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Shared Configs / Re: PUBG Settings - MeteoroBR 2020
« on: 05:48 AM - 01/06/20 »
I have tried all the settings of this page for the xim apex and this is the only one I can say that it is almost perfect, it is only a problem of how bad I am playing ... if not, your setting would be excellent  :) ;) thx friend!

Hardware Compatbility / Re: TARTARUS V2 with Apex ?
« on: 05:27 PM - 12/06/19 »
It is the one that I use, without problems.

Tutorials / Re: g502 lightspeed configuration
« on: 05:19 AM - 08/03/19 »
The truth is that with the old program it was easy to configure, with this new one I can't get these buttons, can you put some images to configure those buttons? The same is because I use Mac and not Windows and it is not as compatible as Logitech says.

Thanks for your help burnttoast, yesterday I could check! G502 Wireless and K800, perfect with XIM Apex!

Hi everyone, I'm new here and I take the opportunity to introduce myself and comment that my XIM APEX will arrive in a week and I would like to know if any of you could help me since I am not sure that my Logitech mouse works correctly on PS4 the wireless model that came out a few months ago the G502 Lightspeed Wireless.


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