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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: MJFAME !!
« on: 02:29 PM - 09/19/19 »
Can anyone Post the mjfame setup? Thanks alot
go to the xim YouTube channel, I think its the last video Obsiv made under xim myths.if your new to xim , Obsiv is the creater and owner of Xim, the name of the channel is ximgameplay, watch the video, leave a like and subscribe to stay up to date on the facts and latest on Xim. tks. if for some reason you cant view YT leave a message and Ill post his config.

I always thought Odin did the ximgameplay videos.
Odin does, I,m a paid member to show my support, what Im saying the video series xim  myths on Odins channel is OBsiv, thats his voice in the videos. lol  If you carefully read what I wrote , its that OBsiv owns Xim not the channel ximgameplay. lol

I don't recall hearing any other voice other than Odin's. I'll ask in the discord, if you're still a channel member you can join in the conversation,  curious to know now.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: MJFAME !!
« on: 08:58 PM - 09/18/19 »
Can anyone Post the mjfame setup? Thanks alot
go to the xim YouTube channel, I think its the last video Obsiv made under xim myths.if your new to xim , Obsiv is the creater and owner of Xim, the name of the channel is ximgameplay, watch the video, leave a like and subscribe to stay up to date on the facts and latest on Xim. tks. if for some reason you cant view YT leave a message and Ill post his config.

I always thought Odin did the ximgameplay videos.

Definitely Odin

There is no argument you need to develop the XIM on Modern warfare as even id you have friends playing controller and you play with a native mouse, the game will send you in a lobby with mixed controller and mouse and keyboard, the only argument here is you still need to get into controller lobbies to waste them with your advantage, yes it doesnt make you god but I invite you to plug a Xbox Controller while playing Call of Duty on PC to see if you're not getting wasted. I hope they will block this because this is cancer as you make even people getting paranoid about this and getting salty even if they get killed by controller players, how to ruin community from the inside

People look for anything to blame their own deficiencies on. It was either lag, bufferbloat, hackers, modded controllers, a glare on their screen because of solar flares or lunar displacency, and the XIM. All of which are equally ridiculous. Work on yourself rather than just blaming others

PS, if you think XIM is so OP, get one and see if you still believe that. Chances are you went against a player who was simply more skilled than you, XIM or not.

We got it, the problem was after enabling On Board Memory it showed the right profile but it did not update to the most recent settings. Had to click on the profile and change it to the same profile name again, and then it saved the current DPI values.

Not sure why the G Hub software does this, but glad we were able to get to the bottom of it.

G Hub is fine, when you enable On Board Memory you will still see a profile attached to it, and the default one there may not be your default. Click on that to make sure you assign the right on board memory profile.

If you want to make sure that everything is good before you disconnect it, right click on the profile after you have it in On Board Memory mode and click details. You will then see polling rate and DPI levels. If everything is good then you can pull it.

Another tip is you can press the lock button at the top before switching to On Board Memory, this will ensure that all profiles are the same.

Last I checked the LGS software didn't have the drivers for the hero sensor devices, that may have changed though, but I still use G Hub

Game Support / Re: RML - AAA Ballistic Curves (20190810)
« on: 08:20 AM - 08/14/19 »
My translation hes asking which curve is best to use with more aim assist

I don't speak the language but I've noticed similarities between the English and German language

For me, XIM has always been about playing with friends. With cross play, that may be a reason not to use the XIM. The only way I could see using XIM on PC being ethical is if controller on PC will play against controller on Console, that way your friends will not have to play against PC players just to play with you. Is there any other valid reason?

Technical Support / Re: Poor customer support options
« on: 07:55 AM - 08/09/19 »
Could you be more specific? I dont see any ONE link directly below your message and the three that are at the bottom as your signature do not take me to any place that allows me to open a ticket with its first click.

The URL is here, wasn't difficult to find. Good customer support does go a long way, but so does a good attitude.

Some of these features may be added with the update slated for 13 August 2019, their current status is "Coming in future patch"

1. The long requested auto-sprint capability for Consoles

2. ADS Sensitivity per optic zoom level
- mouse/gamepad sensitivity slider separately for each optical zoom level.
- 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 10x

3. Disable auto switch when weapon ammo runs out
- If you've been stuck in the endless loop of switching weapons, only to get melted by the enemy, you know what this is!

4. Pressing heal a second time will cancel the healing animation
- This was a bug introduced around the launch of season 2.

Source: Apex Dev Tracker

Because the ST is trained at Max turn speed. A re-train will do nothing to make it faster.

 The game is trained at 8/8 Sensitivity which is the same as maxing those variables in advanced look controls

That would be true if extra pitch and extra yaw was not offered in the advanced look controls. Also, Mist already stated that it does provide a better turn speed, but the from what Iíve read, the reason we do not have an ST for the advanced look controls is because the instructions would be confusing with the sliders and they also want to avoid having a default ST and advanced look ST to avoid further confusion.

Game Support / Re: Apex legends not like season 1
« on: 08:57 AM - 08/03/19 »
Increased aim assist and unwanted aim assist behavior.. Youíll need to up your DPI, I suggest looking at some of the recent configs from d1sable,RML, BenDova, etc.

You would have probably liked preseason 1 and season 1 much better, theyíve went downhill with every update IMO. I honestly believe they contracted the work out to another developer to take their titanfall sourcecode and turn it in to a battle Royale. After said contract was complete, a continued support contract was not offered. Explains why Respawn canít do a single patch / update without breaking 5 other things lol


For a new XIM Apex, there are 2 things you must do to have the settings that you are looking for.

1. Upgrade to the latest beta firmware by following the instructions in this link:

2. Enable Expert Settings by clicking on the 3 dots in the top right corner of your smartphone app and ticking the box (for a visual of this look at the first few photos in the post below:

(both 1 and 2 are required for the options that you are missing
3.  In the url provided above, you can also see how to set up looting aux configs to move your mouse in menus / loot. Keep in mind, this is not PC, even if you choose to set it up this way, it will not be as fast or precise as PC looting / menu navigation. I would recommend getting used to looting with ASWD and whatever keybinds you have set for reload / jump.

Your mouse shouldn't be moving slow in the main menu, in fact, you shouldn't be moving the cursor at all with your mouse in the main menu. That is controlled by AWSD, you will have to set up the aux config to achieve this. See #3

I switched from the G Pro wireless to the 305 wireless, also used a lithium battery and a AAA battery instead of AA. Little plastic converter (for even lighter weight). I also have a 3d printed battery cover with the weight reduction holes in it, that comes in the mail tomorrow, pretty excited for it! I loved the G Pro Wireless as well but I couldnít get consistent 1k hz polling with it.. :/ but for a g305, I think the shape fits my hand better and it uses the hero sensor, now it will be lighter than the G pro Wireless, and it was a fraction of the cost.

I folllowed the exact config with the curves and found it to be jittery.  I added 3 smoothing to both hip and ads which removed the jitter. Do you think there will be any adverse effects from adding smoothing to this config?

It will add a little more Aim Assist, but shouldnít be too noticeable. You can also try these with different Syncs if youíd like.

Also, are you guys trying these curves on HIP as well? I find them Really good with Hip. Especially #4, super crisp, responsive and ACCURATE!. Makes Linear feel sluggish and floaty in comparison.

Iím using the #1 and #2 as suggested for HIP/ADS, man! I was using the peacekeeper and g7, both of which Iíve not had the best track record with, only had a 1x sight on the g7 to make matters worse... peacekeeper Iíve notoriously gotten only 8 or 20 damage with when hip firing, itís like the slowdown was slowing me down too much when firing from the hip or something. ANYWAYS.. with your curves I dropped a 3,000 damage game primarily from using the peacekeeper with at least 40+ damage per shot, most of the time over 90 damage! Felt like a whole new gun. I didnít even have a shotgun bolt for it and I was wiping squads. Good work RML!

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