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Hardware Compatbility / Razer mamba
« on: 04:50 PM - 02/21/20 »
Razer mamba and xim apex. Is it compatible.

Shared Configs / Dpi switch
« on: 03:09 PM - 12/28/19 »
I'm switching my dpi from 15k to 4k just to see if it feels better to me. Is it simple math in the app manager to get right about the same sensitivity? Should I redothe sensitivity from scratch? What's the easiest way to find number in the app manager that feels close to what I'm using now on 15k.

I'm using a Logitech g502 on the xim apex

Kicksi I have been on both sides of this argument I have been plat 3 almost every season in siege and only been using the xim for about 3 seasons now. I have raged against ximmers and now I am one.
I made the change as a result of arthritis clicking in the thumbsticks hurts my hands and for how the keyboard is I use, it takes little to no pressure. I have been on controller my whole life so it took me about 3 maybe 4 months to get as good as I was with a controller. It wasn't some end all be all good mode for me but I had to put hours into terrorist hunts to really get good with it. Some people are different but me I'm still the same plat 3 player never made it any higher but I truly enjoy mnk more.

I understand your frustration sometimes I wanted to say mnk users should stick to of and if they can't afford it than tough luck. But honestly I have played with alot of these guys on here and while some of them may be trolls they all have their reasons. Now that being said yes a few bad apples in here are dicks just looking to stomp on noobs and talk crap or harass the loosing team but that exists everywhere just the same as when this new season drops you won't be able to play ranked without people abusing glitches to the point that Ubi has to deactivate a character or gadget.

If you get the chance try the xim I honestly wish everyone could. But it's all personal preference.

Hardware Compatbility / Re: USB extension
« on: 09:05 PM - 11/09/19 »
It's in the mail so it will be a few days but I'll post when it comes

Hardware Compatbility / Re: USB extension
« on: 04:58 PM - 11/09/19 »
It probably just needs to be 6 - 9ft. I'm assuming the xim still gets plugged in the Xbox directly and the extension would go between the Apex and hub.

Hardware Compatbility / USB extension
« on: 04:03 PM - 11/08/19 »
Xbox is across living room I need a USB extension is there a specific brand, does it have to stay within a certain length  or  does it just need to be 2.0/3.0

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Modern warfare ST
« on: 01:59 PM - 10/30/19 »
I'm not getting in the argument of who is right and who is wrong cause I didn't even read the entire post. But this is my take, every 5+ hours I hop on and click show unread posts. I look for anything saying "MW at" (or similar title) or I look at the planed support list. And I run into way more posts were everyone is just arguing or insulting each other than answering a question. Could everyone stop feeding the trolls so I don't have to filter BS for an answer. Or take these threads elsware.

Game Support / Re: BL3 st progress
« on: 03:37 PM - 09/23/19 »
True I'll always aim better on r6 than bl3 even using a controller. But comparing an official St to a makeshift one, seems a fair statement for the comparison.

General Discussion / Re: OBSIV you should sue these guys.
« on: 11:32 AM - 09/23/19 »
It looks like the website was slapped together in a hurry. Most if not all information was incorrect. Only thing that could have happened is someone saw a video where they say"aimbot like settings". Which can be misleading to a younger audience. But that article was all out dumb. I think they just full blown lied for no reason.

Game Support / Re: BL3 st progress
« on: 08:33 AM - 09/23/19 »
Nice one. Iíve been holding off on buying BL3 until the official ST is ready. Thanks fellas.

Some of the other stuff like Apex legends overwatch and destiny 2 work well. Still buggy and you'll notice but we're gamers we adapt and overcome. You'll get used to it and still enjoy the game. Then the official St Will come out your your aim will be godly.

No problem if you have issues hmu I play Xbox gamertag is same as here. I play r6 mostly so I can help you out with those settings.

Swipe left and right to get to different settings after hitting the edit pencil in the top left.

Watch rainbow six config video by xim gameplay. They go step by step. Did you enable expert configuration cause it sounds like that might be what's happening.

No it's not like cod. And the game has a strong acceleration and aim assist. It's a bit uncomfortable right now but there is no official St yet. When it comes out it may be great but for now it takes time to dial in another config. The two best ones I have used are destiny 2 and Apex legends configs. But it's still a fun game to play try to find a squad to play with and it's definitely worth it.

General Discussion / Re: Borderlands 3 Support
« on: 05:29 AM - 09/16/19 »
Honestly borderlands has had a history of bad aim. It's just how devs make the aim mechanics. Lots of aim acceleration and aim assist is way strong. But when the official St comes out we can let you know how it feels. It's a bit awkward right now

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