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Tnx for your reply.. One last question if replace the back usb port will this make my xim works again?

Already done that steps but nothing changed.. It seems that the back usb doesn't power any device..

Thats right any device icon appears on xim manager. All devices works normally on pc without any issue.. With and without hub.

Hi everyone, i have Xim Apex for a long time, it works normaly but after some months stopped recognize any device im plugged in usb. i tried to connect only my controller on xim without hub directly on usb and do the same for mouse and keyboard but nothing worked.On xim manager desn't appear any icon on the top..try different usb hubs,cables,usb ports but nothing happened. Any suggestion what to do appreciated.. Thank you !

XIM APEX Discussions / new destiny 2 settings
« on: 12:02 AM - 03/10/22 »

Tutorials / Re: How to play all PS5 games over Remote Play
« on: 05:31 PM - 12/20/21 »
xim flashing purple lightswhen i use remote play  any idea about that?

All of that is entire too involved for me. I just use the ones they provide and I get used to it after a few games.

this is an easy way to build fast muscle memory and u can use this curve for all the games

Hi everyone!

This settings is NEW method that u can use to create your own settings for D2 on your dexterity..

My Destiny Stats and weapon accuracy: https://destinytracker.com/destiny-2/profile/psn/DeRooT_/detailed

If u like my setting or have questions comment through here..
Or join on my Discord Server: https://discord.gg/F6r4VcjU94

U can use what DPI and HZ u want for this.

Step 1   set ingame Look Sensitivity  to 20
              set ADS Sensitivity Modifier to 1.0
              set Sprint-Turn Scale to 0.8

Step 2   On Xim set what DPI and HZ you want.
             On Xim set your keybinds
             On Xim paste the curve* on your Hip only and set Sensitivity to what u feel good with it,
             using this method : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rs0sH4rfGRc&ab_channel=XIMCentral

             and this calculator :https://jscalc.io/embed/vqOrqXRpMgmwb8tV?utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=JSCalc%20Blog&utm_source=JSCalc%20blog&utm_term=PSA%20method%20calculator

             On Xim on ADS page set activation key to NONE!(click 2 times).

Step 3   Now Adjust ADS Modifier from INGAME to what you are comfortable with.
             example if you set it to 1.0 you have the same feeling on ADS as HIP,
             if u want to more speed increase it to 1.1...1.5,
             if u want to less speed decrease it to 0.9...0.5,

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>




Hi everyone!

This is my final Destiny 2 settings on PS5 120hz.
This settings is mainly for wrist/arm aimers..But u can adjust it on your dexterity..


Hi i change my ingame settings and my xim settings, you can find my new setting on my discord server :

Hi Depaoli,

Could you share insights if you changed the XIM sensitivity to accommodate the new D2 in-game settings that increased sensitivity from 10 to 20, specifically

* are you still using D2 in-game 10 sensitivity with the previous XIM sensitivity, or changed from 10 to 20?
* if you changed D2 in-game sensitivity, what's the ration to convert your sensitivity to the new one? Is it simply divide it on 2?
* Any changes required to XIM deadzone settings? (it might be needed as they increased in-game turn speed and no Traction mod is required )

Hi i change my ingame settings and my xim settings, you can find my new setting on my discord server : https://discord.gg/Qn3DC7fFVJ

Does anyone have the code or picture for the curve? Unable to paste the whole setup for some reason. Saying error when trying.
i will send it to u in DM.
I would like the Curve as well dude when ever you get a chance!

I will send u the curves i  DM..

Hey, I'm yet to receive my xim but will be using this config once I'm up and running! Are you likely to update it once the sens and ads sens changes happen?

I will update my settings when the game sensitivity change and the new ST comes out..

Can some people help me?
I update to series x and my settins sucks.
I play destiny 2 pvp at 1080p series x, 60 fps. Mouse 7200dpi and 1000hz.

hey set the FOV to 90-105 and try my settings,u need to convert it to your dpi with this dpi calculator: https://www.easycalculation.com/other/dpi-calculator.php

Yo Dep,
  So I wanna give this config another go and see if I can use a different controller to fix my issues I had with it before.
 Do you happen to have the conversion sensitivities for 12,000 dpi? And do you get any kind of sloshy over-shooting when you make fast turns or flicks?(Kind if feels like it keeps going in the direction for a second after you’ve stopped the mouse.)
you can use this dpi calculator to convert my settings to your dpi : https://www.easycalculation.com/other/dpi-calculator.php

i never had any issue as that u described

Hello, your config works pretty cool on ps5, but if i use it on xbox series x with same devices (mnk+xbox controller) it feels like have a little input lag, do you know what i should change in config to fix it?

Hi do u have the same feeling both on HIP and ADS? i think that new xbox has different look mechanism

I recently upgraded to a xim apex, and have been struggling to make a simple macro that used to work on my ps4/xim4, and was wondering if someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong, so I'll give all the info I can.

To quickswap on destiny you have to hold down aim, then press sprint into forward into swap (i think that's the right order) all as fast as you can on a controller holding each one down until all are pressed together then can let go of all the buttons (or keep hold of aim still, but you do that normally anyway so really its the forward/sprint/swap which are the important buttons). I can do it real easy on a controller.

On my ps4 i spent some time finding the sweet spot for all the buttons to register and came too the macro set as:

Sprint/25ms delay, into forward/25ms delay, into swap/25ms delay
Into letting go of sprint/25ms delay, letting go of forward/25ms delay, into letting go of swap/25ms delay.

My mouse was set to 500 polling rate and I think the xim4 has a polling rate of 125.

It worked every time on ps4 with xim4 when I found the sweet spot, no problem.

Now I have the xim apex I can't get it to work, first I realised the xim4 had a 125ms polling rate and I had the apex set to 1000, so I put it back to 125ms, but on ps5 destiny is set at 60fps, so I'm not sure if thats screwing it up, I think I've tried every value from 50 to 0, at 125-500-1000hz on the xim apex manager.

Am I making a simple mistake somewhere? Any help is appreciated!

i have what u need bro!

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