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please can you share it ? , I will test it up. And will see what will be better for me


I just want it to ask, if some1 using aux for looting feel like PC and be so nice to share with me ?

Thank you

Thanks mate for a share your config, I have been able to make some high kill game with it, several 15/16 kill games still w8ting for my 1st 20 bomb


What sens for 16k dpi ?


just want to ask if some1 have good Auxilery for quick looting, where using scroll up and down, also left and rigt click mouse, I cant manage by myself and realy looking for it.

Game Support / Re: Best setup for Apex Ledgends
« on: 05:16 AM - 04/17/19 »
Hello, just wandering in the last posted setting from JE77, what about smoothink , what value do you use it ? or cust 0 ? Thank you

Game Support / Re: Best setup for Apex Ledgends
« on: 05:46 AM - 04/11/19 »
A lot of people have reached out to me and to be honest I have done a lot of testing. I ALWAYS end up going back to my original settings that I posted on here months ago... I have tried numerous settings and configs and I always think I like them at first, but they never remain consistent.

My old settings that I have been using have won me multiple tournaments and a lot of side money that is very nice ;)

Anyways I am not going to brag about my stats, no need for that, just letting you guys know which settings/config I have been using with plenty of 20+ kill games

any questions just LMK

Here they are again... I just copied and pasted it back on here for reference

DPI 3200      1000Hz/1000hz
IN GAME- 7,7 FOV 90 (what feels comfortable) look dead zone- small (default) CURVE- Classic
SYNC- Default
XIM- HIP-37 ADS-37 ( I have kept these values the same... FEELS AMAZING)
***NEW BOOST- 60 for both HIP + ADS

Hello, just wondering do you have set up any advanced game setting ? Play with AA or without them.

do you have some auxilery option (health/inventory/looting) for  your settings  ?

I am newbie in using xim apex so looking for the best setting for me and want it to some templeate

Thank you

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