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I added the zeta deadzone to the post - this one was kinda hard to map out, so the image came out way different.

(Red dead redemption 2 is one of the games that use this kind of deadzone)

Is there a way to set absolute instead of relative joystick positions using xim link?

I tried using XIMInputData with both "RightStick(X/Y) and "RightStickDirectional", but it's always relative to the current joystick position.

I agree so much on this! For me personally, i'm just as good with mouse and keyboard via the XIM as with native M+K, in my opinion playing with aim assist enabled on M+K is actually worse, it just throws of your aim so much.

I absolutely suck at FPS games because my reaction time is dogshit, yet i still enjoy playing them :D

Support / Re: [Q/A] xbox 360 polling rate
« on: 11:13 AM - 04/14/20 »
all i wanted to know was if it's supported at all tbh - is anything above 250hz even supported at all when using a Xbox 360 controller?

Support / Re: [Q/A] xbox 360 polling rate
« on: 09:35 AM - 04/14/20 »
I use the XIM on PC - the "1000hz" icon inside the XIM app disappears though when i connect an Xbox 360 controller, so i guess 1000hz is only supported with Xbox One controllers?

I checked the report rate using an app i wrote using love2d, which uses SDL internally to poll the controller if that matters.

Support / Re: What does synchronization do exactly?
« on: 11:44 AM - 04/06/20 »
Here is the feature explanation from the download thread:

Game Framerate Synchronization: A new Config setting under Aim (expand '...' to view) called Synchronize was added. The purpose of this setting is to better align your XIM APEX's operation to the game's input processing loop to improve aiming fidelity. It works at all XIM APEX Response Rates and is available within Expert configuration mode. There are 4 settings you can choose from:

        Default   This is the default and is designed to generally work well on all games and matches the behavior of all XIMs prior to XIM APEX.
        Common   If your game runs at 60fps, try this setting. If switching from Default, divide your sensitivity by 2.
        Slow   If your game runs at 30fps, try this setting. If switching from Default, divide your sensitivity by 4.
        Off   Disables synchronization. Use this setting if you prefer to behavior of the retail XIM APEX firmware.

I noticed that turning offf synchronization is way more jittery, check out the following screenshot (I moved my mouse to the bottom right for like half a second)[/img]

Setting sync to off will allow for more of your mouse data to be used. When slowly moving your mouse you're not just sending positive values, you're sending values at rest (0's) too. More 0's are picked up which contributes to the jitter.

ah, that makes sense, thanks!

does that mean synchronization will take an average of the last x inputs? or is it more complicated actually?

another thing i could imagine it doing, would be to ignore zero-inputs if they occured within 1/60 or 1/30 seconds?

i'd love to understand what it does exactly - i understand that this might be some proprietary thing that gives the xim an advantage over similiar adapters though :P

Support / [Q/A] xbox 360 polling rate
« on: 02:20 AM - 04/06/20 »
is the polling rate limited to 250 if you connect an xbox 360 controller to the xim apex? i couldn't get 1000hz polling to work with it - it does work when i connect my ps4 controller however.

Support / [Q/A] What does synchronization do exactly?
« on: 01:07 AM - 04/06/20 »
What does the synchronization setting do exactly in technical terms? When i change it, the amount of inputs per second that i get from the XIM stays the same? I noticed that turning offf synchronization is way more jittery, check out the following screenshot (I moved my mouse to the bottom right for like half a second)

Interesting. I wouldn't think Gamma, Delta and Epsilon are correct, but that looks like data points have been plotted. How did you map them?

yea, these are plotted, i wrote an app using love2d to do this

i created a ballistic curve that exaggerates all movement, to make the deadzone more visible:

then i wiggled my mouse in a circle to reveal the deadzone:

So it turns out that the different generic configs have different deadzone shapes - i couldn't find any info though... so i kinda had to figure them out on my own.

Anyways here they are: (Please note that these are super exaggerated so that they are easier to see)

(Zeta was kinda hard to map out, that's why it looks so different)

Feedback / This adapter is amazing.
« on: 08:39 PM - 02/28/20 »
i bought the xim apex to play rdr2 online on pc - and it's AMAZING! i've been doing what the xim does, but in software - the xim apex does it so much better and faster! 🥰

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