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Game Support / Re: Apex Legends ST ?
« on: 08:15 PM - 12/02/21 »
What would be nice is if hip and ads had separate deadzone trainings if that's even possible. Hip firing isn't too bad at the deadzone it gets trained at but ads feels like crap. So we drop it to make ADS feel better but then hip fire suffers. But I don't think that's possible as ADS is just an auxed activation.

Guess it's very possible, Deadzone or Response curve can be emulated through the curves (like Robojut did), our XIM bros just need to have that as a presets (Low, Mid, High at least) hardcoded into AUX as a selector in order to keep ballistic editor. But that's probably a lot of work  ;D

So what would it mean if you had sync common but the xim set to 500hz? Or 1000? 
Does that mean if you set sync to anything other than Off, it overrides whatever is set in Global?

1. You will have 62.5Hz output to the game (For that AUX set to sync Common)
2. Yep, that is what our bro XIM Central says  ::)

That is why I said that I feel the slight difference between "sync default" and "Off sync but Global set to 125Hz", but based on values they both give the same output.

Can download here:

This link I given is ST4.2 = PS(4.2) = Xbox(X1.1)   8)

It's a XIMMR configs library (database), inside there are the PS and Xbox configs altogether.

For me default or common works better for hip then sync. Off.

Same for me last time, but after XIM posted this conversion table - it changes everything for me. You may use Sync Off, but cap the XIM refresh rate. Your Default sync will be the same if you do Sync Off but cap at 120 in XIM advanced config, For Common I think still need to use it with Sync. This cap works better for me now (Sync off + cap at 120 in XIM)

Hi All,
Missed out important note, those start using config pls update:
In ADS config - set activation button to left click. Was fine-tuning the config for this approach. Pros is:
1. Your ADS is as fast as HIP, quick target switching (it is slow down when you start firing)
2. Your Hipfire senses will slow down when you start shooting
3. Wingman, PK - easy to use up close

Will that matter?
As long as its not the latest Beta then is ok, coz latest Beta firmware become different ST, not compatible with old ones. But you can update to the normal latest version, no issue. I don't remember what are the updates with their latest version.(not Beta)

When clicking on the Apex Legends picture and it shows what it does in the video, "ApexL-Hip-P4.2". So am i all good now?
Yeah, you will be using PS4 config. It's because in the video he generated PS4 Config from Manager, you can generate Xbox too, so when you click on the picture it will show X1.1. This is what I use (Xbox ST 4.2).

Also the video states "these steps wont effect your other XIM config's", so if i normally use Titanfall 2 for a config, do i drop that and use the PS4 version? Or make a brand new TF2 config and it'll be able to take advantage of 4.2?
You may treat the XIMMR you downloaded as a library with the books, so those you previously taken still with you with no changes, the new ones you take - is the new ones from that library.. lol..
In other words - what you generate now in PC manager - will be PS4 4.2 or Xbox X1.1 configs (Apex and TF2, other games not sure). So if want take advantage of it - just rename those you newly generated as 4.2, so you will know which is which easy.

My XIM for example now have

Xbox - 4.2 (X1.1)
Xbox - 4.3 (X1.2)
PS4 - 4.2
PS4 - 4.3

Xbox - 4.2 (X1.1)
Xbox - 4.3 (X1.2)
PS4 - 4.2
PS4 - 4.3

So I can cycle them and test whenever I need it to, or if someone shared config with that specific version - I will just paste code into it..

The season 10 in Apex was quite stable for configs, was used only one config for the whole season, it worked great. Only some minor adjustments and DPI changes, but that was not related to XIM, own PC usage without changing DPI here and there. Not sure, maybe its because I randomized the values when share configs??!! (XIM bros for sure will say its not related, hahaha)

They trained it to ALC settings instead of default, so it is much more responsive in terms of movement. But the issue is for many people is that it doesnt give good AA for PC, so for console this ST should be perfect balance of movement and slightly reduced AA. For PC everyone stick to 4.2 now.

Updated settings for S11.

Feedback / Suggested Features - Ballistic Editor (Upgrade)
« on: 08:00 PM - 08/20/21 »
Thought if something can be done to the ballistic editor. It actually a powerful tool but underutilized because it is hard to setup. Currently create the curve is still can be done, but you cannot see at which mouse speed it will start and where end.

Will be good to add some kind of real-time indicator (inside curve editor) to see where the mouse current input at on the chart, so will be easier to adjust.

Maybe you can bring Ballistic editor out as a standalone app for beta test, it doesnt have to be a functional app if there are some security implications accessing to XIM - but it at least need to have same option to copy the curve and then paste it in the XIM software for tests.

Small ADS Ballistic tweak that made micro aim more smoother, shots more accurate and also increased AA for me (ADS need to increase, for me it was 16->20):
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

if I have everything working fine should I even attempt to update

As a general rule, if it works - don't touch it  :). Mine was really no AA in any settings, and also something wrong with deadzone (even if i set DZ4 - the crosshair already started to move by itself) so i did it as a last resort. Also this controller is very old and i never updated it once, so i guessed that the firmware is also the one that comes with controller from factory.

By the way, first S10 settings is out, see the 1st post.

Unforeseen happen  ;D . Not sure how old was my Xbox controller firmware, but yesterday i updated it and also reset calibration. So now all the settings are feels different from before, most become more better. My previous settings no more works for me, need to start to create settings and test out from scratch again, in the meantime using another fellow settings from Discord.
You might want to try update your controller firmware if its too old and you might notice different results. Will post the settings once have time to test out and finetune.

Ya, have updated settings, basically is same as V4, but with 3200 DPI and Maria's trick. You may find it on Discord in my signature. Recently many of us lost AA for like a week or so and now settings are under testing stage, that why not posted here yet. Will update in 1 week time. Now trying to settle my CPU 100% usage 1st, coz this probably affect AA as well.

Hi, possible that this item will be included anytime soon?

3. Translate Keybinds
Similar to Ballistics - have a code to export your keybinds, so when we copy paste codes from other players no need to spend another 20min to set all your keybinds back.

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