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General Discussion / HOW TO:....pls help :)
« on: 02:06 AM - 11/19/11 »
hello ximmers. i need help on how to play music on xbox360 while playing a game. I tried hooking up my mp3 player but it didnt work. i did some research about it and they say some mp3 players might not be compatible with xbox360 or something. anyway, is there any other way to do this?? thanks! :)

what do u guys mean by switcher? i play bf3 too but and when i use tanks, helis or jets i switch over to my controller lol..

General Discussion / Re: 100mbps down 5mbps up
« on: 04:51 PM - 11/16/11 »
damnnnn that's some real speed u guys have. mine is 25+ mbps download and .98 upload lol. i have cable :D is there a way to increase my internet speed?

agree. just a couple new things (perks/killstreaks), different arangement, and different maps. but overall, 90% like mw2. sad lol

General Discussion / Re: mw3 perk confussion...
« on: 04:07 PM - 11/11/11 »
i see. so i guess im doomed either way lol. i love sniper rifle >.< 34-6 on domination wooo lol.

General Discussion / mw3 perk confussion...
« on: 03:06 PM - 11/11/11 »
hey guys. im a little confuse about 2 perks on this game. the "blind eye" and "assasin". blind eye says undetectable by enemy air support. and assasin, undetectable by enemy uav etc. are they the same? if not whats the difference? thanks!

i see. so u just have to increase your sens. i have sens adjustment on my rat 9 mouse so ill use that one instead :D hmmm never played bf3 so wish me luck. if u see me killing my own team, then i hope ull understand lolll..thanks guys!

i see. i'm using my mouse and keyboard. and when i get a chopper gunner, all i do is grab my controller and use it. what do u need a switcher for? thanks!

hi all! im thinking of trading my mw3 to bf3 because i want something "new" :) imma stick with black ops tho. but im concern about controlling helicopters or tanks on bf3 with xim. bcause on black ops, u need controller to use chopper gunner etc.. is it the same with bf3? thanks!

General Discussion / Re: New member; were can I find..
« on: 02:35 PM - 11/09/11 »
".....?!?!?" lol. download ximmanger and update ur xim 3 on your computer. from there u can edit your config to  your liking. Im not even sure if i answered ur question lol.

General Discussion / Re: My Modern Warfare 3 review
« on: 10:41 PM - 11/08/11 »
I agree. Of course there are new good stuff about this game. But for me I think it's "too much" (such as unlocking, leveling up etc.). I just wanna upgrade my "gears" and start killing lol. Graphics looks pretty much like MW2. I don't know, I'm just not into it as much as Black ops :( I don't like how they arranged everything. I think it's a mess. I didn't really like MW2 before. So I guess not liking this MW3 is no surprise. I'm gonna stick with black ops, but I'm keeping this game anyway just in case i get bored playing Black ops lol.

My rates:

       MW2 - ** 2star
Black ops - **** 4star
       MW3 - *** 3star
       puss - ***** 5star lol

Just sharing my thoughts (NOT trying to offend anybody). If you like this MW3, then good for you. peace!

General Discussion / Re: xbox 360 3D
« on: 03:52 PM - 11/07/11 »
hmmm i see. when u said "new xbox", did u mean the "slim"? bcause i have like 3 yr old xbox. so doest that mean it support hdmi 1.2? what monitor would u recommend? thanks :)

General Discussion / Re: xbox 360 3D
« on: 01:19 PM - 11/07/11 »
i see..so i need to buy a 120hz (or higher) monitor to make this [email protected] what do u mean support 4.1a? what is that? lol sorry newbie here :) thanks!

General Discussion / xbox 360 3D
« on: 12:14 PM - 11/07/11 »
hey wassup ximers! I found a 3D setting on cod-black ops. is this possible? because i did some reseach on xbox 360 3D and it seems like its not compatible yet??? i dont know but thats what i heard. anyway,is there anyone using 3D on xbox? if so, what do u need to do this? 3D monitor? thanks :)

im using the same keyboard and mouse for my PC and xim3. I bought this usb switcher, "Ultra GammaView U12-40715 KVM Switch - 2 Port". got it on ebay for $30-40 USD. its a little expensive but worth it. fast switch just by simply pressing 1 button. goodluck!

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