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XIM Link / Re: XIM Link 1.4.2 is out!
« on: 04:11 PM - 07/18/19 »
I wish my xim 4 still worked, I still have it in the box it came in. Hah

This firmware is working perfectly! I can almost recreate pc settings.

I donít see why you would need analog movements personally..keyboards have a bigger advantage just by strafing left to right or crouching when youíre shooting. I donít understand why someone uses a keyboard but wants analog movements, just buy keypad with an analog?

sab adds delay so it affects aiming(for keyboard users)

It adds delay for movement, not aiming. If you are moving while aiming and experience the delay then it is not an aiming issue, but rather a movement issue. This is why I feel SAB is useless. If people want to experience analog behavior, simulation is not a viable substitute. Just use an analog stick. There are many options.

Unless you stand still while youíre shooting, Iím pretty sure SAB is in effect if youíre aiming so if you have to move to aim then the SAB effects your movement ultimately effecting your aim...Ēif youíre movingĒ well atleast thatís my opinion SAB seems to effect the movement mechanics of the game, is that right? Itís just there to make WASD into more of a 8 way directional joystick I guess? Iíve always had my SAB at 0, I play on PC as well. The mechanics on PubG on PC are totally different from PubG on Xbox obviously. I just use PubG as an example because there is no aim assist and restrictions on how fast you shoot or anything. Itís a good game to test your accuracy or jitter if you use a high DPI or  if you have a mouse with no acceleration or drivers or angle snapping the right lift of distance...

actually I just got my new mouse in the mail, I had to exchange the old one because the bottom of the mouse right where the sensor is was push against the mouse pad so my LOD was not right( the mouse was just a defective mouse ) because I could push it back up and it would stay for a while but pop back down like it wasnít assembled correctly, so I was having issues with sensitivity changes because of the LOD on my mouse was changing constantly and I thought it might be the firmware but if you just check your own mouse and keyboard and connections before you blame the firmware or XIM, Iíve used the XIM for years now and play on PC for even longer.

XIM is just a controller emulator.
Unless you use XIM Link.

Replacement mouse delivered priority international for free along with two sets of mice feet because you canít buy any for this mouse, also was free.

Old mouse, look where the sensor is, the plastic around it wasnít secured inside so it would pop out like that and that would change my lift off distance

BTW Lift off distance and angle snapping and acceleration are something you should get familiar with if you donít know what they are, they can cause sensitivity issues as well.

After I updated to this version, my aim is completely different in fortnite, the aim is swaying and not percises like it used to be. I tried to reset and go back to previous version but its not valid anymore. I tried to go off with SAB but still the same, went to 0 which i used to use and nothing works! Im not sure what is wrong. I wish if we can have the older version back.

You can always downgrade, but, nothing has changed in this current Beta that would explain the changes in aim that you are experiencing. Are you still having issues?

I think SAB does effect your aim because it effects the games movement mechanics Iím guessing in some sort of way, I can tell especially on pubg. Itís very noticeable when
SAB is on or off. I personally have never used SAB, mines always at 0 but now that I can turn it off or even turn it in 1 or 2 I can instantly tell a difference in like idk exactly what it is but Iím guessing itís the movement mechanics change your sensitivity, well i guess it could feel like itís different? Maybe itís the synchronization? Idk I can feel the difference though.

If you copy and paste the settings you made, an error will be displayed.

I am also experiencing this same issue. When trying to copy one config over an existing one or even a brand new config an error message appears.

So, creating a Config and then copy/paste of the new config on top of the existing Config doesn't work? I'll take a look.

Like I said before, I create a whole new config every firmware update. I donít copy and paste.

To let everyone know, I did a thorough analysis between this latest firmware, our last retail firmware, and also using the controller directly, and the trigger behavior (timing and values) between all 3 are the indistinguishable. This means I still don't know where these gun jamming issues are coming from.

If anyone has any other relevant data that could lead to figuring this out, please let me know.

Doesnít every game in the gun mechanics have a max speed you can actually fire a weapon? It can only fire so fast, so maybe the game put a limit on how fast you can fire? I know pubg doesnít have any restrictions on how fast you can fire because you can shoot two bullets at once with a SKS or an SLR.

I personally like the factory (20180501), I still have a xim4 also. Iíve never used SAB, Boost, Steady aim, or Smoothing. In my opinion, you shouldnít need it unless you play on some settings that are not necessary at all, like 12000 dpi on a mouse that canít even precisely AIM at 12000 dpi. Plus if youíre not using some kind of mechanical key switches like preferably Cherry MX, then you will probably have some problems using a XIM. Not everything is because of the firmware build or the XIM it self, go do some research and get you a good mouse with a good sensor and switches as well as a keyboard with mechanical switches.


I play on 800cpi/dpi
1000hz polling
Pixart 3360 Sensor

Of course there is a difference.
try drawing a perfect circle slowly in 🎨
with your mouse on your preferred dpi.

Mine looks like this, I didnít go all the way up
because thereís no need to go over 4000dpi


Thanks for the feedback for this private build everyone. By chance do any of you play PUBG or Fortnite too? If so, are you seeing that problem where you can't move forward right when the game starts unless you go a different direction first?

No not in pubg itís fixed with no sab

I personally make new configurations everytime I update my xim. Not new, but I just copy my config. but I donít copy and paste I just set the config. up again the same way I did the very first time.

Idk if this helps or not when you update the xim?

*PubG Only*

Iím actually having no problems. No reticle jumping (That Iíve noticed) My W and S key both work with NO SAB. (I never use it) I also use xim link.

But I just recent bought a Flick2 mouse and plugged it in out of the box didnít change any settings on Iím in love with it, won the first game I played. The precision is insane on this mouse.

But sometimes I feel like maybe a change in idk maybe Sens.? Every now and then Iíll have to really use all my mouse pad. It might be link? Iím not sure, I donít use the apex with out link.

SAB : 0
(Never have tried it)

I also use xim link and a modded joystick on my keypad.

I suppose Iím about to find out..


Logitech g400 with the receipt from 2013?
This has an ADNS sensor in it if Iím not mistaken?
Does anyone use this mouse?

I have a g400s also.

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