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Technical Support / [RESOLVED] Can I get my name changed
« on: 05:39 PM - 06/07/22 »
It can be anything really, maybe something like Giantman12345
Would really appreciate this

No luck,  changed to 100% and the tag is still there next to my name. Other people can see it too, and it's not a club so I cant leave it. I'll have to create my own club to hide it.
Someone joined a club on an account linked to your email address on another platform and only can leave the club using the account linked to your account on n the other platform

when i use 2018 firmware the sensitivity are not the same , it feel more responsive and snappier and the 20210625 feel smoother and floaty compared to 2018
sensitivity change a little due of this
i play r6 siege xbox serie x and i use smart translator 1.7

I felt the same when I used to play r6

So I've never tried ALC settings before, decided today to give it a shot w/ this set up and HOLY @#$%. 20x's better than just standard settings

The latest translator requires ALC on with specific settings.

Any eta?

Can confirm majority of xim players are still using the older xim st for apex or higher level players. Don't know there reasons but it worked better for me.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: Custom smoothing values
« on: 07:46 AM - 02/21/22 »
I am an experienced gyro user and totally happy with the Nexus. It is by far the best gyro controller I have ever tested. I have a question concerning the smoothing. As I am used to a high and very responsive gyro setting, I tried to choose the "custom" smoothing option and set all values to 0. It feels best for me and responds just the way I want it to. As I am not getting any jitters or strange behaviour I was asking myself, if there is still some kind of smoothing applied with everything set to 0 or if it is a "raw" gyro input. That would be interesting to know.
Thank you for your answer and for creating this amazing device!

If 0 is absolute 0 that's crazy there is no jitters or stuff

What could be an ETA for the apex translator trained on normal sensitivities? Can the old one not be subbed in or does it have to be retrained?

Yes, that will cause Manager to crash (for APEX too now). I'll talk to mist4fun about building a Classic one.

It will only cause the latest manager to crash, still works fine with old managers


This link contains the download for the 4.2 Apex st which was trained on 7/7 Low

One of the most generic sensitivities in the game is 4-4 classic or somewhere along those lines. You guys already have a trained translator for 7-7 classic, low deadzone that was changed over a year ago to said alc. Would it be possible to port it over to a generic st for users to test with the Nexus?

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: Apex legends help
« on: 06:19 AM - 02/19/22 »
anybody else experiencing trouble when with analog stick in apex legends. my analog work fine until i bring up my heals then for some reason it doesn't register so I cant switch between heals

Use radial menu on the bind for heals

I don't recall us training on a lower sensitivity like that. Let me talk to mist4fun about it.

The picture is above showing what sensitivity the old st was trained on from the xim website. 7-7 is the highest on classic settings you can get with aim assist since 8-8 doesn't have aim assist and it was trained on low deadzone. I have the file containing the old p4.2 st which was trained on that to if you need it just let me know.

Ok, I think we looked at this before and reducing the in-game sensitivity by 1 will keep the same aim mechanic but enables AA. Have you experienced this? If so, we can update the settings notes -- or even retrain the translator at the slightly lower speed.

There is already a p4.2 Apex st or X1.1 that was trained on 7-7 Low deadzone, could you release this is some way so I can't test it out. I really don't enjoy the ALC settings for Apex legends, the deadzone or something makes recoil feel so off compared to playing with out the alc settings and alc set up together

We are going to be producing translators with lower in game sensitivities. Feel free to experiment with different in-game sensitivities and let us know your experience with it.

Will the newer translators have a lower deadzone in it? Aiming using a translator doesn't quite feel the same as aiming with out due to the higher stick deadzones.

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