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Hello, I recently purchased the XIM Apex and am currently having trouble making the device work. The problem I seem to be facing at the moment is that I am unable to have the XIM Apex recognize that my controller is connected. When the XIM is connected to my Xbox One, the XIM lights up and shows the rainbow of colors and then goes to a breating red (default color). I do not receive the 4 green lights signaling that my controller has been connected. In addition, my Apex manager shows that the XIM Apex is recognizing my keyboard and mouse, but not my controller. I have updated the firmware to the latest version on both the XIM Apex and the Apex Manager. I have also attempted multiple hard resets.

For refrence, I attempted to connect my controller directly into the XIM Apex and still receive the same light sequence. When connecting the XIM Apex to my Xbox One with the controller connected, I only single vibration as well.

I believe this means that my issue lies in the cable that is used to connect my controller to my XIM hub. however, I have tried a number of different cables, and none of them seem to work. Thus, I would like to know if I could be pointed in the right direction to find a cable that will work in connecting my controller to the XIM Apex? What kind of 2.0 USB to micro b cable would work?
I have had the same problem ever since i updated my xbox one controllers firmware to fix it you have to unplug your controllers usb wire from the hub after 10 seconds of getting the "single vibartion" then replug the wire back into the hub then wait for about a min you should see a green flash on the xim's light if you see that you are good to go if not repeat the steps thats how i fix it every time

Game Support / Re: Destiny 1&2: Advanced Setups (20190801)
« on: 01:19 AM - 08/06/19 »
so do i read that as ads curve 1 being the weakest AA and 6 being the strongest?

hip 4 makes using boots without traction almost bearable

The numbers are reflecting how aggressive the curve is at overcoming AA. 1 being the least aggressive (most AA feel), 6 being the most aggressive (least AA feel).

I can rename them maybe to help with the poll. I wonít have time till this weekend. IMO though. All you need is my current setup, which Iíll add later today.
When will you add your current setup? And many thanks for the the curves and configs that you have created

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