaining that the aim feels of. (Check Game Support and Shared configs section)

When will this Game playable with XIM again?

- XIM Apex
- Ps4 (complains in the Forum includes Xbox Users too, pc idk)
- St every Single one, Official St and all official st Based mods

Game Support / Re: COD: MW Parachute movement speed
« on: 01:23 AM - 05/26/20 »
A glance in the crystal ball for me reveals your settings and i can clearly indicate the Problem. You need your Crystal Ball i Shared the Right Settings Right through it.

Try sync Common in aux setup and ensure That the Check Box „switch“ is marked in aux. Post your settings for further support or it would Hard to help you out.

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