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We're talking about sab in overwatch specifically. So, in this case sab does impact aa greatly.

I will say.. a lot of people want the same mouse settings on console but I'd shy away from that personally.. console has aim assist and turn speed caps so you'll never have exact settings. The best thing I ever did was embrace the aim assist, stop trying to act like I'm on pc.. made aiming way easier.. i know that may not be the full intention but just some advice.

You can add curves to give you acceleration.. for instance if you do what nitro introduced not too long ago.. go to curve and set x to 95 and y to 100. You basically add acceleration while maintaining 1:1. Boost also does this if you do not want to mess with the curve itself. Only other way would be on your mouse configuration

Try sab off, then run sab 0. You'll notice aim assist acts differently when strafing and aiming. Thats its whole point. Overwatch AA is based off both thumbsticks. Not just one. So if you're moving left with sab on and aiming it overwatch mechanics acts different to compensate the way your moving. I think... right OB?

Firmware updates is one thing. Only small things like sab i think... i run the 7/19 firmware just because I've seen some people, placebo or not, say new ones felt off

Its well known OW has the weirdest aim mechanics and its unpredictable af.

nothing changed at all. This is common with all set ups as you get used to aim assist and such. Ive found on overwatch when i change settings they always feel great then they feel off after awhile.. if it feels fast just lower your sens. 23 hip is a fast sensitivity.. thats almost pure wrist aiming. Where as something around 15-18 would be wrist and arm. Just dial it back a bit.

My settings feel great and with the expo st i run 12k dpi 4.5 sens which on 3200 dpi would be around 16.8, so try that... i also updated to 40 aaw and 100 aaei.

I went from the deathadder to g502 hero and I have no reason to look further. Even with larger hands the g502 is just build so well. Maybe when I go to pc ill upgrade but for now it's great. I'm surprised how Logitech pretty much owns the competitive gaming equipment.

Gotcha, this forum is fantastic man. Great job, for a company without a support number I've never felt like I didn't get a quick and effective response. From mods and the community. Kudos.

I've been popping off with this expo config. I've noticed with the remade curves I need higher aaw and since that creates weird interactions I now use 100 aaei. I recommend anyone using this or even the linear curve to try 40 aaw and 100 aaei. Give it 2 or 3 games and you'll learn what im saying. I flick just as good if not better now but my tracking has improved by an insane amount

you have to make the profile on ghub the only one, so delete the other 4 default profiles or disable them i should say. Save your profile to the 1st profile and enable it. Then you HAVE TO ENABLE ON BOARD MEMORY MODE before you disconnect from pc.

Appreciate the update. We talk about settings all day long but no one understands the difference those settings will feel like with different mousepads/mouse.

DPI as low as you can go without hitting the 500 Sens cap on XIM, Response Rate 125Hz, Sync Slow, Smoothing around 5, SAB on ADS, reduce in-game Sensitivity, deceleration Ballistics Curve, analog input instead of WASD.

Would running slow sync on a game like overwatch result in negative performance or all syncs doable on any game and just effect the aim assist interaction?

Its on update 7.10 with sab off it has the issue. No matter what aim style

Antithesis, I love when you break @#$% down. Its always crystal clear and I learn more about everything I thought I already knew. Ty.

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