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Beta / Re: Beloader Pro beta test review
« on: 04:46 AM - 08/13/22 »
Or nacon compact what im using and works fantastic no issue what so ever

@everyone they just release the latest firmware for beloader pro users and its works fine with normal or beta firmware. 2morrow they will release the firmware for the normal beloader users and the firmware will work for beta and normal firmware

Beloader devs cant get a ps5 beta account to address the issue so if anyone has a ps5 account will be great if u can meesge them amd boroow an account with ps5 beta so they can patch it

Yea why ps4 owners didnt got the update im not even going to say abput beloader ps5 owners that we dont get nothing no st but xim yt chsnnel promote the beloader as a solution

Beta / Re: Beloader Pro beta test review
« on: 12:46 PM - 05/29/22 »
Im getting mine soon i will let all know also my feedback . Thanks though for the bunging review !!!!

What device u mean ?

The touch pad works fine for me im using beloader and xim
I was using a v1 ps4 controller which caused the problem. All works well on a v2 ps4 controller.

I try ps5 works great the touchpad and because the ps5 controller is requires more power im using the ladt two months my nacon compact and touch pad work great also

The touch pad works fine for me im using beloader and xim

I have been reunning beloader lan method with 500 hz the last 4 months i havent seen any purple lights on my xim

Im using beloader with xim and touchpad works perfect fine for me
Hey thanks for confirming, so it looks like it's because I have an unconventional controller(Splitfish Fragchuck) which is why my touchpads dont work with Beloader. Are you running Beloader with keyboard and mouse I suppose?

Yea xim mk with beloader best thing ever i dont even care for ps 5 compatibility anymore i just wish if xim could make based of beloader ps5 configurations

Im using beloader with xim and touchpad works perfect fine for me

Change the usb slot from a2 or a3 that u using to a1 plug your xim to a1

Is not posdible im using usbc to jack and i can hear everytjhing def is something wro g from ypur end

For me everything works perfect nothing have change i can talk to partys i can liaten everything in game or when im usin game chat or party chat everything is the same as b4 . Im using bluetooth headphones or im using normal eyerbuds that they have jack cable and i bought also a cable that makes usbc to jack so im coneccting the usbc to my ps5 port that usbc cable it has a jack port and there im connecting my eyerbuds im not using my controller to plug there My eyer buds if make sense so basically u need to get a cable from usbc to jack 3.5
i bought the razer eyerbuds and its sound soooo good equal almost as my razer 7.1 headsets

Beta / Re: Beloader help
« on: 11:49 AM - 03/09/22 »
Beloader is soooo goooddddd like sooooo goooddddddd wifi or lan its soooo good at the start i had so many problems i fixxed everythimg and now i can choose between lan or wifi i used to play wifi no issue what so ever now im
Playing lan zero lag zero
Disconnects both ways if u do it proprlerly its soooooooo fking good tbh all atbthis point idgaf if a solution will ever come to ps5 .the only thing i wish is if we had also ps5 sts for the xim and imagine all my imternet is not great 100 mbps download 10 mpbs upload speed by lan with wifi my download speed is around 60 with 10 mbps uplaod

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