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Game Support / Re: Fortnite Legacy ST
« on: 05:57 PM - 02/20/20 »
But they switched to Chaos Engine in the beginning of the month.  Soooooo what exactly are you waiting for?

Game Support / Re: Fortnite Legacy ST
« on: 04:29 PM - 02/20/20 »
Sooo wheres the changes?

idk ask epic?
I thought you had all the intel I mean you sure were certain aiming behaviour would change. We waited a long time for nothing just based off rumours without any word from epic that it would change, I still cant see where they mentioned it like you said.

So you call official statements from epic rumours? It took me 5 seconds to google "Fortnite + Unreal Engine" and the first hit was already one of the several statements
A reddit announcement even mentioned more infos such as that if they wont make it in time (which is why the season got extended for so long) they will do it after the season.

Hmmm Yet somehow you said the look mechanics were going to change a month before that statement was released. Also interesting how it doesn't say anything about look mechanics in that release.

Game Support / Re: Fortnite Legacy ST
« on: 04:06 PM - 02/20/20 »
OBsIV didn't make the statement about upcoming AA changes, Od1n did. Od1n is a community moderator, not a paid XIM Tech employee. Historically, Od1n has his finger on the pulse - if he says changes are coming, I trust that his sources are legit.

Game Support / Re: Fortnite Legacy ST
« on: 02:23 PM - 02/20/20 »
Haha I love how they have been promising massive changes in Fortnite as an excuse not to do anything, only to see nothing has really changed. SMH.  Maybe its time to stop ignoring the community and try something different. 

Hahaha you really should learn to collect your thoughts before posting instead of you continuing to edit it every time itís kinda just comical at this point. 

Iím sorry to the XIM team if I am coming across as entitled. I truly believe in your product and think that it could have a bright future. That being said with the continued support of native M/KB across a lot of new titles and games like Fortnite creating look mechanics that arenít favorable to your current Smart Translator whatís stopping other games from following Fortnites lead.  I really want you guys to be successful but at this point it is either adapt or die.

I have switched to native support a couple months ago when the new season started hoping that eventually your support would improve. Iím not here to try and bash the work you guys do but I donít understand what type of market you guys are going after moving forward. Iím not going to keep going back and forth because I can see itís going nowhere but until I see a change I will not be returning the XIM. I do wish you guys the best of luck and pray that you adapt before you lose the rest of the community.

Why do you keep posting and then adding stuff after I reply each time.  If the post isn't ready yet don't post it otherwise everything else loses context. This is like the third time you have done it to me and its very annoying.

I never used the term liars but they certainly are misleading the community saying that they know about an update coming.  Even the best fortnite leakers still don't know when an update is coming, EPIC has kept everything very secret this season.  I said negligent because everyone is constantly telling them that it is not right yet they are choosing the wait and see approach instead of taking action.  And I didn't say uncaring but if I were it would not be referring to them caring about XIM but it would be referring to them caring about Fortnite because it is clear that the XIM team does not care about the game at all.  I understand that because it has probably caused them quite a headache but its upsetting the community undoubtedly.  Everyone who is posting is showing you how much they care about both XIM and Fortnite otherwise they would just move on to native support and leave the XIM team alone but clearly they care.

Antithesis pretty much just proved my point.  Basically they already tested it and are not going to test it again until there is an "update".  Yes Math is math, but does that mean that you can't account for variable change.  I know antithesis does not work for XIM he is just a XIM advocate, but you can't really tell us that the team has tried everything.  I get that they have other games to do and that it is a small team of individuals with complicated software but the community is begging you to allow us to help you.  I can honestly say that there has not been a single day where there wasn't at least one topic about fortnite on the first page of every discussion board.  Clearly the community cares about the game and is telling you something isn't right.  Maybe there needs to be an adjustment to the Smart Translator, maybe there is a different way to look at the game that the testers have not tried yet, bottom line is that we don't know.  All the community knows is that it isn't as good as it could be. 

I agree with most of what nicktyler222 said.  I personally don't really care if you use legacy or advanced cause I do see the positives of both, but regardless what ever you choose it should work a lot better than it does right now.  Legacy is a better option for actual controller players and the majority of the competitive community could tell you that.  But for the XIM team to use the excuse that there is an update coming soon so they are going to wait till then is a complete farce.  There is literally no such thing anywhere that says that.  Yes all M/KB players are complaining about AA all over the internet but that means nothing.  The fortnite community has been complaining about it since competitive started and EPIC has made it perfectly clear that they aren't really planning on doing anything about it.  And just to go one step further AA is never going to change on console, the complaint regarding AA is purely a controller on PC thing.  If they removed AA on console EPIC knows they would lose players left and right.  The vast majority of your community is on console and will not be affected. The fact that the XIM team continues to use the excuse that there is an update coming down the pipeline that is going to reduce AA and change the look mechanics is the biggest load of crap that I have ever heard.  They are claiming to know something that literally no one else in the world knows.  Stop misleading your community.

As I have said in other threads, XIM has the opportunity to be the best input option for Fortnite and their negligence is leading to players away from using there device.  I know I am coming off as pissed off but really I'm just sad and wish that there was something besides excuses coming from the XIM team.  They have shown us that they simple do not care about Fortnite anymore.

Yes but EPIC also added the ability adjust the AA in the new settings between 0-100 thus making your last argument not valid.  Although I will say if you try to tell people in this forum to lower there AA the rest of this community may riot.  I'm really not trying to knock the work that mist or anyone else does.  I understand that EPIC continues to change everything but to that point it has been and still is arguably the most popular game in the world right now so it kinda warrants that upkeep. I get that mist is a very busy guy and making a simple ST for a basic game I'm sure takes endless hours of tweaking.  I'm just struggling to believe that with all the customization that this game has to its settings that this is as good as it gets.

Listen I understand the work you guys put in is very tough and something that most people here don't fully understand.  All I am saying is that it still feels off and everyone is also telling you the same thing.  I'm also not here trying to say that you need to use legacy at all.  I do see that everyone is saying that but that is in no part of what I am trying to say.  I'm not delusional thinking that it should be exactly as precise as real mouse input cause that is not possible.  But I can say that the XIM has felt much better in the past then it does right now.  Which is honestly confusing since the advanced settings allow you to completely customize your controls more than ever before.  But are you really trying to say that there is no room for improvement in anyway.  That you have tried every single setting that FN has to offer and this is it.  From what it sounds like from every other thread that I have read it sounds like you are waiting to see if EPIC does something else before testing again.  If all the people at XIM say that this is as good as it is ever going to get then I will accept that, really I will, and just continue to play native.  What I'm trying to say is that XIM can have the most optimal settings in the game right with a little tweaking.

Honestly my disappointment with XIM has less to do with there choice of using advanced settings but rather the state of the ST.  XIM literally has the opportunity to be the best input option for Fortnite.  I know AA isn't the reason to use XIM, the devs have made it very clear that the purpose of XIM is to replicate mouse input which I get.  BUT if anyone here was actually up to date on what is going on with FN they would see that controller players are actually passing many KB/M because of how strong the actual AA is.  Both Legacy and Linear have there advantages.  If you chose either one of those the community would have complained less but still the biggest factor isn't what you chose, It is that you still haven't optimized the ST. Period.  Saying they keep changing it so you can't stay up do date really is a lame excuse because they haven't changed it in 4 months now. 

Because of the state of the ST I have been playing native KB/M and tbh I have been enjoying it alot.  Everything honestly does feel better all around for me and my building is on a new level that has me winning a decent amount of money.  That being said if the XIM ST were to be optimized I would switch back simply because it is easier to hit shots.  Also after some messing around I found that with the wooting keyboard allows you to bind contoller inputs while still having individual weapon bind access.  Which means that if my keyboard is plugged in directly to my PC and the mouse is plugged into the XIM you now have AA with a mouse and individual weapon binds.  Again I want to reiterate I know the purpose of the XIM is not to give people AA but the XIM does have the opportunity to be the best input device period for Fortnite.

You truly do not understand the concept of sbmm

Game Support / Re: Fortnite Legacy ST
« on: 01:10 PM - 12/27/19 »
So controller players agree that Advanced Hip AA is broken?

I see more controller players using Legacy over advanced settings now , there are some who use Linear but I donít know of any who are using Exponential pro wise Iím not kept up with all the controller players just a lot of them , honestly think we need a Legacy St tho advanced def isnít working out for a lot of us ximmers
From my knowledge there is no one using advanced exponential. I am frequently combing the fortnite reddit pages and everyone is either using legacy or linear. 

I just feel like for how popular this game still is keeping constant tabs on what your community is telling you is very important.  Xim just hasn't felt the same since advanced came out.  I feel like advanced could work the best but needs an all around improvement.  Legacy has been popular simply because of the L2 spam which has been proven to be OP in the games current state but its not going to be long before legacy gets another nerf.  I feel as if this community is enjoying legacy more because it allows them to actually lock onto targets whereas with this current st on advanced, it seems a little jittery all around and is harder to lock on. 

Just my opinion, but perfecting this st for fortnite would be extremely beneficial for everyone.  I understand all of this takes time and the people at xim have limited resources but making sure that the most popular game in the world right now is perfected will lead to an increase in people preaching about how much they love xim which will in turn increase sales.  Bottom line I don't care which settings you would like us to use, just make sure those settings are working perfectly.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xim Apex & Switch
« on: 09:03 AM - 12/17/19 »

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