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XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: OBsIV Respect
« on: 06:29 AM - 01/23/22 »
Too many words in the dictionary but I picked legend for you

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: Where to buy?
« on: 06:21 AM - 01/23/22 »
Nexus may not be a product for die-hard mouse and keyboard players, for those the XIM Apex exists. Nexus and Apex will now work alongside each other, so there will be a product for everyone!

Personally i prefer a mouse and keyboard but i have plenty of games that i enjoy more when sitting comfortably on the couch. With Nexus i finally have a controller that allows me to do exactly that while being as accurate as with a mouse and keyboard. Im sure im not the only one with that stance in here, so i could see plenty of Apex users being interested in a Nexus too! :)

This is same reason for me

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Where to buy?
« on: 07:12 AM - 01/20/22 »
Any further ETA's for sale and any possibility of finding who distributes in which country

Shared Configs / Re: apex legend settings pred
« on: 09:17 AM - 01/04/22 »
Do you use an anti recoil with that ?
Just pull down bro

Playstation Titanfall 2 or Apex P4.2 ST?
Titanfall 4.2, says near title
From Titanfall only see  two profiles: xbox one and xbox 360. That's why I was asking if I was choosing the correct profile.

Ah sorry, titanfall 2, playstation 4.2

Shared Configs / Re: apex legend settings pred
« on: 11:48 AM - 01/02/22 »
What's your deadzone for 7/7 settings

Shared Configs / Re: apex legend settings pred
« on: 08:35 AM - 01/02/22 »
1st game 3500 damage  ;)
the more you get usued the settings the better micro aim you get

There a real difference ? I canít charge the st4.2 and played with the 4.3
I donít know why , I follow the Tuto on YouTube but something still wrong Ö

You can't use latest manager on pc, I will update my post

Use this manager and follow the steps

Playstation Titanfall 2 or Apex P4.2 ST?
Titanfall 4.2, says near title

If you were to use SAB what would you recommend for keyboard on ps4?
Off feels best on hip, on ads it doesn't matter use whatever. It'll probably feel the same

Testing 3 deadzone at the moment, if it stays consistent I'll make an official change

Cracked thanks bro for your effort,  see lot of dicck head,s @#$%
Works great i only use the alc settings  , from 13 games 7 wins

I was just trying things out, thought I'd share. Config can definitely be much better , needs some more fine tuning but as a base it's great. Enjoy the game

Is this configuration also available on ps5? ??
Or is it just for PC?
I haven't tried it out yet on console however if you can try out perhaps give me some insight.

I felt that ADS was too late. What is the reason for the ADS sensitivity of 32?

deadzone is default at 7500, still doing it.

Set it higher until it stops ( this will effect using the controller with the st). It's dependant on everyones controller wear and tear. As this is a 0 deadzone config the stick drift will be more noticable unless you higher deadzone in the app. I get 0 stick drift

No reason, it's just settings. They work for me so I share simple. That being said ads values were wrong. It's meant to be 20 sorry

im getting a lot of "stick drift" on my mouse. like it just starts pulling in random directions. what can I do to fix this?

In xim don't set the deadzone to 0, there is no need. That is only xim's way to cancel out any unnecessary input from the roller. Set it to whatever default is (I'm not sure off my head)

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