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Game Support / Re: Papa Mist eta on overwatch st?
« on: 11:48 AM - 10/22/19 »
I'll find out this afternoon how ST training went. mist4fun won't give me an ST he isn't happy with (which is the right call). Assuming all is well, then, I'll release it. We are Pacific (US west coast) time.

Thank you for the answers. Do you know if he has considered whether he should use linear or exponential aiming for Fortnite, and if so - how does he determine which one works the best?

@#$% I hope itís coming in the next hours then, when I read it was coming yesterday I took a free day at work today  :D

You booked a day off for the new ST?  :o

Yeah..have some overtime I need to use before end of the year, and today with the Patch that is coming that fixes major issues, and the release of the new ST, seemed a good day to nerd...

I still hope it comes out today otherwise I ll be sad  ;D

Mist4fun, who is the one doing the STs, is sleeping I think so I think we are out of luck sadly

Game Support / Re: Query regarding upcoming Fortnite ST
« on: 03:10 PM - 10/21/19 »
I hope so!

I believe the xbox and ps4 have different deadzones

I am very glad that we are getting a new Fortnite ST, so we can use the advanced options.

Two points which I have thought about for the new ST:

- People report that the ST should be trained with the smallest deadzone to give the best aim. I am not entirely sure about this, but if this is the case, could it be considered? The current (standard) deadzone is 0,10 i believe.

- A lot of people report that the Linear option is insane and gives great accuracy. This is a new option for Fortnite. Will we be able to use the linear option with the new ST?

The new season update just dropped. When can we to expect a new ST? It is really needed at this point

« on: 09:59 AM - 09/25/19 »
We will get to it, it's just that we are no longer going to bump other games anymore to give priority to Fortnite. Especially since this will be the 9th time we will be revisiting it.

Thank you OBsIV! Can we expect a new ST for Fortnite since this big console update today? And if so, do you know when to expect it?


A new update towards the controller aim assist and sensiticity came out today.

I havenít updated my Xim in anyway for months. I just realized that a new Xim ST came out recently for Fortnite players. Should I update to this or will mist4fun and co. Update the Fortnite ST again soon again?

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